Over the past decade, our experience with water conservation tools has shown that weather-based irrigation control saves 20-30% compared to traditional manually-programmed systems. With water rates rising so rapidly, making the switch to weather-based irrigation is a no-brainer.

Previously, converting to weather-based irrigation required significant capital cost, often with a price of $2,000-$3,000 per controller, along with a $20 per month communication fee.

Now, Weathermatic has a subscription-based model for their SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network Weather-Based Irrigation Control. Pacific Landscape Management is a Weathermatic Premier Partner, allowing us to offer this subscription to our customers. We have promoted Weathermatic SmartLink for four years in Portland and we are now offering it in the Seattle area.

For a small increase in the monthly fee, you will avoid the capital cost and potentially

save up to 30% on your irrigation water bill.

See this two-minute video for an explanation of this offering from PLM.

Also, check out this informational flyer.

Weathermatic is offering their upgraded hardware included in their monthly fee, which ranges from only $50-$60 per month. Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty and hardware upgrades as long as the service is maintained! A small one-time installation cost of $600-800 is required.

We've been promoting weather-based control for over a decade. Now with a subscription-based service and minimal upfront costs, conversion to weather-based control is an easy decision.

Not only does Weathermatic SmartLink make automatic daily adjustments based on weather, but it also provides cellular connection of the remote controller, providing the ability to program and monitor

from our office or a smartphone or tablet in the field. 

For more information about this technology and all of the benefits of SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network, watch this Weathermatic SmartLink video and see this SmartLink flyer.

For SmartLink features and product bundles, visit the Weathermatic SmartLink System website.

For more information about water conservation and weather-based irrigation offered by Pacific Landscape Maintenance, see this page on our website:

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