Mark Fisher Fitness presents... Holiday Hotness Extravaganza 2011
Mark's Elf Dance
QUICK TIP: Burn a few holiday calories by dancing in a polyester elf suit. High knees and jazz hands are essential.
Holiday Hotness Extravaganza 2011
3 Weeks
3 classes per week 
First Monday Class
November 28

Last Sunday Class
December 18

11:00 am  Beginner
12:00 pm  Advanced
1:00 pm Advanced*
5:30 pm  Advanced
6:30 pm  Beginner
7:30 pm  Advanced
8:30 pm Beginner*

5:30 pm Advanced*
6:30 pm  Advanced
7:30 pm  Beginner
8:30 pm Advanced*

*Newly Added Sessions

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Hey Ninja!    


Ah, the holidays.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or all three, there's something magical about this time of year.  A time for family.  A time for friends.  A time for housing your bodyweight in cookies and drinking several nights a week.   


Want to avoid the typical holiday weight gain?    


Want to plan for some serious calorie burning to offset your nutritional indiscretions?   


Want to sweat profusely and live fitness dreams in a fun, nonjudgmental, and nurturing environment?


Look no further... 

During this special three week session of our MFF group classes, we'll use bodyweight and kettlebell exercises to stave off those holiday l.b.s! 




For the first time ever, we'll be offering two different levels: an Advanced class for veterans of our "Snatched in 6 Weeks" program and a Beginner class for those new to MFF glory!


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BEGINNERS, you will get a discounted training session to go through the Functional Movement Screen so we can take world class care of you and make sure we nip injury risk in the bud.  Then the class itself will start with the basics of technique so we can train you for your fitness goals but show you how to kick fitness ass in a way that won't mess up your body!


ADVANCED MFF clients are welcome to dive right into our most challenging group classes yet. The advanced curriculum will include challenging new moves never before tried in the group setting, including Turkish Get-Ups, Kettlebell Snatches, and Cleveland Steamers!  (ok, ok... no Cleveland Steamers...)  The advanced class will prove to be a challenge for even the fittest of MFF Ninjas!

So if you're ready to live a life of serious fitness glory this holiday season, REGISTER today!


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