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Mark Amaru & Andrea on the Giza Plateau, EGYPT, November 2023

From Andrea Mikana-Pinkham,

Director, Speaker & Meditation Facilitator

on our Sacred Sites Journeys


Mark Amaru Pinkham,

Featured Speaker,

Author, Astrologer, & Director of

The Order & Mystery School

of the Seven Rays


*** EGYPT Late February/Early March 2025

*** NEPAL/TIBET September 2025

*** SEDONA, AZ City of the Star People Tours - Always Available!


Books, Online Classes, YouTube Videos,

Astrology Classes & Readings and MORE!

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💥 Our 2025 Sacred Sites Journey to EGYPT

The Multi-Faceted Experience of a Lifetime!

A Sacred Journey to Mystical EGYPT

💥 Includes a 6-Day Spiritual Retreat

on the Nile on a Chartered Wooden Sailboat!

February 23 - March 9, 2025

Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, Meditation Facilitator & Tour Director

Author Mark Amaru Pinkham, Featured Speaker

We're longtime teachers of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Teachings

and researchers of ancient megalithic technology & history as well.

Our 2025 Sacred Journey to Mystical Egypt will be our 25th year organizing,

operating and leading sacred travel groups to this very ancient magical & mysterious land!

We invite YOU to join us for this extraordinary sacred journey

from the pre-dynastic mists of time through the Age of The Pharaohs.

During our very unique techno-spiritual journey we'll cover much of the ancient land,

while recounting the tens of thousands of years

worth of history that occurred there since the time of the Zep Tepi, the "First Age".

We'll study the history written in hieroglyphs of many perfectly preserved temples!

We'll also seek to activate each temple's acclaimed spiritual power

through meditations that summon their corresponding Neters (Gods/Goddesses).

Many of these ancient temples we'll visit lie along the banks of the ageless Nile,

which was once referred to by the mystery school initiates as the "Spine of Osiris".

Each temple is focused on activating a particular human energy center or chakra!

Within these still-powerful temples we'll seek to activate

the corresponding chakra in our own bodies for our spiritual development!

💥 SPECIAL OFFERINGS: Two Private Entrances!!

1) At the pre-dynastic megalithic OSIRIEON at Abydos!

You'll experience the wonder of its amazing construction!

You'll also see the ancient symbol of the Flower of Life,

which sacred geometry tells us is the building block of all life!

Our Featured Speaker Mark Amaru Pinkham will share fascinating information relating

to this from his book Sacred Geometry and the Creation of The Universe.

Includes a MEDITATION to connect with the still-very-palpable energies here!


Our journey will culminate with a Private Entrance inside the ageless Great Pyramid,

the ancient "House of Osiris", associated with both the 6th and 7th chakras.

Here, the final step in your spiritual transformation will occur as you lie in

meditation in the powerful alchemical crucible

of the resonance box of the Upper Chamber!


We're NOW taking registrations,

BEFORE this unique spiritual pilgrimage is posted on our website in a few days! The group is filling quickly!

The number of people we can take in the group is limited,

due to number of cabins on the wooden sailboat.

The last two groups filled very quickly, within the 1st month.

So if you're interested in joining us and would like to receive the PDFs of the ITINERARY & PRICING and a REGISTRATION FORM, please reply to this newsletter,

or email me at Thanks!

Stay tuned for more information, both here in our August newsletter

and on our website at

PHOTOS From Our Previous SSJs to Beloved EGYPT!

Our Egyptologist Tour Guide is Vivian Zaki, PhD

Vivian is our dear friend and spiritual Sister.

Our groups have found her to be extremely knowledgeable,

very professional, and also very warm-hearted and friendly.

Her dual degree is in Archaeology and Tourism,

and she has over 28 years experience guiding groups in Egypt.

She is very open to our spiritual focus.

And, as she is well-known to the guards at the temples,

she is easily able to secure our meditation times.

GIZA: The Great Sphinx in front of the 2nd or Khafre's Pyramid.

DASHOUR: The Bent Pyramid

ASWAN: The Isis Temple Complex,

dedicated to mighty Isis, the major Neter/Goddess of the Egyptian pantheon.

KOM OMBO: The famous dual temple dedicated

to the Neters Sobek, the crocodile-headed Neter

and Haoeris, (Horus the Elder), an early form of Horus.

EDFU: Temple of Horus, son of Isis and Osiris,

the falcon-headed Neter, symbol of the Higher Self.

LUXOR: Sekhmet Chapel at the Temple of Karnak,

the largest columned temple in the world!

Sekhmet is one of the oldest of the Neters.

Her name is derived from the Egyptian word 'Sekhem' ("power" or "might").

She was the patroness of physicians, surgeons and healers.

LUXOR - WEST BANK: Queen Hatshepsut's magnificent Temple to Amun.

ABYDOS: The pre-dynastic Osirieon, dedicated in dynastic times to Osiris,

Neter of Death and the Underworld, as well as Resurrection and Renewal.


If you have a Facebook account you can enjoy a digital 360 visit to the Osireion here:

DENDERA: Dedicated to Hathor, Neter of Motherhood

GIZA: Inside the Great Pyramid's Upper Chamber during a PRIVATE ENTRANCE! You'll have the auspicious opportunity to lie in the resonance box for meditation!


Again, if you're interested in joining us and would like to receive the PDFs

of the ITINERARY & PRICING, please reply to this newsletter

or email me at

If you're ready to jump onboard, request a REGISTRATION FORM.

The group is filling and space is limited!

In order to avoid disappointment, begin your process NOW!

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💥 Our 2025 Sacred Sites Journey to NEPAL & TIBET

Sacred Journey to The Himalayas

September 2025 Dates to be announced

in our October newsletter!

The itinerary will be the same

as the journeys which we we weren't able

to operate during the pandemic.

You can view the 2021 SSJ here:

This will be a ONE TIME ONLY Offering!

So start making your plans NOW to join us!

The updated itinerary will be posted on our website

once we re-schedule the dates for September 2025.

Check for this update at

If you would like to be notified when the information is available

for this sacred journey, please reply to this newsletter to request to be contacted.

We estimate that we'll have the itinerary published on our website

in January or February 2025. And we expect the group to fill VERY quickly,

as there is a lot of interest!

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Sedona, AZ

City of the Star People Tours

with Mark Amaru Pinkham,

author of Sedona City of the Star People

💥 Come to our world-famous mystical & picturesque

Red Rock Country & join Mark for a City of the Star People Tour !

During your time on the sacred land with Mark you'll learn

about the fascinating Hopi legend of Palatkwapi,

the ancient city built by their Kachina Star People ... and much more!

You'll See:

Pyramid Rock

The Throne of Ganesh

The Sphinx and Honey Bear

The Great Dragon of Sedona

Entrance to the Court of Masau'u

Bell Rock-Crown Chakra: ELM Gyser

Madonna Rock: Center of Pentagram

Cathedral Rock: Pleiadian Contact Zone

Ley Line Grid & Seven Chakras of Sedona

and much, much more...

You'll Experience A Transformative Meditation

at the Powerful Amitabha Stupa Vortex

💥 Summer is a slower time for visits due to the heat,

BUT the tour is in the morning before it gets too hot

& you'll be in a comfortable air-conditioned SUV.

Fall is high season, so if you're planning to come at that time,

we encourage to book your tour as soon as possible, as dates are already filling!

NOTE: You can book for only 1 person or for 2, 3, 4. and up to 5 people.

For more information, pricing and to reserve your private tour,


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💥 Our Sacred Sites Journeys are smoke-free travel experiences.

All forms of tobacco, as well as e-cigarettes

are not allowed at any time during our trips.

We say a huge THANK YOU for your cooperation!

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Books, Online Classes, YouTube Videos,

Astrology Classes & Readings

💥 YouTube Channel: Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays

From Mark Amaru Pinkham, Director of

The Order & Mystery School of the Seven Rays

Namaste! I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel.

💥 Here's a list of my videos, in order of newest to oldest:

We are all Pleiadians! Our Sun is the "8th Star" of the Pleaides

Sedona: City of Shiva and His Family

The Truth About Sanat Kumara, the Pleiadian Savior of Humanity

The Truth About Sanat Kumara, Part 2: The King of the World


The History of Gnosticism and the Conspiracy

to Create a One World Gnostic Civilization

Part 1:

Part 2:

These two videos are an introduction to my Revised/Expanded Book

World Gnosis: The Coming Gnostic Civilization

Released May 2022! - See below in the Books section

To view other videos on my channel, click here.

** The Great White Brotherhood, Parts 1 and 2

** The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, Parts 1 and 2

** Sedona: City of the Star People

** The People of the Peacock Angel: Yezidis, Hopis & Hindus

** The Peacock Angel: King of the World

** The Peacock Angel: Creator of the Universe

** The Gardens of the Dragons

💥 Please subscribe to my channel and give a Like to the videos you view

if you find them enjoyable/useful.

And click on the Bell to be notified when I upload a new video.

Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays

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If you feel the need for more understanding about your life right now, 

as well as what your future holds, here's a great opportunity!

Order an in-depth reading!

Mark Amaru Pinkham is a professional Vedic (Hindu), Western, 

and Seven Ray Astrologer with over 40 years experience.

All of Mark's readings provide a profoundly deep and spiritual interpretation 

of the planetary influences operating in your life.

For information about the various types of Astrology Readings

you can order, as well as the prices

and links to pay using a credit card or bank account via PayPal

or information about where to mail your check, visit

Questions? Please reply to this email

or email Mark directly at

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💥 Spiritual Astrology Classes with Mark Amaru Pinkham

Learn at your leisure from the already-recorded class videos! 


Learn the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects of Western Astrology

and how to interpret the spiritual implications of a Natal Astrology Chart.

For Beginning and Advanced Students 

For more information and/or to sign up, click here and scroll down to


Interpreting Transits, Progressions and Solar Return Charts

Learn the art of forecasting future events according to

the system of Spiritual Astrology

For more information and/or to sign up, click here and scroll down to

"Spiritual Astrology Transits and Progressions Course":

If you have questions, respond to this newsletter

or email Mark at

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You can order a signed copy of any of my 9 books,

the PDFs of some of them &

the Sedona Vortex Video/URL directly from me!

Click on the link of the book/video below.

Thank you for supporting an independent author/publisher!

World Gnosis: The Coming Gnostic Civilization

A must-read book for our challenging and changing times!

The Complete Seven Rays of Healing System

For professionals in the natural healing field,

as well as those who are working on their personal healing.

Conversations with The Great Goddess

A fascinating read about The Goddess Tradition and its very unique Herstory!

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom - Special Edition

A revised and expanded version of Mark's 1st book

which over the last 24 years has become a very popular classic!

From The Green Man to Jesus: The Origin & Evolution of the Christ Myth

What is the legend of the Green Man?

How has it influenced so many spiritual traditions, as well as religion, today?


Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist

& the Water of Life - Special Edition

For those of you who would like to read more about the Johannite Lineage

from which the original Knights Templar emerged, you can do so in this book.

Sedona: City of the Star People

Sedona: City of the Star People recounts the 27 year journey

of author Mark Amaru Pinkham as he travels in the American Southwest

and around the globe while unlocking the ancient hidden mysteries of Sedona,

the Star People, and its connection to the ancient King of the World.

Sacred Geometry and the Creation of the Universe

 Mark explains the intricate shapes of Sacred Geometry as representations of

the successive stages in the creation of the universe.

An Initiate's Guide to the Path of the Dragon

Outlines the history of the Dragon Lineages, Orders, etc

and presents their alchemical practices to assist you with your spiritual growth.

The Sedona Vortex Video

This video is all you need for your visit to the Sedona Vortexes on your own.

Also includes a Video URL so you can watch the video on all your mobile devices

while at the various vortex sites.

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💥 The Order & Mystery School of the Seven Rays

and Our Various Branches:

The Path of the Dragon Mystery School

Seven Ray/Dragon Master Training

The School of Shaivism ... and More!

In The Order & Mystery School of the Seven Rays

and its various branches we offer ancient teachings

about the secrets of human evolution that are still very pertinent today.

These alchemical practices can assist you to reach God/Goddess/Self-Realization,

which is the final goal of human evolution.

For complete information about how to join The Order, view the teachings of the various branches and sign up to receive videos, visit

💥 Members of The Order receive a DISCOUNT

on most classes (video or in person).

The teachings are for EVERYONE!

You don't have to be a member to take advantage of our various offerings.

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