October 28, 2016 - In This Issue:
Event recap: 'Japan Matters' events explore importance of Japan on U.S. economy, security

In mid-October, Sasakawa USA in partnership with the East-West Center in Washington (EWCW) and several other organizations, had the pleasure of hosting two "Japan Matters" events to explore the importance of Japan on the American economy and beyond.

The tour started on October 18 in Cleveland, Ohio with the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, and continued with an event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 20 co-hosted with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.
Op-ed: Trade with Japan is hugely beneficial to the U.S.  

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election has ignited renewed interest from the American public in weighing the benefits and importance of U.S. engagement in Asia, write East-West Center's Dr. Satu Limaye and Sasakawa USA's Adm. Dennis Blair in this op-ed that ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer in advance of the co-sponsored 'Japan Matters' event there.

The authors offer a look at the facts: Trade, foreign investment, Asian students at American universities, tourism, and even immigration create hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans. This commentary takes a closer look at this relationship and how it relates specifically to Pennsylvania. 
In the News: Rodrigo Duterte in Japan and Abe's nuclear goals

Rodrigo Duterte, in Japan, calls for U.S. troops to exit Philippines in two years: Although President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is voicing his desire to remove American troops from the country, American allies in Japan who are hosting Duterte this week are in a position to possibly influence that mindset, Sasakawa USA's Dr. Jeffrey Hornung said in a New York Times article on October 26. Click here to read more.

Abe's nuclear Japan goals face more ballot-box battles in 2017:
The process of restarting nuclear reactors in Japan may be slowed by the anti-nuclear movement, which has seen wins from gubernatorial candidates in Niigata and Kagoshima prefectures in the past few months, Sasakawa USA's Tobias Harris said in an October 18 article by Bloomberg. Click here to read more.
Chairman's Message: The Japan Lobby, or lack thereof, within America's marketplace of ideas 
When compared to interest groups of other important American allies and partners, and even some competitors, Japan does not have a loud interest group working on its behalf with the United States, writes Adm. Dennis Blair in his latest Chairman's Message.

According to polling data, Americans, by a large majority like, trust, and value Japan and its people. Yet this does not translate into political awareness of Japan by the American public or political influence by Japanese Americans, Japanese business, and Japan itself comparable to that of, for example, the United Kingdom, Israel, Ireland, Mexico, India, or even China. Why not? 

Announcement: Sasakawa USA welcomes Visiting Associate Fellow Junjiro Shida

Sasakawa USA is pleased to welcome Junjiro Shida to its team of U.S.-Japan experts. His research interests include Cold War studies, international security, American foreign policy, U.S.-Japan relations, U.S.-European relations, and international relations theory.  
Sasakawa USA Forum No. 5: The Trans-Pacific Partnership
The "Abenomics Acceleration Diet" opened in September with passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership as one of its goals. Will the TPP be ratified in this Diet session? Author Kayo Matsumoto examines the situation in the latest research featured in the Sasakawa USA Forum. 
Click here to read more.   

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