Fallbrook Golf Course's back nine. The greens are hanging in there, but the fairways have not been watered since April 2015. HGM Enterprises is working on getting all five of the course's wells up and running. P hoto: Ken Seals, May 30, 2016                   
As reported this week in the Village News,  and  The San Diego Union Tribune, the Fallbrook Golf Course is under new management, with a sale pending. 

With the management agreement in place, Harold Vaubel of HGM Golf Enterprises, along with partner Cary Lee and his Candyl Golf Group crew, have begun the laborious task of restoring the course.
The reality is that the course is badly neglected and there is a lot of deferred maintenance so the restoration process will take time. We respect that. An agreement with a new restaurant operator will need to be negotiated and the kitchen will have to be sorted out. We understand this. A f ew years ago, over 40 people worked at this course which hosted over 70,000 rounds of golf annually. Today we have to remember that a handful of dedicated workers are trying to rebuild the business so let's be patient. 

Patrons will need to factor in a touch of forgiveness since it will be a bit of a bumpy ride. With a small staff in place,  the course, pro shop, range, snack shop and bar are all open for business. The management team is accepting employment applications and FFA students are welcome to contact the course and ask about work for school credit. Contractors, landscapers, members of the Garden Club: there is much work to be done so don't be shy about adopting the course as a project! 

  The tattered third tee greening up after only three light applications of H20! Photos: Teresa Platt, June 30, July 9, 2016.

Since Fallbrook Golf Course is a much-loved public course historically used by the high school for its golf program, the volunteers at are interested in establishing a nonprofit to support junior golf programs and other tax exempt work in Gird Valley. Join us in this worthy cause by contacting us at .

As for all the golfers out there and friends of wildlife and open space, we urge you to support your local golf course with your patronage! Only by making a profit will this golf course succeed! Play a round, buy a round! 

  Yes, it is a place where everyone knows your name! Photos: Teresa Platt, July 9, 2016

We will keep you posted and, hopefully, our next email announce that a sale is completed!
Thank you! 
The Steering Committee

  • Visit our website, urge your friends to sign up for our emails. 
  • Contact us to donate to help with expenses or support a nonprofit to support junior golf.
  • Add your comments to the new articles about the course. Keep the discussion going!
  • Sign up for golf lessons. Take your kids for a ride in the golf cart!
  • Spend some time outdoors on the course and say hello to your neighbors at the bar!
  • Enjoy the natural beauty of Gird Valley! 

July 30 2013
Just a few years ago, Fallbrook Golf Course was a Southern California gem. With your help, it can be again! Photo: Teresa Platt, View from the second green, July 30, 2013
Thank you for your support and spread the word!