June 2024

Greeting Compatriots and Friends,


Welcome to Summer!!!


The weather has turned warm and wonderful. Memorial Day, gatherings, BBQs and kids getting out of school and summer fun are on everyone’s minds.


Memorial Day is also a time to remember all the members of the military that have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedom. Many of our patriot ancestors, and then throughout history and the following wars and conflicts have seen men and women unselfishly fight and die for our way of life. This is a time to remember and honor their sacrifices.


Our Chapter will participate in several events during this period both surrounding Memorial Day and also Independence Day in just a few more weeks. We hope you will join your fellow compatriots in these events. More information can be found in the Couriers and also the Chapter website.


Flag Day is Friday, June 14th and commemorates the adoption of our flag by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. To celebrate, our Chapter is hosting our 2nd annual Chapter picnic with the DAR at the Carmichael Elks Club. There is food, fun, and activities for the whole family. More details are in the Courier and also on the Chapter website. Come on out and join us.


Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you will do. Let’s make 2024 a great year for the Sacramento Chapter of the SAR. We can only do this with YOU.


In Fellowship,


Jon Wroten, President

The California Society and Sacramento Chapter were honored to recognize two members of our community for their service furthering the SAR mission of educating and inspiring future generations about the founding principles of our country.

Jim Faulkinbury was awarded the NSSAR Youth Education Medal with Lifetime Achievement Bar at CASSAR’s annual meeting by President Jim Klingler in April.

Compatriot Faulkinbury has been an active participant, in colonial attire, in the chapter's historical educational programs in the greater Sacramento area from 2002 to 2020, a period of18 years. During that time, he participated with other chapter members making presentations to 5th grade assemblies in an average of 14 schools per year to an estimated 25,000 students. 

These school presentations included discussions of the historical figures and events around the American Revolution and the display and explanation of replica historical artifacts from the colonial period. In addition to these activities, Jim has been and remains an active adult advisor with the Capitol Society CAR.

Helena Hurst was awarded the NSSAR Youth Education Medal with Lifetime Achievement Bar by CASSAR President, Don Littlefield, at the May meeting of the Sacramento Chapter.

Helena Hurst was an active participant, in colonial attire, in the Sacramento chapter's historical educational programs from 2008 to 2020, a period of 12 years. 

During that time, she made historical presentations to 5th grade assemblies in an average of 14 schools per year to an estimated 16,000 students. Her school presentations centered around the historical character of Mary Hays, one of the women who made up the legend of Molly Pitcher.

Her presentations were instrumental in helping students understand the role of women in the American Revolution. She was also active in sharing replica historical artifacts, during these assemblies, to help students understand what life was like in Colonial America.

The Sacramento Chapter and California Society presented awards to the first and second place winners of the SAR Enhanced JROTC program. Applicants for this program must be (1) enrolled on the JROTC Program; (2) be a high school junior student; (3) rank in the top 10% of his/her JROTC program; and (4) rank in the top 25% of his/her class.

Our first place winner was Brianna Putman of Yuba City High School. She was awarded the SAR JROTC Medallion and received a check from the Sacramento Chapter for $250. Brianna also place second in the California Society program and received a check from California Society President Don Littlefield for $500.

Our second place winner was Blake Harris of Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks. Blake received the SAR Good Citizenship Medal and certificate.

L-R Tammie Putman (Mother), Brianna Putman, and Chairman Roy Adkins.

L_R Susan Harrison (Grandmother), Blake Harris, and Chairman Roy Adkins

L-R Blake Harris, Brianna Putman, CASSAR President Don Littlefield, and Chairman Roy Adkins

The Sacramento Chapter was presented with an Outstanding Chapter Award by California Society President Don Littlefield. Thank you to all of the chapter members who made this possible!

Jim Faulkinbury and his grandson, Isaac Rex, a junior member of the Sacramento Chapter, participated in placing flags on the veteran's graves in advance of the Memorial Day ceremony at the Historic Sacramento Cemetery. 

Veteran's Memorial Placerville, CA L-R Steve Belden, Don Littlefield, and Phil Noble

Members and Friends of the Sons of the American Revolution

As SAR members, we are the custodians of the freedoms that our patriot ancestors won for us in 1776, and it is our obligation to keep the “Spirit of ‘76” alive in our communities. Providing student learning resources is a powerful step we can take to help our nation’s youth learn about real patriotism and their American Heritage.

Can you remember back to a time when you were young, and a book caught your interest, and you were lost in it? Textbooks are excellent for gaining a lot of knowledge in a short period of time, but they rarely capture the trials and tribulations, or the ups or downs people faced every day when they lived in one of the 13 colonies. The Chapter set a goal to provide 1776 books for 5th graders that have proven to provide high interest to the students while being historically accurate. (The books we provide to teachers have been proven to provide high interest to the student while being historically accurate.) Many of these books have won awards. Half of every class is filled with girls, and we’ve gone to great effort to make sure girls realize that women played an important part in the American Revolution. Students read stories about how girls, not much older than they are, became spies to help George Washington. They rode, warning colonists the British army was on the move just like Paul Revere.  They read about Deborah Sampson who disguised herself as a male and fought right alongside the men. Students can read about Joseph Plumb Martin’s first account of what it was like to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War. In the Winter of Red Snow 11-year-old Abigail Jane Stewart’s fictional diary brings the reader to greater understanding of what it was like for families during the Revolutionary War near Valley Forge. Johnny Tremaine, Newberry Medal award winner, is a classic that goes back over 70 years. There is a great variety of books that can capture the interest of students and allow them to pick up historical facts about how this country started. Let’s not let their only experience with how this country first developed be through textbooks.

In September of 2023, we kicked off our 1776 Book Challenge project with the goal of donating 1776 books written for 5th graders to area classrooms prior to the 250th anniversary of the ratification of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 2026.

I am pleased to report that 9 months into this project, we have nearly achieved our goal. As of June, we have purchased and donated 1665 books to area classrooms in the greater Sacramento area - 111 books short of our original goal. 

100% of donations have been applied to book purchases. Thank you for your generous support that has made this possible.

Carl Ahlberg and Craig Anderson

Co-Chairmen 1776 Book Challenge Project

Here's What Our Teachers are Saying:

Thank you so much for the wonderful American Revolution books. We are so excited to use them with our classes. We really appreciate your generosity.

Emily Smith, John Adams Academy

Thanks for the class set of books. History seems to be falling further and further behind the core academics. I really like how this book goes over the major points of the Revolutionary War and helps me reinforce key concepts. Our school would have never funded this purchase. -

Greg Parsons, Sinsheimer Elementary School

"The books that were donated bring value to our classrooms to help bring history to life in their imagination. We are reading "George Washington's Spies" as a class, and the students are engaged with the characters and historical events they are witnessing."

Renee Boyd 

Ridgeview Elementary School

Hello Mr. Ahlberg!

Thank you again, so very much, for the amazing books! Our students are buzzing and so excited to read them! Each one of us is really going to be able to offer so much more to our students for years to come. Especially now that we have so many wonderful stories to bring to life the history of our country!

Thanks again

Nicole Cortez, Rio Del Oro Elementary

Where your donations have gone

Celebrate our flag!

Flag Day BBQ

Friday, June 14 th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

Carmichael Elks Lodge – 5631 Cypress Ave. Carmichael

We’ll provide hamburgers, hot dogs, soda and water. Please bring yourself, family and friends –And, if you can, a salad, side dish or dessert!

Special Guests: George and Martha Washington; Mercy Otis Warren; Betsy Ross; Ned Hector (free black continental soldier) plus several others

Fun for the kids! – Colonial games and toys; cannon crew drill, etc.

Relaxation for the rest of us!

Please RSVP online here

Click to RSVP

Or text or Email

Larry Brasher (916) 250-8867, larryfbrasher@gmail.com

Please include the number of children, teens and adults in your group, and what potluck dish you can bring to share.

Event sponsored by: SAR; DAR District 2; Sacramento CAR;

Founding Forward

Thomas Vincent Lombardo: NSSAR ID: 230029; Registration Date: 5/17/2024

Patriot Ancestor: Nathan Flint Jr.  PS NH


Robert Scott Thiem: NSSAR ID: 230032; Registration Date: 5/17/2024

Patriot Ancestor: Issac Woods, Capt MA


Jason Robert Thiem: NSSAR ID: 230033; Registration Date: 5/17/2024

Patriot Ancestor: Issac Woods, Capt MA

George Joseph Skiles: NSSAR ID: 230125;  Registration Date: 5/31/2024

Patriot Ancestor:Jacob Cromer  CS SC

CSSDAR Meet the Officers Elect Spring Council Meeting

Rancho Cordova

Sacramento Chapter Color Guard

Left to Right: Commander David Beach, Guardsmen Phil Nobel, Jim Faulkinbury, Steve Belden (President Mother Lode Chapter, Don Littlefield (President CASSAR) and "JJ" Alvarado.

Presenting the Colors

CASSAR President Don Littlefield accepts a certificate of appreciation and honorarium from the CSSDAR.

Color Guard Commander David Beach

Upcoming Patriotic Events

Saturday June 29th; Folsom Hometown Parade

Thursday, July 4th; Carmichael Independence Day Parade.

We have registered for the Folsom Hometown Parade on Saturday, June 29, and the Carmichael Independence Day Parade on Thursday, July 4, and we need all the guardsmen we can assemble, and SAR members who want to participate.

Contact David Beach at jdbeachjd@msn.com

2024 Meeting Calendar





June 14, 2024


4PM - 7PM

Flag Day BBQ

Elks Club Carmichael

July 2024

No Meeting

Aug 17, 2024


9AM - 12PM

2025 Planning Meeting

Cattlemen's Rancho Cordova

Sept 11, 2024


6PM - 9PM

Dinner Meeting

Old Spaghetti Factory

Oct 9, 20204


6PM - 9PM

Dinner Meeting

Old Spaghetti Factory

Nov 6, 2024


6PM - 9PM

Dinner Meeting

Old Spaghetti Factory

Dec 2024

No Meeting


Jon Wroten


Executive VP

Craig Anderson


VP Programs

Craig Anderson


VP Meetings

Larry Brasher



Jim Faulkinbury





Don Littlefield



Friday June 14th 2024 5pm - 8:30pm

Flag Day Picnic

Carmichael Elks Lodge

California Society

149th Fall Board of Managers Meeting

Location and Date To Be Announced

National Society

134th Congress

July 10th, 2024

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Cyber Scams 

If you receive an email from a purported Compatriot in need of help that is unsigned, with no personal contact information seeking contributions to any type of fundraising site; or an email addressing you by name from another member of your Chapter requesting the expenditure of funds or the purchase of gift cards, consider it a hoax. These messages are getting more sophisticated and may even include the unauthorized use of the SAR logo and/or a pseudo SAR email address. 
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