Photo by Martha Blanchfield / Renegade Sailing
Sailing Science Center News
September 2022
Vol. 6, No. 1
Welcome to the August issue of the Sailing Science Center News! The theme of this month's issue is Challenges. Accepting and embracing challenges is one of the best things we can do to grow, develop self-worth, and be fulfilled. In the first week of August the SSC accomplished the challenge of conducting 10 events in a 7-week period, a 7-fold increase over our rate of events in 2021. It was both exhausting and fulfilling, but raised the bar for what we can expect from ourselves in the future. Continue reading to see what else happened this past month.
Challenge is the crucible for greatness.
James Kouzes & Barry Posner, Authors
September Spotlight - Joanna Oren Massey
Joanna Oren Massey sailing on San Francisco Bay
Oren is a Hebrew name for pine tree. The word stems from the root ‘Or’ meaning light, because pine trees grow tall and strive toward the light. The name is fitting for the subject of this month’s spotlight: tall, articulate and striving toward the light. Oren, her name given at birth, now goes by Joanna, a name she chose for herself when she transitioned in 2016. Joanna is that type of person who is striving toward the light of living the best and most authentic version of herself.

Joanna Oren Massey was born in San Francisco. Her family moved to Cleveland when she was 6, and then to Kfar Saba, a suburb of Tel Aviv, when she was 12. She lived in Israel until age 28, completing service in the Israeli Defense Forces, a Tour Guide Certification, and a BA in Israel Studies at Tel Aviv’s Bar-Ilan University.

Out of school, she worked with marginalized youth, building their confidence by challenging them through outdoor adventure sports. The premise was that confidence in one area would translate into confidence elsewhere, allowing kids to discover their strengths and value. In her free time, Joanna led tours and took sailing classes on the Mediterranean, where she fell in love with the adventure of sailing.
Sailing in open water is exciting and terrifying at the same time.
Joanna Oren Massey's sons Ari and Zev
In 2000 Joanna moved back to Cleveland and bought a 23-foot Ericson sloop that she and a friend planned to sail on the Eastern Seaboard. That adventure was scrapped, and she instead went back to school and received a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management at Case Western Reserve University and a master’s in Education at Tt Siegal College. She kept sailing as often as she could. In Cleveland she met Deb. They married in 2003 and had their first child, Zev (Hebrew for wolf) in 2005. That summer the three moved to Israel, where Joanna and Deb had their second child, Ari (Hebrew for lion).

They returned to the Bay Area in 2008, where both found educational leadership roles and a home in the East Bay. Joanna and Deb are now separated and co-parenting Zev, now a high school senior, and Ari, now a high school freshman.
Transition was a challenging, open, and long-term process, like a metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly in a multi-year transparent chrysalis visible to all.
Today, Joanna is the Director of Camps and Teen Programs at U.C. Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. She remains committed to creating pathways for marginalized youth to find their authentic selves through educational experiences. In her free time, Joanna plays soccer, backpacks, and competes in triathlons. She lives with her sons and two huskies in El Cerrito. Joanna is motivated by all things related to learning, teaching, and living meaningful and authentic lives—a reflection of her personal story and professional career path. We are thrilled to have Joanna as a member of the SSC’s Advisory Committee and are grateful for her perspectives and many contributions. Thank you, Joanna!

August Activities - Looking Over the Stern
The first week of August concluded the SSC's summer series of exhibitions, with events to close the summer camps at the Encinal Yacht Club and the Treasure Island Sailing Center. We capped the month off with a Volunteer Appreciation Day in Golden Gate Park. We share the photo and video highlights below.
August 3 - Encinal Yacht Club Summer Camp
The SSC Anchoring Sandbox
Choose your Anchor!
Making Waves Exhibit with Balls and Boats on the Beach
Boats and Balls on a Beach
Photos and video by Ros de Vries

Chris Davis demonstrating the Coriolis effect to EYC campers.
Do hard things.
― Steve Magness, Author
August 5 - Treasure Island Sailing Center
Volunteers watch campers making waves

Maggie Garside Heilman and Lars Anderson watch campers making waves at the Treasure Island Sailing Center.
August 13 - COTS Educators' Sail
Matthew Turner Foremast
Pelicans Flying Toward the Golden Gate Bridge Seen from the Matthew Turner
On August 13, we joined the Call of the Sea Educators' Sail, a cruise on the Matthew Turner, exclusively for maritime-minded teachers. We will share more on this as it develops.
August 25 - Boundary Layer Technologies
Rendering of the foiling ferry and containership being designed by Boundary Layer Technologies
Boundary Layer Technologies' co-founder Jeremy Osborne posing in front of Pamplemousse
Boundary Layer Technologies co-founder, Jeremy Osborne, in front of Pamplemousse
On August 25 we attended Boundary Layer Technologies' open house, with Ros de Vries. The company has its sights on the challenge of creating foiling ferries and containerships, using electric power and hydrogen, respectively. We got a ride on an early prototype, powered by Tesla batteries and motors, and code named Pamplemousse, a large relative of the grapefruit. We are lining up co-founder, Jeremy Osborne, for a future podcast. Thanks to Ros and Jeremy for time well-spent.
August 27 - Volunteer Appreciation Day
Collage of pictures from Volunteer Picnic
Volunteers playing Kubb in Golden Gate Park. Photos (clockwise) by Natalie Corkhill, Jill Ziman, and Jim Hancock

On August 27, the SSC held its Third Annual Picnic in the Park. Consistent with this month's theme of challenges, volunteer Preston Thomas presented our team of sailor-scientists with a stick-throwing game called Kubb. The game played like a blend of bowling, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and checkers.

The competition was livened by members of the SSC leadership playing the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive at max volume to inspire them as they neared certain death. The trick worked for a while but the better stick throwers eventually won.
It's always the hard part that creates the value.
― Tim Ferriss, Entrepreneur & Author
In the News
Got Crypto?
The SSC has partnered with cryptocurrency donation site, The Giving Block, to accept cryptocurrency donations. The first donation has already hit the books. Will yours be next? Click here to donate with crypto.
Save the Date
Looking Over the Bow...
Here are some of the exciting events that are coming up in September!
September 1 - Latitude 38 Crew Party
In the Just-Under-the-Wire category, Latitude 38's Crew Party is being held tonight, September 1, 6pm to 9pm, at Spaulding Marine Center. The SSC will be there with exhibits and volunteers. Click here for more information.
September 10 - 11 - Women's Sailing Seminar
The Women's Sailing Seminar was created for women, by women. Now in its 30th year, the Island Yacht Club has partnered with Afterguard Sailing for this 2022 edition. The SSC's Natalie Corkhill will be speaking there during the party, starting at 6pm, Saturday, September 10.

September 17 - California Coastal Cleanup Day
The SSC is joining One Treasure Island, the Treasure Island Sailing Center, the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA), and other community organizations, to recognize California Coastal Cleanup Day! Do good, have fun, and meet like-minded folks. Materials and lunch are provided.

Real competitors love a tough situation. That's when they focus better and function better. At points of maximum pressure, they want the ball!
― John Wooden, Record-Setting Basketball Coach
STEAM Corner
Arques School of Traditional Boatbuilding
Arques School Boats in Progress
Arques School Ships Saw
Arques School Danial Mollet
Clockwise: Every hull in the shop is a work of art. The ship saw is an amazing device that can cut timber with a rolling bevel that varies over the length of a plank. Assistant School Director, Daniel Mollet, stands beside a current project.

Putting the Art into STEAM* and Steam into the Art

Spaulding Marine Centersite of this month's Latitude 38 Crew Partyshares its space with the Arques School of Traditional Boatbuilding. We stopped in while doing reconnaissance for the September 1 event and were graciously welcomed by Assistant School Director, Daniel Mollet. True to the maxim that form follows function, the boats taking shape in the shop were as aesthetically appealing as they were structurally sound.

It is the sensuous curves that do it. To get those beautiful shapes you have to bend the wood. As Daniel explained, this is done by steaming the wood to soften the lignin that holds the wood's cellulose fibers in place, allowing them to slip over each other as the wood is bent.

Equations tell the woodworker how long to steam the woodsteam it for too short a time and it won't bend properly; steam it for too long and the fibers come apart. With a little math you can get the Goldilocks timing on your steam box and achieve a perfect bend.

So it turns out that the Arques School really is putting the art into STEAM and steam into the art! Drop by and see them if you can. What they are doing is inspiring.

*STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math
This Month's Newsletter Banner
The 8-meter yacht, Angelita, runs toward the finish during the 2018 Corinthian Classic in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Built in 1928, the boat has risen to many challenges, being the first American boat to win an Olympic medal (Gold, Los Angeles, 1932) and being restored in 1984 to serve as the flagship for the 1984 LA Olympics.
Classic Yacht Angelita first U.S. Olympic medal winner
Photo by Martha Blanchfield / Renegade Sailing
Wanted for the Sailing Science Center
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Do you have photos to share? The SSC is looking for shots to use on our website, in our newsletter, and elsewhere. Photographer attribution will be given.

The SSC needs volunteers! We especially need volunteers who can staff one-day exhibitions as docents. Training, lunch, and SSC logo polo shirts are provided.

Direct your inquiries to
Small Stuff
Man scanning the horizon with binoculars
On the Horizon
Here is a summary of our upcoming schedule. Check our online calendar for the most current information.

September 10 - Natalie speaks at the Women's Sailing Seminar

September 22 - Autumnal Equinox

December 10 - The SSC 2022 Gala!
Move the Needle!
These are things YOU can do to make a difference and Move the Needle

Leadership Corner - We Choose to Go to the Moon!
We meet in an hour of change and challenge, in a decade of hope and fear, in an age of both knowledge and ignorance. The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds. No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come.
—John F. Kennedy, September 1962
Graphic of Raised Hands with SSC Logo
The SSC wants to give a big shout to Catherine Marhefka, who raised her hand in August to say she could help. We look forward to working with you in the coming months.
That's all for this month.


Jim Hancock
President and Founder
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Natalie Corkhill

*STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math
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