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Vincent Manzo
Policy Analyst at DOD

Expertise: U.S. nuclear policy & deterrence  

Where do you currently work? 
A range of topics related to U.S. nuclear policy on any given day, including the U.S.-Japan Extended Deterrence Dialogue.    

How did you get involved with Sasakawa USA?
While working at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and participating in the Pacific Forum Young Leaders program,a colleague recommended that I apply to the Sasakawa program. 

How has learning about Japan affected your work? 
In a multitude of ways. Working closely with my counterparts in the Government of Japan on alliance issues is a constant reminder that true progress in international relations is possible.  

What is your favorite thing about Japan?
The people and the culture.   

Upcoming Event & Report 

Sasakawa USA is excited to announce that on October 21, we will release a report on Myanmar that contains findings based on our March 26th conference, "The United States and Japan: Assisting Myanmar's Development."
The release will take place at an event on Capitol Hill from 1:00pm-2:00pm and will feature comments from three of the principal authors along wiht Sasakawa USA Chairman Admiral Dennis Blair . Click here to register for this event.

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Which city in Japan produces 99% of the country's gold leaf, and 100% of it's silver and brass leaf?

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Sasakawa USA News 
Last month, Japan's parliament passed new security legislation which will expand the role of Japan's military in the region and world. While this change has made headlines, Japan's fierce international diplomacy has largely gone unnoticed. Click here to read our Chairman's insights into Japan's growing international role.
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