July 6, 2017 - In This Issue:
The Coming China-Japan Thaw?


Recent developments have led some observers to conclude that Japan-China relations are starting to improve, but the future of bilateral relations remains hazy, write Sasakawa USA Fellows  Daniel Bob and Tomohiko Taniguchi in an article published in The National InterestDespite indications that relations between Japan and China are warming, obstacles such as tensions over the Senkaku Islands and Chinese views of the U.S.-Japan security alliance remain. 

"Whether Japan-China relations improve in coming months and years remains an open question. The chemistry that prevails between Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe and the results they achieve this week in Germany may provide some preliminary answers."

Commentary: The Past May Rhyme, But is Asia Now Singing a Different Tune?

"Here's a conversation most Asia hands in the U.S. will agree is familiar," writes Sasakawa USA Fellow for Asian Affairs  Chris Nelson in a new report on U.S.-Asia relations under President Trump. "Can we rely on you? Aren't you pulling back from the region? Why do you always look at Europe and the Middle East first?"

Report: Liquefied Natural Gas: The Necessity of Flexibility

Dr. Phyllis G. Yoshida, Sasakawa USA Fellow for Energy and Technology, delves into the world of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the context of the U.S.-Japan relationship in a new Sasakawa USA report on the global energy trade. 

In the report, Dr. Yoshida argues for increased U.S.-Japan cooperation in making the LNG market more transparent.

Japan Political Pulse: The meaning of Abe's polling slump

In his latest analysis for Japan Political Pulse, Sasakawa USA Fellow Tobias Harris writes that a late June slump in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's approval rating can be attributed to two major events.

The first was a growing scandal regarding the licensing of a veterinary school to be operated by educational institution Kake Gakuen, and the second was the decision to suspend ordinary legislative procedures to pass a controversial anti-conspiracy bill before the Diet session ended on June 18.

Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellowship: New article published by 2016 recipient, deadline for 2017 Fellowship approaching

Reminder: applications open for 2017 Fellowship: 
The deadline for applications  for the 2017  Sasakawa USA Journalism Fellowship is July 31, 2017. The fellowship is  offered as part of the International Center for Journalists' "Ill uminating Today's Japan for American Audiences" program . The program will select one U.S.-based journalist to participate in a 19-day reporting trip in Japan in fall 2017, fully sponsored by Sasakawa USA.   Click here for more information.
In the News: Tokyo Assembly election results and Amb. Zumwalt highlighted in San Diego media

Tokyo Assembly election results: Tokyo's Metropolitan Assembly election on July 2 saw a record upset of Prime Minister Abe's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which received its lowest ever number of seats in the 127-seat Assembly. 

Sasakawa USA Fellow Tobias Harris provided insight on the election in a recent Bloomberg article, suggesting that discontent with Abe's push to revise the constitution created discontent with Abe's leadership.  Click here to read more.

Amb. Zumwalt highlighted in San Diego Media: Sasakawa USA CEO Amb. James Zumwalt
 was featured in a June 17 San Diego Union-Tribune article for his work with the Japan-US Military Program (JUMP) in San Diego and his long career working on U.S. policy in Asia. 

Amb. Zumwalt was in San Diego participating in JUMP's Marine Corps Recruit Depot Breakfast Reception event on June 15, as well as their June 16 Beer & Sake Festival . Click here to read more.
From Nippon.com: Confronting death by overwork, Hokkaido's troubled rail system

Confronting "karōshi": Actions to prevent death from overwork: As the issue of karōshi, or death by overwork, attracts greater official attention, Japan must examine the factors that have made excessive overtime so pervasive and consider steps to protect employees from the health risks of overwork, writes lawyer Kawahito Hiroshi.  

How can Hokkaidō's troubled rail system survive?: 
The railway system of Hokkaidō is now in a critical state, writes Professor Kishi Kunihiro of the Graduate School Faculty of Engineering at Hokkaidō University. The island prefecture's population is shrinking, while car ownership has risen, causing train ridership to decline. Half of the existing rail network may be unsustainable. How should this problem be addressed? Click here to read more.
Announcement: Koki J. Fukasaku selected as 2017-2018 Sasakawa USA Congressional Fellow

Mr. Koki J Fukasaku has been selected as the 2017-2018 Sasakawa USA Congressional Fellow. Mr. Fukasaku currently works as an Associate at the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management and previously served as the Extra-Chancellor at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C.

The Sasakawa USA Congressional Fellowship Program is sponsored each year through the American Political Science Association's Congressional Fellowship Program. 

Click here for more information on Mr. Fukasaku and the Congressional Fellowship Program.
Reminder: Sasakawa USA/USJETAA grants for JETAA Chapters & Sub-Chapters

The application deadline for the 2017-2018 Sasakawa USA/US Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme Alumni Association (JETAA) grants for JETAA Chapters & Sub-Chapter is September 5, 2017.

The grants are intended to help chapters fund new activities and programs, or further develop current programs to improve their outreach and impact in their communities.

Sasakawa USA Forum: Accepting submissions for papers on 
U.S.-Japan relations

In order to gain a more comprehensive view of U.S.-Japan relations, the Sasakawa USA Forum offers experts outside Sasakawa USA a chance to bring their work to a wide audience. 

The Sasakawa USA Forum is now accepting submissions for future publication. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, and the submission deadline for summer 2017 is August 10. 

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