Photo courtesy of Ros de Vries
Sailing Science Center News
June 2020
Vol. 3, No. 10
Welcome to the June issue of the Sailing Science Center News! Our theme this month is Planning and Preparation. We think planning and preparation are crucial to success, but there can be a downside as well. See some other takes on planning and preparation in this months Leadership Corner.

Keep reading for exciting updates from the SSC!
When opportunity comes it's too late to prepare.

John Wooden
Volunteer Spotlight
The June 2020 spotlight was removed at subject's request.
My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
Maya Angelou
May Volunteer Event
Virtual Regatta - The COVID Cup

May's Volunteer Event was the COVID Cup, organized by SSC volunteer Ros de Vries and raced Friday nights from our homes using the Virtual Regatta platform. The racing has been fun and competitive, with up to eight racers showing up at the starting line. Racing activities have been followed by shelter-in-place socializing in the Google virtual clubhouse, with mixology lessons from Ros. The Virtual Regatta simulation is impressively accurate, with puffs, lulls and wind shifts, as well as penalties assessed for rules infractions.
Photo Caption Contest
Person in a neon leopard suit wearing a PFD and looking at the San Francisco City Front from the deck of a sailboat.
Photo courtesy of Ros de Vries

Send your entry to with Photo Caption Contest as the subject line. A winner and runner-up will be announced in the July newsletter. Extra consideration will be given to entries involving science.
Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Alexander Graham Bell
In the News
Olivier Lauzeral Joins the SSC Board of Directors
Olivier Lauzeral
We are very pleased to welcome Olivier Lauzeral, not only as one of our newer volunteers, but also as a member of the SSC Board of Directors.

Fellow board member and professional recruiter, Meagan Strout, found Olivier through a LinkedIn search targeted at sailors with business development experience and contacts in the industry. Olivier proved to be just the person we were looking for, and as a new board member he has hit the ground running, er... we mean hit the water with a splash.

We will have more about Olivier in a future issue, but for now we want to greet him with a hearty Welcome Aboard!

First Employee of the SSC
Mina Matsumoto
On May 12 the SSC Board of Directors voted to hire Mina Matsumoto for a 13-week summer internship. Mina (pronounced Meena) is starting her third week with us as this newsletter goes to publication. So far we are ecstatically happy. Mina has just finished her second year in a four-year JD/MBA program at Cal, from which you would rightly guess that she's sharp as a tack. And when Mina responded on her Intake Questionnaire that she was good at Microsoft Excel, we knew she was our kind of intern. Her first assignments have been to help us with legal and compliance matters, and to get us set up in Salesforce. We want to give a very warm welcome to Mina!
First Child of the SSC!
Birth Announcement
On April 28, Charlie and Emma Deist announced the birth of their daughter, Clare Elizabeth Deist.

For the past year Charlie has been supporting the SSC with social media postings and management. Daughter Clare is the first child born to an SSC volunteer, giving her a special status in our organization.

We look forward to watching Clare grow, and to the day when she makes her first visit to the Sailing Science Center.

Congratulations to Charlie and Emma! We are very happy for you.
Fire at Pier 45
The Fire at Pier 45
A massive four-alarm fire broke out on San Francisco's Pier 45 just after 4:00 am on Saturday May 23. The fire endangered the historic Liberty Ship, SS Jeremiah O'Brien, and the World War II submarine, USS Pampanito, which were berthed there. The O'Brien and Pampanito are both properties of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park Association, an organization the SSC is seeking to partner with. We were glad to hear that the two vessels survived unharmed, but damage to the pier and its structures will impact access to the vessels for some time to come.
Dig your well before you are thirsty.

Harvey Mackay
This Month's Newsletter Banner
Planning and preparation are critical for success in sailing, even for a short day sail. The importance of these activities increases commensurately for an ocean crossing or a longer cruise.

The same is true in business, and really, in every meaningful endeavor.
Photo courtesy of Ros de Vries
Wanted for the SSC

Do you have photos you would like to share? The SSC is looking for great shots to use on our newsletter banner and elsewhere. Photographer attribution will be given.

Apps Script Developers
The SSC is looking for a Google Apps Script developer interested in writing automation macros for our internal systems. If you have experience in C++, Java or Java Script you're most of the way there.

Salesforce Developers
The SSC is setting up on Salesforce as its new Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool. As with any business, we are customizing it to meet our unique needs. Give us a shout if you are proficient in Salesforce and want to get involved in the SSC.

Email your inquiries to
Social Media Corner
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Small Stuff
Man scanning the horizon with binoculars
On the Horizon
As we look forward to a re-opening of American business, the SSC is preparing to ease in with proper protective practices and social distancing. We will be running a limited in-person volunteer event in June and will be evaluating other events as we proceed.

Stay tuned!
Move the Needle!
These are things YOU can do to move the SSC vision forward:

Make a difference. Move the needle!
Leadership Corner - Planning & Preparation
Elaborate, long-range planning, is one of the abilities that distinguishes people from other animals. We have all heard the importance of planning, whether in running a marketing campaign or planning a wedding. So why, then, do we resist it? The answer, quite simply, is that it requires effort.

That's all for this month.


Jim Hancock
President and Founder
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