Saturday Yoga Classes in March

Resistance Band+ Massage Ball workshop in April

2 Saturday Classes available for you in March!

Have you visited my beautiful studio? Nestled amongst hardwood trees, along a deep and meandering creek, come to a peaceful haven. Visit the goats, laugh at the chickens (they don't care) and gaze up at the beautiful sky.

These classes will be a wonderful way to start your weekend. Get some mindful inspiration, use the great yoga wall, engage all your senses and build some skills for balance, strength, and stress relief.

March 2, 9:30am

March 16, 9:30 am

April 13- Resistance Band + Massage Ball Workshop 45$

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Join me on April 13 for this informative and fun workshop dedicated to using a resistance band, and massage ball.

The workshop will include a 5 foot resistance band, and massage balls will be provided during the workshop, and available for purchase after the class for 12$. A massage ball is a fantastic tool for anyone. Learn how to self massage your whole body! You'll gain important sensory information along the way, as you discover tight spots, spots you weren't aware of, and new ways to enhance your mobility.

Want to strengthen your joints? Improve stability, and gain mobility? This workshop is for you!

Learn how to add resistance to common yoga poses to engage 'sleepy' muscles, add 'pulling' into yoga, and take your practice to a whole new level. Great for loose bodies and people who want to strengthen their joints, and build end range joint control.

If you are a yoga teacher movement teacher (PT, Personal Trainer, or OT) You will gain valuable skills to add to your skill set.

See you at the studio!


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