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October 20, 2022

Hello Steve, Enjoy our Saints News! 

One of my daily highlights is teaching DE United States Government to almost all of our seniors and a few juniors. I enjoy the social sciences, particularly politics and current events, but my deeper motivation in teaching this subject revolves around two things.

First, it’s imperative that today’s young people receive training in what it means to be a United States citizen (responsibilities of someone who ‘pledges allegiance’) and in civil discourse (respect for others), especially when we disagree with someone vehemently. Second, on a spiritual plain, I am motivated by a passage of Scripture written by Ezra to his Jewish audience recounting their history. He said, these people understood the times and knew what they should do. That’s what I want to see from our graduates – that they would engage with and understand their times and know what they will do (now or when the time comes). After all, that’s citizenship.

It is a rich time to teach U.S. Government with the midterm election on November 8th . One of my goals is to prepare students to intelligently complete their ballot – whether they’re 18 years old and voting or voting in our mock election. To do that, they are researching and forming their positions on the candidates and state and local amendments and propositions.

We have also invited Colorado candidates to visit us and learn about their positions on local, state, and federal matters. So far, CO State House candidate Savannah Wolfson, CO State Senate candidates Dylan Roberts and Matt Solomon, and Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien have come to campus.

Ballots for Eagle County residents have already been mailed. Get those ballots in the mail by October 31st .

Steve O'Neil

Head of School



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Vail Christian defeated Soroco 58-18 on Friday.

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Girls Volleyball

Vail Christian defeated West Grand 3-0 on Tuesday.





Seasonal Fruit Bowl


The Community Health and Food Sustainability class in collaboration with Rustic Farm to Fork will be providing a seasonal fruit bowl to students starting on October 18th. This fall, the fruit bowl will be stocked with Colorado apples and pears from Austin Family Farms in Paonia. This is part of an initiative from the Community Health and Food Sustainability class to support Colorado farmers and provide a healthy snack option for students to eat between classes.


All Saints and their families are invited to donate to the weekly seasonal fruit bowl to ensure healthy snacks are available to the VCHS community. Please click here to sign up to donate to this cause. A note of thanks recognizing our donors will be attached to the fruit bowl each week.


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