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What a fabulous Show in Shakopee, MN last week! Thanks to all who came by to say hello! This was one of the BEST Shows I have ever had, I truly appreciate all your smiles, hugs & purchases. Hope to see you there next year-will keep you posted!

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3rd : Name of Item.


8 9044 Make It From Your Heart Volume 4

8 9046 Make It From Your Heart Volume 5

12 X8032B Celebrating You Paper Packet

12 X8032C Celebrating You Coordinating Cardstock

12 X8032D Celebrating You Embellishments

12 X8032S Celebrating You Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet

14 X8033B Flower Shoppe Paper Packet

14 X8033C Flower Shoppe Coordinating Cardstock

14 X8033D Flower Shoppe Embellishments

14 X8033S Flower Shoppe Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet

20 X8034B Four Seasons—Spring Paper Packet

20 X8034C Four Seasons—Spring Coordinating Cardstock

20 X8034S Four Seasons—Spring Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet

21 X8035B Four Seasons—Summer Paper Packet

21 X8035C Four Seasons—Summer Coordinating Cardstock

21 X8035S Four Seasons—Summer Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet

22 X8036B Four Seasons—Autumn Paper Packet

22 X8036C Four Seasons—Autumn Coordinating Cardstock

22 X8036S Four Seasons—Autumn Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet

23 X8037B Four Seasons—Winter Paper Packet

23 X8037C Four Seasons—Winter Coordinating Cardstock

23 X8037S Four Seasons—Winter Paper Packet + Sticker Sheet

27 A1288 Spring Greetings Stamp Set

27 A1289 Celebrate Summer Stamp Set

27 A1290 Thankful Autumn Stamp Set

27 A1291 Winter Wishes Stamp Set

27 D2117 Seasonal Haul Stamp Set

27 Z4655 Seasonal Haul Stamp + Thin Cuts

28 B1809 Smell The Flowers Stamp Set

28 B1810 Chasing Sunshine Stamp Set

28 B1811 Autumn Air Stamp Set

28 B1812 The Merriest Season Stamp Set

28 Z4668 Smell The Flowers Stamp + Thin Cuts

28 Z4669 Chasing Sunshine Stamp + Thin Cuts

28 Z4670 Autumn Air Stamp + Thin Cuts

28 Z4671 The Merriest Season Stamp + Thin Cuts

30 C1957 Garden Borders Stamp Set

30 D2119 Floral Blooms Stamp Set

30 Z4666 Floral Blooms Stamp + Thin Cuts

32 D2120 Bigger Faster Stronger Stamp Set

32 Z4667 Bigger Faster Stronger Stamp + Thin Cuts

33 D2118 Musical Expression Stamp Set

33 Z4664 Musical Expression Stamp + Thin Cuts

34 D2111 Dancing Ballerina Stamp Set

34 Z4646 Dancing Ballerina Stamp + Thin Cuts

35 B1807 New Kid On The Block Stamp Set

35 B1808 Honk For The Newly Weds Stamp Set

35 Z4656 New Kid On The Block Stamp + Thin Cuts

37 D2123 Background Elements Stamp Set

37 Z4619 Square Patterns Thin Cuts

37 Z4663 Circle Patterns Thin Cuts

38 B1806 Flourished Greetings Stamp Set

38 D2109 Flourish Layers Stamp Set

40 D2110 Scoops & Sprinkles Stamp Set

40 Z4638 Scoops & Sprinkles Stamp + Thin Cuts

41 D2122 Floral Sentiments Stamp Set

43 C1949 Another Candle Stamp Set

43 C1950 You Deserve It All Stamp Set

43 Z4613 Pull Tab Thin Cuts

43 Z4639 Another Candle Stamp + Thin Cuts

43 Z4640 You Deserve It All Stamp + Thin Cuts

45 D2121 Sending Smiles Stamp Set

45 Z4615 Card Front Slider Window Thin Cuts

46 C1956 The Places You'll Go Stamp Set

46 Z4614 Slider Thin Cuts

46 Z4665 The Places You'll Go Stamp + Thin Cuts

49 A1282 For Your Life Ahead Stamp Set

49 A1283 To Another Year Stamp Set

49 A1284 Your Kindness Stamp Set

49 A1285 More Than Imagined Stamp Set

49 A1286 Health, Love, and Happiness Stamp Set

49 A1287 Prayers And Sympathy Stamp Set

51 D2113 Just For You Stamp Set

51 Z3726 Tags & Tabs Thin Cuts

51 Z3983 Tabs Thin Cuts

51 Z4641 All-Purpose Tags Thin Cuts

52 Z4645 Present Card Thin Cuts

52 Z5034 Backpack Card Thin Cuts

52 Z5036 Gift Card Tabs Thin Cuts

53 Z4653 Butterfly Layers Thin Cuts

53 Z4654 Sprigs & Leaves Thin Cuts

54 Z4649 Best Wishes Thin Cuts

54 Z4650 For You Thin cuts

54 Z4651 Slimline Stitched Card Front & Background Thin Cuts

54 Z4652 Stitched Card Front & Background Thin Cuts

57 B1813 Shooting Stars Stamp Set

57 B1814 In My Heart Stamp Set

57 D2124 Greeting Girl Stamp Set

58 Z4616 Stitched Star Thin Cuts

58 Z4617 Stitched Heart Thin Cuts

58 Z4618 Round Balloon Thin Cuts

58 Z4636 Scalloped Circle Frame Thin Cuts

59 Z4103 Slimline Shaker Window Thin Cuts

59 Z5019 Slimline Shaker Window Foam + Acetate

60 M1317 Happy Birthday Stamp Set

60 M1318 A Little Hello Stamp Set

60 M1319 Thinking Of You Stamp Set

60 M1320 Circle Sentiments Stamp Set

60 Z3686 Stitched Fancy Brackets Thin Cuts

61 Z4657 Sunbeam Embossing Folder

61 Z4672 Floral Slimline Embossing Folder

62 A1269 Memo Alphabet Stamp Set

62 C1955 Havana Alphabet Stamp Set

62 D2114 Daydream Alphabet Stamp Set

62 D2116 Molly Moo Alphabet Stamp Set

62 Z4334 Slim Alphabet Thin Cuts

62 Z4387 Slim Alphabet & Numbers Bundle

62 Z4435 Slim Numbers Thin Cuts

63 C1954 Anthem Alphabet Stamp Set

63 D2115 Title Style Stamp Set

63 E1072 Moxie Alphabet Stamp Set

63 Z4647 Anthem Alphabet Stamp + Thin Cuts

63 Z4648 Moxie Alphabet Stamp + Thin Cuts

63 Z5400 Alphabet Stamp Sets Bundle

65 Z2539 Capri Glitter Paper

65 Z2540 Mocha Glitter Paper

65 Z2541 Mulberry Glitter Paper

65 Z2542 Harbour Glitter Paper

65 Z3635 Dreamy Holographic Paper

65 Z3636 Oasis Holographic Paper

65 Z3673 Sunbeam Holographic Paper

65 Z3674 Twinkle Toes Holographic Paper

65 Z3675 Majestic Holographic Paper

65 Z3842 Desert Rose Glitter Paper

65 Z4609 Melon Glitter Paper

65 Z5401 Glitter Paper Bundle

66 Z4674 Irresistible Alphabet Stickers

67 Z4675 Irresistibles Cardstock

68 Z3367 Vellum Paper

68 Z3885 Distress Watercolor Cardstock

69 Z3888 Perpetual Calendar

69 Z5402 Alphabet Banners Bundle

69 Z6065 Alphabet Banner—A

69 Z6066 Alphabet Banner—B

69 Z6067 Alphabet Banner—C

69 Z6068 Alphabet Banner—D

69 Z6069 Alphabet Banner—E

69 Z6070 Alphabet Banner—F

69 Z6071 Alphabet Banner—G

69 Z6072 Alphabet Banner—H

69 Z6073 Alphabet Banner—I

69 Z6074 Alphabet Banner—J

69 Z6075 Alphabet Banner—K

69 Z6076 Alphabet Banner—L

69 Z6077 Alphabet Banner—M

69 Z6078 Alphabet Banner—N

69 Z6079 Alphabet Banner—O

69 Z6080 Alphabet Banner—P

69 Z6081 Alphabet Banner—Q

69 Z6082 Alphabet Banner—R

69 Z6083 Alphabet Banner—S

69 Z6084 Alphabet Banner—T

69 Z6085 Alphabet Banner—U

69 Z6086 Alphabet Banner—V

69 Z6087 Alphabet Banner—W

69 Z6088 Alphabet Banner—X

69 Z6089 Alphabet Banner—Y

69 Z6090 Alphabet Banner—Z

71 Z4523 Pink Mini Hearts

71 Z4524 Pastel Mini Circles

71 Z4525 Primary Sprinkles

71 Z4644 Melon Loose Sequins

71 Z5026 Clear Loose Gems

73 Z1809 Black Shimmer Trim

73 Z1985 Gold Shimmer Trim

73 Z3312 Gold Glitter Gems

73 Z4531 Melon Pearls

73 Z4627 Pink Dots

73 Z4628 Purple Dots

73 Z4631 Green Dots

73 Z4632 Orange & Yellow Dots

73 Z4633 Grey Dots

73 Z4635 Melon Dots

73 Z4642 Melon Flowers

73 Z4658 Melon Shimmer Trim

73 Z4661 Mist Shimmer Trim

73 Z4662 Periwinkle Shimmer Trim

73 Z5013 Capri Shimmer Trim

73 Z5017 Rose Gold Shimmer Trim

73 Z8025 Melon Ribbon

74 Z5403 Alphabet Embellishments Bundle

74 Z5404 Number Embellishments Bundle

74 Z5405 Heart Embellishments Bundle

74 Z5406 Star Embellishments Bundle

74 Z5407 Arrow Embellishments Bundle

74 Z5408 Bracket Embellishments Bundle

74 Z5409 Flower Embellishments Bundle

74 Z5410 Button Embellishments Bundle

74 Z6033 Rainbow Acrylic Flowers

74 Z6034 Black Die-cut Flowers

74 Z6035 White Acrylic Flowers

74 Z6036 Woodgrain Die-cut Flowers

74 Z6037 Rainbow Acrylic Arrows

74 Z6038 Black Die-cut Arrows

74 Z6039 White Acrylic Arrows

74 Z6040 Woodgrain Die-cut Arrows

74 Z6041 Rainbow Acrylic Hearts

74 Z6042 Black Die-cut Hearts

74 Z6043 White Acrylic Hearts

74 Z6044 Woodgrain Die-cut Hearts

74 Z6045 Rainbow Acrylic Stars

74 Z6046 Black Die-cut Stars

74 Z6047 White Acrylic Stars

74 Z6048 Woodgrain Die-cut Stars

74 Z6049 Rainbow Acrylic Brackets

74 Z6050 Black Die-cut Brackets

74 Z6051 White Acrylic Brackets

74 Z6052 Woodgrain Die-cut Brackets

74 Z6053 Rainbow Acrylic Buttons

74 Z6054 Black Die-cut Buttons

74 Z6055 White Acrylic Buttons

74 Z6056 Woodgrain Die-cut Buttons

74 Z6057 Rainbow Acrylic Alphabet

74 Z6058 Black Die-cut Alphabet

74 Z6059 White Acrylic Alphabet

74 Z6060 Woodgrain Die-cut Alphabet

74 Z6061 Rainbow Acrylic Numbers

74 Z6062 Black Die-cut Numbers

74 Z6063 White Acrylic Numbers

74 Z6064 Woodgrain Die-cut Numbers

76 X4373 Watercolor Paints Bundle

76 Z3132 Watercolor Paints

76 Z3225 Medium Round Waterbruch

76 Z3630 Watercolor Pencils

76 Z4372 Watercolor Pencils Bundle

77 Z2066 Princess Gold Embossing Powder

77 Z2067 Silver Super Fine Embossing Powder

77 Z2068 White Super Fine Embossing Powder

77 Z2088 Clear Super Fine Embossing Powder

77 Z3548 Embossing Ink Pens

77 Z4252 Heat Tool

77 Z891 VersaMark™ Ink Pad

78 Z2534 Deep Blends Marker Bundle

78 Z4579 Liquid Gold Metalic Paint Markers

78 Z4580 Quicksilver Metalic Paint Markers

78 Z4581 Molten Copper Metalic Pain Markers

78 Z9999 Essential Blends Marker Bundle

79 Z2474 Ice Grey Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2477 Tan Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2478 Earth Brown Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2479 Gold Brown Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2480 Orange Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2482 Citrus Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2483 Light Yellow Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2484 Citrus Green Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2487 Jade Green Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2488 Green Turquoise Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2489 Blue Turquoise Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2490 Ice Blue Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2492 Purple Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2494 Hydrangea Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2495 Bright Pink Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2496 Pale Pink Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2497 Dark Red Essential Blends Marker

79 Z2510 Ice Grey Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2511 Brown Grey Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2512 Muted Brown Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2514 Tan Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2515 Earth Brown Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2516 Gold Brown Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2520 Yellow Green Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2521 Alpine Green Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2522 Jade Green Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2523 Blue Turquiose Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2527 Dusty Purple Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2528 Pink Violet Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2531 Bright Pink Shades Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2532 Magenta Deep Blends Marker

79 Z2533 Dark Red Shades Deep Blends Marker

81 Z1500 Red LePen™

81 Z1501 Pink LePen™

81 Z1502 Coral Pink LePen™

81 Z1503 Olive Green LePen™

81 Z1504 Jade Green LePen™

81 Z1505 Teal LePen™

81 Z1506 Blue LePen™

81 Z1507 Navy LePen™

81 Z1508 Fluorescent Violet LePen™

81 Z1509 Sepia LePen™

81 Z1513 White Gel Pens

81 Z4576 Dark Grey LePen™

81 Z4577 Stardust Get Pens

81 Z4578 Metalic Gel Pens

83 Z3509 Charcoal Shimmer Brush

83 Z3511 Wisteria Shimmer Brush

83 Z3606 Raspberry Shimmer Brush

83 Z3607 Lagoon Shimmer Brush

83 Z3661 Peach Shimmer Brush

83 Z3662 Toffee Shimmer Brush

83 Z3669 Bluebird Shimmer Brush

83 Z3670 Evergreen Shimmer Brush

83 Z3671 Lemonade Shimmer Brush

83 Z3672 Green Apple Shimmer Brush

83 Z3812 Espresso Shimmer Brush

83 Z3813 Desert Rose Shimmer Brush

83 Z3814 Flamingo Shimmer Brush

83 Z3815 Grape Shimmer Brush

83 Z3816 Avocado Shimmer Brush

83 Z3818 Paprika Shimmer Brush

83 Z4290 Rosemary Shimmer Brush

83 Z4291 Mulberry Shimmer Brush

83 Z4292 Mocha Shimmer Brush

83 Z4293 Shortbread Shimmer Brush

83 Z4582 Melon Shimmer Brush

83 Z4589 Clover Shimmer Brush

83 Z4223 Red Shimmer Brush

83 Z5411 Shimmer Brush Bundle 1

83 Z5412 Shimmer Brush Bundle 2

83 Z5413 Shimmer Brush Bundle 3

83 Z5414 Shimmer Brush Bundle 4

84 Z3555 Christmas Red Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3556 Green Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3558 Glisten Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3559 Waterfall Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3560 Golden Rod Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3561 Black Diamond Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3562 Silver Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3563 Diamond Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3785 Icicle Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3787 Platinum Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z3790 Onyx Pearl Liquid Pearls™

84 Z3791 White Opal Liquid Pearls™

84 Z3793 Rose Gold Liquid Pearls™

84 Z3794 Sage Liquid Pearls™

84 Z3795 Robins Egg Liquid Pearls™

84 Z3798 Ballerina Liquid Pearls™

84 Z3799 Carnation Red Liquid Pearls™

84 Z3805 Asteroid Stickles™ Glitter Gel

84 Z3806 Moon Dust Stickles™ Glitter Gel

84 Z3807 Nebula Stickles™ Glitter Gel

84 Z3808 Solar Flare Stickles™ Glitter Gel

84 Z4602 Deep Water Liquid Pearls™

84 Z4603 Coral Liquid Pearls™

84 Z4604 Copper Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z4605 Salt Water Stickles™ Glitter Glue

84 Z5415 Glitter Glue Bundle 1

84 Z5416 Glitter Glue Bundle 2

84 Z5417 Liquid Pearls™ Bundle 1

84 Z5418 Liquid Pearls™ Bundle 2

84 Z8018 Silver Pearl Liquid Pearls™

84 Z8021 Pacific Coast Stickles™ Glitter Glue

85 Z3823 Turquoise Gloss Spray

85 Z3825 Abandoned Coral Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z3826 Candied Apple Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z3829 Spiced Marmalade Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z3830 Mustard Seed Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z3832 Mowed Lawn Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z3833 Peacock Feathers Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z3834 Chipped Sapphire Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z4521 Mermaid Lagoon Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z4522 Vintage Photo Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z4598 Salvaged Patina Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z4599 Kitsch Flamingo Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z4600 Black Marble Shimmer Spray

85 Z4601 Balmy Night Shimmer Spray

85 Z5009 Gilt Gloss Spray

85 Z5010 White Gloss Spray

85 Z8014 Speckled Egg Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z8015 Rustic Wilderness Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z8016 Villainous Poison Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad

85 Z8017 Fiery Sunset Shimmer Spray

86 Z3886 Mini Ink Blending Tool

86 Z4245 Opaque Matte Texture Paste

86 Z4520 Palette Knives

86 Z4573 Stamping Foam

86 Z4574 Mini Domed Ink Blending Foam

86 Z6091 Stencil Pack 1

86 Z6092 Stencil Pack 2

89 Z6093 Card Front Stencil Pack 1

89 Z6094 Card Front Stencil Pack 2

89 Z6095 Slimline Card Front Stencil Pack 1

89 Z6096 Slimline Card Front Stencil Pack 2

86 Z5419 Stencil Bundle

89 Z5420 Card Front Stencil Bundle

89 Z5421 Slimline Card Front Stencil Bundle

91 1778 My Acrylix® Spritz Cleaner

91 Y1002 1" × 3½" My Acrylix® Block

91 Y1016 1" × 1½" My Acrylix® Block

91 Z3602 Stamping Starter Kit

92 Z1783 SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer

92 Z1784 Tripletrack™ Replacement Blades

92 Z1785 Tripletrack™ Cutting & Scoring Blades

92 Z3393 TripleTrack™ Titanium Cutting Blades

92 Z4211 Photo Trimmer

93 Z1938 Sponge Dauber Value Pack

93 Z3505 Dual-tip Stylus Embossing Tool

93 Z3520 Papercrafting Tool

93 Z3547 Piercing Tool

93 Z5006 Tweezers

93 Z5007 Magnetic Cutting Mat

93 Z726 Sponge Daubers

94 1772 Glue Dots® Ultra-thin Dots

94 Z3341 Thin 3-D Foam Dots

94 Z3342 3-D Foam Dots

94 Z3372 Adhesive Runner

94 Z341 Glue Dots® Mini Dots

94 Z3441 Dual-tip Multi-bond Glue Pen

95 Z1512 Quickie Glue™ Pen

95 Z4089 Liquid Glass Fine Tip Applicator

95 Z4607 Masking Tape 4"

95 Z4608 Masking Tape Bundle

95 Z5024 Adhesive Tape

96 Z5106 Workspace Wonder™ Medium Tray

97 Z9937 Workspace Wonder™ Bundle 2

98 Z3623 Craft Jars

98 Z4206 Large Craft Organizer

98 Z5020 Photo Organizer

98 Z5023 6" × 8" Storage Envelopes

98 Z9935 Craft Organizer Bundle

101 Z3571 White Heat Transfer Vinyl

101 Z3572 Black Heat Transfer Vinyl

101 Z3573 Silver Heat Transfer Vinyl

101 Z3574 Vegas Gold Heat Transfer Vinyl

101 Z3575 Metallic Rose Gold Heat Transfer Vinyl

101 Z3576 Silver Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

101 Z3578 Galaxy Black Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

101 Z5042 A Picture Is Worth… Digital Art

101 Z5043 Blooms Digital Art

101 Z5044 Camera Background Digital Art

101 Z5045 Family Blessings Digital Art

101 Z5046 Floral Border Digital Art

101 Z5047 Floral Frame Digital Art

101 Z5048 Memories Subway Art Digital Art

101 Z5049 Mements We Share Digital Art

101 Z5050 Numbers Digital Art

101 Z5051 Regal Stamp Frame Digital Art

101 Z5052 Classic Camera Digital Art

101 Z5053 Floral Wreath Digital Art

102 Z5201 Grey D-Ring Album

102 Z5207 Sea Glass D-Ring Album

102 Z5301 Grey Post-bound Album

102 Z5307 Sea Glass Post-bound Album

102 Z5316 Saddle Brown Post-bound Album

102 Z5317 Saddle Brown D-Ring Album

103 Z5314 Candy Apple 6" x 8" Everyday Life™ Album

103 Z5315 Julep 12" x 12" Everyday Life™ Album

104 Z1324 12" × 12" Memory Protectors™ Design 1

104 Z1951 12" × 12" Memory Protectors™ Design 4

104 Z1968 Side-load 12" × 12" Memory Protectors™

104 Z1977 Side-load 12" × 12" Memory Protectors™ Value Pack

106 Z3243 Pocket Plus™ Design 2

107 Z3232 5" × 7" Flip Flaps™

107 Z3233 2" × 2" Flip Flaps™

107 Z3268 6" × 12" Flip Flaps™

110-111 X6065 Melon Cardstock

110-111 Z7535 Melon Re-inker

110-111 Z6535 Melon Stamp Pad

online Z6002 Designer Travel Block Case

online Z6005 Designer Travel Paper Insert

online Z9967 5" x 7" Envelope Flap Thin Cuts

online Z4676 4¼" x 5½" Envelope Flap Thin Cuts

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