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Sailing Science Center News
August 2020
Vol. 3, No. 12
Welcome to the August issue of the Sailing Science Center News! This month we look at trust. Relationships form the structure of every family, business, and community, while trust rests as the foundation of every relationship. Without trust relationships quickly crumble, so it behooves us to know how to build, maintain, and restore trust. Keep reading for more news and thoughts from the SSC!
To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved

― George MacDonald, Scottish author
Board Member Spotlight - Olivier Lauzeral
Olivier Lauzeral with sailboat and Golden Gate Bridge in background
Our spotlight this month is on Olivier Lauzeral. Olivier adds one more to the SSC’s native French speaking contingent, now accounting for an eighth of our total volunteer corps. Oui! Although he was born near Paris, he grew up in northeast Lorraine far from the sea. But with a seafaring Italian grandfather who he visited during his summers, Olivier discovered saltwater in his blood at an early age. In addition to his parents, Olivier grew up with two brothers—one a year older and one six years younger.

Of the major influencers in his life, Olivier names three: his maternal grandfather in Italy, from whom he got the passion to explore the world; his father, who had been an officer in the Foreign Legion, and from whom he learned discipline, integrity, and trustworthiness; and his older brother, from whom he learned competitiveness, resilience, grit, and strength.
While studying in France, Olivier earned two master’s degrees: the first in mechanical engineering, and the second in aerospace engineering. In the U.S. he earned an MBA from UCLA. He has worked on satellites for Alcatel, XM radio for Boeing, and with deep tech startups in Silicon Valley, helping them with strategy and business development. Before entering the workforce, Olivier served as a navigation officer in the French Navy, leaving the reserves as First Lieutenant.

Olivier’s sailing experience began as a teenager, racing in the Mediterranean and off the Atlantic coast of France. He says he loves longer offshore passages, having sailed both across the Atlantic and to Hawaii. It was after a J/105 race in San Francisco that Olivier met his wife, Trudy, with whom he now has two daughters, aged 12 and 14. In other recreation, Olivier says he loves SCUBA diving, biking, running, triathlon, mountaineering and skiing. He also stresses the importance of food and cooking in his life, after growing up in a culture of long mealtimes and socializing around the table.
Olivier Lauzeral as a young man on the deck of a classic schooner.
Olivier on a classic wooden schooner while he was still a teenager
Olivier Lauzeral on a charter catamaran.
Olivier chartering with his family in Croatia
We inducted Olivier into the SSC after conducting a curated search for someone with exactly his skill set and background to lead our business development efforts. Upon joining the SSC in May, Olivier wasted no time in getting going, adding not simply great ideas, but the energy and initiative to launch them. He fills an important role on the SSC board, where we are delighted to have his experience, talents, and warm personality. Welcome, Olivier!
Olivier Lauzeral with legendary sailor Loick Peyron.
Olivier with legendary sailor, Loick Peyron
July Volunteer Event - Trust
SSC Leadership Session - Trust

On July 29 the SSC held its second leadership session for SSC volunteers, this time on the topic of Trust. What sounds simple turns out to have nuance and surprises. When we look at the world through the lens of trust we quickly see that it effects everything we do.
Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

– Albert Einstein
In the News
Argo Logo
In early July a group of volunteers from the SSC Exhibits Team joined a Zoom call with representatives of Argo, an augmented reality (AR) company based in France. Argo's particular flavor of AR uses image recognition through a user's phone to augment that image with overlays. There are many ways we can employ this to teach interactive science in a socially-distanced, COVID-19 world.

For a quick demo, download Argo's SnapPress app to your phone and use it to scan the rendering of the future SSC below. Suddenly the image takes on a whole new life! We want to acknowledge and thank board member Olivier Lauzeral for leading the way with finding Argo and forming this connection.
Sailing Science Center Exterior Rendering
Scan the image with SnapPress to see what happens!
Benevity Causes
If you work in the corporate environment, we encourage you to look into Benevity Causes. Benevity is a donation-management platform that works with some of the world's largest companies, including Google, Apple, Nike and Coca Cola. In many cases companies will match employee donations, or even make donations on behalf of employees when they volunteer. The SSC is registered with Benevity, making it easy for you to be a supporter!
With much help from Mina Matsumoto, our summer intern, the SSC is now up and running on Salesforce. In addition to getting all our contacts uploaded into this first-in-class CRM, Mina connected us with a Salesforce pro bono consultant to help us configure the database to our specific needs. And get thishe's a sailor! Huge thanks go out to both Mina and to Salesforce for their support!
Special Thanks to our Inaugural Chairman
In July, our Inaugural Chairman, Ron Young, fulfilled his term as our first chairperson. Ron helped to lead and shape our direction for the future. During Ron’s term, the SSC conducted its first fundraising gala, updated its name and branding identity, recruited a business development professional to spearhead a broad partnership development program, began work on an augmented reality contest to teach STEM subjects to school children, and initiated a partnership strategy for future corporate fundraising. The SSC is grateful to Ron for his strategic leadership and looks forward to his continued support.
This Month's Newsletter Banner
Going up the mast of a 52-foot sailboat while underway requires a crewman to trust his gear and his fellow crew.
Photo courtesy of Martha Blanchfield Renegade Sailing
It’s been my experience that the people who gain trust, loyalty, excitement, and energy fast are the ones who pass on the credit to the people who have really done the work.

Robert Townsend, former CEO, Avis
Wanted for the SSC

Do you have photos you want to share? The SSC is looking for great shots to use on our newsletter banner and elsewhere. Photographer attribution will be given.

Apps Script Developers
The SSC is looking for a Google Apps Script developer interested in writing automation macros for our internal systems. If you have experience in C++, Java or Java Script you're most of the way there.

Salesforce Developers
The SSC is now set up on Salesforce as its new Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Give us a shout if you are proficient in Salesforce and want to get involved in the SSC.

VR/AR People
The SSC is getting into Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. We have been actively engaging businesses with expertise in these technologies to learn how best to use them for delivering STEM content framed around sailing. If you have experience in either of these areas we would like to hear from you.

Email your inquiries to
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Our next Virtual Regatta is August 14 @ 5:45pm PT! All welcome. It's fun and it's free to play! See details on Facebook.
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Small Stuff
Man scanning the horizon with binoculars
On the Horizon
SSC continues to be COVID-conscious and cautious, with in-person events being held outdoors in small groups and with proper social distancing. We are working behind the scenes on longer-term initiatives for teaching science and for raising SSC to the next level in every area. Details will be shared at the appropriate time.

Stay tuned!
Move the Needle!
These are things YOU can do to move the SSC vision forward:

Make a difference. Move the needle!
Leadership Corner - Trust
Working as an independent contractor has underscored important lessons I have learned about trust. For years I worked as a freelance boat captain, teaching classes, captaining charters, and doing new-owner training through yacht brokers. Read more...
That's all for this month.


Jim Hancock
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*STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

Morgan Davidson

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