June 15, 2017 - In This Issue:
Report on the Twelfth U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum

On December 2, 2016, the second day of the Twelfth U.S.-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum, Sasakawa USA and the James E. Auer U.S.-Japan Center at Vanderbilt University brought together experts from the private power and cybersecurity industries, consultants, researchers, and government regulators from both the United States and Japan to discuss cybersecurity threats to smart grids and opportunities for bilateral cooperation in addressing those threats.  This report summarizes the key findings presented at the Forum. 

Japan Political Pulse: Public remains undecided on constitutional revision

It has been one month since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe indicated that he would prioritize the revision of Japan's constitution by 2020, writes Tobias Harris, Sasakawa USA Fellow for Economy, Trade and Business, in the latest Japan Political Pulse article. 

According to Harris, p ublic opinion will play an outsized role in shaping the calculations of the principal actors and even the content of proposed revisions. 

True Stories from Japan: The Little Things

As a black American, Alanna stood out while studying abroad in Japan. Yet, she learned that patience and a willingness to learn the local language and cultural norms are key to connecting with others in a new environment, and may help change apprehensive perceptions.

Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellowship: Third article published by 2016 recipient, applications open for 2017 Fellowship

Japan ramps up clean energy as U.S. recedes: Japan is trying to reinvent itself as a major technology exporter, writes Umair Irfan, recipient of the 2016 Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellowship. Mr. Irfan's article on Japan's push towards clean energy is the third in his series on Japan's role in the global energy market, which he reported on as part of the Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellowship.  Click here to read more.

Applications now open for 2017 Fellowship: Applications are now open for the 2017  Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellowship, offered as part of the International Center for Journalists' "I luminating Today's Japan for American Audiences" program . The program will select one U.S.-based journalist to participate in a 19-day reporting trip in Japan throughout fall 2017, fully sponsored by Sasakawa USA. The deadline for applications is July 31, 2017. Click here for more information.
Accepting applications: Sasakawa USA/USJETAA grants for JETAA Chapters & Sub-Chapters

Applications are now open for the 2017-2018 Sasakawa USA/US Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme Alumni Association (JETAA) grants for JETAA Chapters & Sub-Chapters. The application deadline is September 5, 2017.

The grants are intended to help chapters fund new activities and programs, or further develop current programs to improve their outreach and impact in their communities.

In the News: Adm. Dennis Blair's Chairman's Message covered by Asahi Shimbun

An article recently published by Asahi Shimbun provided Japanese-language coverage of Sasakawa USA Chairman  Adm. Dennis Admiral Blair's Chairman's Message. The article highlighted Adm. Blair's thoughts on the need for a revision to Japan's constitution and the development of Japan's Self Defense Forces (JSDF) .

Event Recap: European Views on Asia and Japan: A Relationship in Need of Engagement?

On May 31, 2017 Sasakawa USA partnered with the German Marshall Fund of the United States to co-host the public event, "European Views on Asia and Japan: A Relationship in Need of Engagement?" 

T he event was part of Sasakawa USA's  " Views of Japan" event series, and was an opportunity for the public to learn about Europe's significance to Japan and other Asian countries.

Event Recap: U.S.-Japan cooperation on energy and environment: Findings, Recommendations, and Next Steps

On May 22, 2017 Sasakawa USA held a roundtable discussion for participants of the 2017 Sasakawa USA Emerging Experts Delegation (SEED) trip to share key findings and takeaways from the trip, and to network with D.C.-based representatives from organizations and ministries they visited in Japan.

The 2017 SEED trip was held in partnership with New America Foundation. During the trip, delegates traveled to Japan met with experts to exchange opinions on Japan's energy and climate change challenges, and to learn about the importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship.

Click here to read more about the event, and click here to learn more about the New America Foundation SEED trip.
Sasakawa USA Forum: Accepting submissions for papers on 
U.S.-Japan relations

In order to gain a more comprehensive view of U.S.-Japan relations, the Sasakawa USA Forum offers experts outside Sasakawa USA a chance to bring their work to a wide audience. 

The Sasakawa USA Forum is now accepting submissions for future publication. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, and the submission deadline for summer 2017 is August 10. 

  Upcoming events: June 2017
This week, join the Japan-U.S. Military Program for two events in San Diego, coinciding with a Japan Maritime Self Defense Force ship visit to San Diego. Please check our events page for event details and new listings as they get posted. 
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