January 14, 2015 - In This Issue:
Sasakawa USA welcomes William 'Bud' Roth, new Fellow for Cybersecurity

Sasakawa USA is pleased to welcome William "Bud" Roth to the team, whose investigative, legal and cybersecurity expertise will be invaluable as he seeks solutions to many of the challenges that result from life in the digital age.

Mr. Roth, who joins Sasakawa USA as a Non-Resident Fellow for Cybersecurity, will be working on projects focused on educating a cyber workforce in Japan and the U.S., cyber regulation, U.S.-Japan governmental cooperation on cybersecurity, and the development of international norms to address cyber issues.

"As the Tokyo Olympics draw closer and Japan ramps up its Cyber defenses, there are numerous areas in which the U.S. and Japan can work together to address common threats," Mr. Roth said. "I am really excited about the opportunity to work these issues as part of the Sasakawa USA team."
U.S. Bases in Okinawa: What Must Be Done, and Quickly: 
The U.S. must hasten construction efforts that will allow for the relocation of American forces in Okinawa, and in doing so preserve the U.S.-Japan Alliance that has been strained by an increasingly caustic political situation. That's one of four key findings in " U.S. Bases in Okinawa: What Must Be Done, and Quickly," a new report co-authored by Sasakawa USA Chairman Admiral Dennis Blair and Fellow James KendallRead the report here.

Japan and Korean Unification: Ambivalence and Pragmatism - Finding the Least Bad Option: This paper, published in the International Journal of Korean Studies, explores the question of the possible role of Japan in Korean unification. What do the Japanese think about Korea and Korean unification, why do they think that way, and how might it affect their security decision-making in the future? Sasakawa USA Fellow James Kendall examines these question from historical, cultural and political viewpoints. Read the report here.

North Korea's Jan. 5 nuclear test reinforces the need for America's two regional allies to coordinate their response and resolve their longstanding dispute over the so-called comfort women, two Sasakawa fellows argue in an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal Asia Edition.

In the analysis, Fellows Tobias Harris and Jeffrey Hornung explain why the recently announced resolution on the comfort women issue isn't the elixir many had hoped for, and what the two allies must do to make the agreement stick.  
  Read the full analysis here

Chairman's Message: Looking back on 2015, a dynamic year for the U.S.-Japan Alliance
2015, the year marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in the Pacific, was a good year for the U.S.-Japan Alliance, writes Admiral Dennis Blair, Sasakawa USA's Chairman and CEO.

The two countries took coordinated actions on difficult issues in both East Asia and globally, and made strong progress on a number of important bilateral fronts.
New Sasakawa USA blog unveiled, featuring events coverage, news and more

The Sasakawa USA blog is a new spot to keep an eye on events coverage, videos, commentary, our True Stories from Japan series, interviews with Sasakawa USA's fellows on news impacting the US-Japan relationship, and more. Check back often for the latest!

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