May 2013 - Issue 11
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SmartChek X-Ray Inspection System
Safeline X-Ray - The World's Leading X-ray Inspection Brand

Safeline is the world's leading x-ray inspection brand providing inspection solutions predominantly for the food and pharmaceutical industries.  X-ray systems can automatically detect and reject products contaminated with metal, glass, stone and bone.


The SmartChek and SmartChek Plus X-ray Systems are designed specifically to provide reliable, cost- effective contaminant detection for producers of small and medium-sized packaged products.


MD Packaging have factory trained Service Technicians strategically based coast to coast.  Contact us if you are interested in a 10 point X-ray Inspection and Report.  Click SmartChek or SmartChek Plus to download the brochure.

Beltweigh XS
Hi-Speed Checkweighers

A checkweigher can be used to weigh almost any item produced on a production line ranging in weight from below one gram to several hundred kilograms.  Below are a few examples of items which organizations weigh on checkweighers:

  • Raw or unwrapped food products prior to the packaging process
  • Pre-packed food products such as cans, glasses, wrapped products, trays and other food packaging
  • Boxes, cartons or tubs of products to determine if papers, components, instructions or other items are missing
  • Weight-based counting of contents in bottles, bags, packaged parts, cases of batteries, diapers or drink bottles in a case
  • Checking volume or density of a mixture, such as bread, yogurt, or volatile products such as airbag charges
  • Weighing items of varying weights for future reference or billing for a warehouse or delivery service
  • Checking for missing leaflets or instructions, blister packs of products or single tablets and capsules

JLS Automation Huge Hit at PACKEX Toronto!


JLS | Osprey Robotic Case Packing
JLS | Osprey Robotic Case Packing
MD Packaging showcased the JLS Osprey Case Packer at PACKEX Toronto earlier this month.  It was received so well at the show, we thought we would highlight it again!

JLS designs customer specific, robotic based systems for primary and secondary packaging applications.  Their understanding of the constantly changing demands on your packaging operation stimulated their "Design for Agility" philosophy.  This awareness yields systems that provide broader product and packaging style capability and greater suitability to frequent changeovers with minimum downtime.  These benefits can't be found in traditional "hard" automation. 


The JLS Osprey is an automatic case loading technology that fits into the limited floorspace at the discharge of your primary packaging machinery, can survive in a high sanitation environment and be agile enough to accommodate frequent changeovers.    


Products Packed with Osprey  

  • Wrapped Fresh & Frozen Meats - sausage, sliced meats, frozen patties, bacon
  • Bagged Fresh & Frozen Bakery - tortillas, flatbreads, muffins, baguettes, snack cakes
  • Wrapped Cheese - blocks, slices, sticks
  • Bags & Pouches of Frozen Foods - burritos, corn dogs, egg rolls, pocket sandwiches, pizza, potato patties
  • Chub Packs - ground beef or sausage, cookie dough
  • Bags, Pouches, Cartons of Confectionary - chocolate enrobed, wrapped bars
  • Bags of Condiments, Sauces, Soups & Viscous Liquids   
Click here to download a copy of the JLS Osprey brochure



Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information on any of the above equipment. I would be happy to review your specific application. 

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