Welcome to Cross County Connection's South Jersey Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Newsletter! Through a partnership with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), Cross County Connection assists schools, school districts and municipalities in South Jersey with developing fun and educational events and activities to enable and encourage children in grades K-8, including those with disabilities, to safely walk and bicycle to school. We also provide technical assistance with assessing the physical environment around schools and provide strategies to make it safer.

If your school, school district or community is interested in learning more about SRTS, contact Cross County Connection TMA at (856) 596-8228.
Safe Routes at Home: Your Weekly Source for Fun Ways
to be Active and Teach Your Kids Safe Walking Skills
Cross County Connection Asks You to Join
Our #BikeMonth Social Media Campaign!
National Bike Month is here! May is National Bike Month and it is a chance
to showcase the benefits of bicycling and encourage people to get out and ride. As a tie-in to Bike Month, May 6th was supposed to be Bike to School day, which creates opportunities for schools across the nation to roll together and support bike safety for students and faculty. 
Cross County Connection still wants to encourage schools to embrace the spirit of Bike to School Day and Bike Month. Get on your bikes and join us in our Bike Month Social Media Campaign!  
Cross County Connection encourages South Jersey’s residents to take pictures while out biking and tag Cross County Connection using  @CCCTMA  on  Facebook  and  Twitter  with the hashtags  #BikeMonth  and  #SouthJerseyBikes .  

We ask that schools share campaign details with their parents, students and staff and include the link  http://www.driveless.com/walkbike/ , so they can find Cross County Connection’s valuable bike safety resources. 
Here are the instructions: 

  • Go for a ride and take a picture of you and family on their bikes 
  • Tag Cross County Connection TMA using @CCCTMA and use the hashtags #BikeMonth and #SouthJerseyBikes 
  • Share your reasons for riding. It can be anything. Be clever. Be funny. Or keep it simple. 
  1. I ride for fun 
  2. I ride for clean air 
  3. I ride for my health 
  4. I ride to show off my awesome homemade facemask 
  • Wear a helmet! 
  • Remember to practice social distancing 
  • Tag your school on social media. Let’s see which school can get the most people out biking! 
Cross County Connection looks forward to seeing you all out there.
Let's make this a Bike Month to remember! 

Ronda R. Urkowitz 
Executive Director
(856) 596-8228

Latifah Sunkett
SRTS Coordinator
(856) 596-8228

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Communities can earn Sustainable
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