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April 13, 2023

Hello Steve, Enjoy our Saints News! 

I’m super excited to announce there will be some new/renewed courses for the 2023-2024 school year. 

  • Robotics will shift from a club to a year-long course. This lab-based course will use a hands-on approach to introduce the basic concepts of robotics, focusing on the construction and programming of autonomous mobile robots. VEX Robotic Design System will be the platform. Students will work in groups to build and test increasingly more complex mobile robots, culminating in a spring VEX Robotics competition. (Instructor: Denae O’Neil)

  • PLTW Aerospace Engineering will propel students’ learning in the fundamentals of atmospheric and space flight. As they explore the physics of flight, students will bring the concepts to life by designing an airfoil, propulsion system, and rockets. Students will learn basic orbital mechanics using industry-standard software and also explore robot systems through projects such as remotely operated vehicles. (Instructor: Denae O’Neil)

And back by popular demand, we’re excited to have Jim Pyke return to VCHS as our Computer Science Teacher after a year away. He recently wrapped up an Adjunct Faculty assignment at The University of Denver teaching Managing Technology for Strategic Value/Project Management. 

  • AP Computer Science Principles is equivalent to a first semester introductory college computing course. Students will develop computational thinking skills vital for success across all disciplines, such as using computational tools to analyze and study data and working with large data sets to analyze, visualize, and draw conclusions from trends. The course will engage students in the creative aspects of the field by allowing them to develop computational artifacts based on their interests. (Instructor: Jim Pyke)

  • Cybersecurity will introduce students to the tools and concepts of cybersecurity and encourage them to create solutions that allow people to share computing resources while protecting privacy. Nationally, computational resources are vulnerable and frequently attacked. In this course students will solve problems by understanding and closing these vulnerabilities. This course will raise students’ knowledge of and commitment to ethical computing behavior. (Instructor: Jim Pyke)

Some of this is made possible through the generosity of those who supported last fall’s 5 Days | 5 Reasons campaign (designating gifts to Aerospace Engineering and STEM) and through a recent gift to the Computer Science Department. 

VCHS STEM…On the move!

Steve O'Neil

Head of School




Vail Christian High School Steamboat Tournament WIN!!!

Vail Christian had an awesome win at the Steamboat Classic over the weekend. Six teams competed: Aspen, Steamboat, Glenwood, Golden, Centaurus, and VCHS. 

VCHS won 8-0 against two 4A division schools:, Centarus 8-0 on Thursday and Golden on Friday. The VCHS Saints won 7-1 on Saturday in the finals against Steamboat. 

"I am so proud of our team. We have incredible players and coaches and parents who love and support our girls. There is heart and excellence. It's so awesome to see their hard work pay off." head Coach JD Webster 

"It's really great to see the girls have stepped up their game over the last couple of weeks! As we head into the last half of the season they are playing at their best." Varsity Coach Erica Studness

"The weekend went really well. It was a growing experience for me. It helped me become a better tennis player.  Our team is so much fun to be with. Everyone feels like one team. We are a huge group of friends together."   Captain Annika Iverson

"The way our team showed up and dominated this weekend was just a glimpse of what the rest of our season is going to look like. every game and practice our lines get stronger and more consistent, which we’re hoping will successfully take us through the State Tournament in May." Aria Webster

Click here for the Vail Daily Article


Boys Volleyball

Saints Boys Volleyball are off to a great season!

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Off Campus Highlights

Saints Kylie Kirkham '25, Lyndsey Knauf '25 and Jillian Lee '23 will be performing this Saturday at 4:00 pm in The Spring Showcase at Vail Mountain School. Come out and support them!



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New Course In Action!

Saints Grace Armstrong '24 and Maya Darnall '23 practice during Sports Medicine class. Because of the generous support during our 5 Days | 5 Reasons Campaign, VCHS was able to introduce Sports Medicine, taught by Christian Loedel, this semester.

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