August 2020 --- Volume 58, Issue 8
Winner of Kids Art Drifter "Cover" Contest
Charlotte Chang Age 5
Adalyn Turnbull Age 4
Charlotte Chang Age 5
Eva Turnbull Age 6
Olivia Chang Age 3
Charlotte With her paint set award.
All entries received a similar set.

From The Editor - Mike Willis

Thanks to the children for their entries into our Drifter cover contest.

Please note that the masthead image on the July 2020 Drifter issue was from a previous July 4th parade prior to the Covid issues.

I would like to welcome Gregg Prourde, our new Webmaster, to the drifter team.

When sending me a video it needs to be on a webpage and not as a stand alone there is a size limit for this of 5mb.

Also I will be filling in for our Treasurer, Bob Peake while he is make his r ecovery from surgery. So if you need any SVR Treasurer information, checks, deposits and etc. please contact me and/or send me the information forms etc.

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Bill Fargo, Webmaster

I am writing this today to inform our members that this will be my last post as webmaster of SVR. It’s complicated but soon another member will take up my responsibilities as the webmaster. If the current bylaws revision is approved by the members, the role of the webmaster will move from a board position to that as a chair.

As many of you know, I moved out of the region a little over a year ago. SVR chose to abandon dual membership so I am a primary member of PNWR, Porsche Club North West Region. Like SVR, we have had numerous events cancelled because of this “virus.” We have been on a couple of tours since we’ve been here though.
The current past president, Gregg Plourde will be acting webmaster. Since his background is very similar to mine, being in IT, the transition should be very smooth. One thing, when positions like this are rotated, you get a different perspective and websites that have become stale (not that I believe our has) can be rejuvenated.

I wish all of SVR good luck as I personally move on to another adventure.

President's Message
Steve Barker
Photo Collin Fat
August 2020

Greetings to all members of SVR and a welcome to those new members joining! Just a friendly warning this club can normally be found touring and dining throughout the Sacramento area and this break is just a temporary deviation to our calendar of events!

Once again our July Board of Directors meeting was via a video conference in which I struggle to get through the log in process to turn on my video camera. Maybe a couple more months and I’ll get the hang of it. Thanks to both Julie Lee and Bill Fargo for their patience with me and guiding my way!

Last month I let you know that the review period for the new by-laws would be followed by a voting period. By the time Mike Willis sends out the Aug Drifter voting will have closed. I’d like to thank everyone that took the time to cast a vote. Of course I’m hoping that you voted to approve the by-laws as it has a number of changes that were in alignment with the guidance we received from the Policy Committee at PCA as well as some changes to the term of office your Board of Directors will be serving.

Chair positions:
You may remember the request to fill a number of open Chair positions. The good news is you guys responded!
The results are:
Social Media Chair – John Leet
Tech Chair – Al Price III
Historian – Steve Barker
Charity – Richard MacFarland 
Badge Chair – Richard MacFarland
Thank you all for stepping up!

Another change that took place over the past month is with the Web Master position.  Bill Fargo had stepped up to become the Web Master about 2015 after John Murphy had moved out of the region in 2014 having served the club for many years. Bill has taken the SVR Web site to higher levels and won a number of awards at the national level.

One thing about having a club website is the difficulty in keeping it updated and looking fresh. If you cruise around to the various regions you’ll find many sites that haven’t been updated or have only focused on one area of club activities. Bill had his hands full since SVR is very active with a full Autocross schedule, monthly dinners, Concour, CRAB, monthly Tours, and the list goes on. We are a very fortunate club to have had Bill serve with enthusiasm, passion and dedication to SVR to keep the site updated and looking fantastic!

Well Bill, like John Murphy has also moved out of the Sacramento area. Once again SVR is fortunate to have someone that has IT experience and can pick up the baton and continue as Web Master. The role will now move from Bill over to our Past President, Gregg Plourde. Still there is a lot to learn as you can imagine and they have a transition period worked out so Bill will guide Gregg through the update process and Gregg has already taken the PCA Webinar of managing websites.

I want to thank Bill Fargo for all he has done to contribute to SVR and wish him the very best in his journey as he moves on. I know he has a lot of painting to do and no doubt a long list of projects to work thru. As Gregg takes on his new role let’s all wish him the best and give him our full support!

If you have any comments or would like to tell us your story of what it’s been like to be a member of SVR please drop me a line!
 We’re all here to make our club a fun place to be a part of, meet others and enjoy our cars, and SUV’s!

Stay healthy and be sure to wear your mask!
July 4 th Liz Houser Tour to Etna, Ca. displaying our colors!
Rob Lee
Vice President
Please contact me for recent calendar changes.
Also verify that event is happening with the event chair.
Late news the August Breakfast is cancelled

PDK (Pretty Darn Kwik)
Rik Larson, SVR Member

PDK (Pretty Darn Kwik)
Rik Larson, SVR Member
All of the SVR events in August have been cancelled except for:
- AX on August 8th at Thunderhill (registration is open now)
- the monthly board meeting, August 12th with Zoom
And there has been a SVR event added :
- an Off Road Tour on Saturday, October 24th. They are using Level 1
(on a scale of 5) roads. You will need to have a 4 wheel drive SUV (Porsche I guess). You need to check with the organizers to see if they will allow you to do the event in your 911 4S. The event is limited to 20 vehicles.
The Zone 7 Events calendar continues to change, but I think it has finally settled down. Check out the updated schedule elsewhere in this issue
Monterey Car Week
The whole 2 weeks has been cancelled. The last 5 (out of the 30 original) events finally threw in the towel around July 15th.
Porsche MART (buying, selling, cars, parts, wanted)
You need to check it out ( ) . It really looks nice and the search function is greatly improved. Click on the 'classifieds' tab. This is what you see in the Panorama magazine but probably 6 weeks earlier.
Tech Tactics West
This event is still on the calendar but is subject to if the pandemic situation in the Los Angeles improves. The event is still scheduled for the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.
Jury Duty Anyone?
One of the side benefits(?) of the pandemic is the slowdown that is occurring with many of the government functions. One of these is the court system. In Sacramento County they typically have 40 groups of prospective jurors to handle the cases that are scheduled for the five days in a week. A recent check of their website shows that they get 4-5 groups actually called in….the uncalled groups are free to go after Thursday .
SVR Autocross Schedule

AX #3 Aug. 8th - Thunderhill
AX #4 Sept. 12th - Thunderhill
AX # 5 & Zone AX Oct. 10th Thunderhill
Oct. 11th also Zone Autocross Thunderhill

Weaverville Tour
July 3, 4 & 5, 2020
By Liz Houser
Photos Collin Fat, Liz Houser

Seventeen Porsches, 34 happy drivers/passengers, two dogs, 34 red, white & blue cotton masks, multiple bottles of hand sanitizers, a few bottles of water and some snacks left Rocklin on July 3 rd and headed to the beautiful Trinity Alps. This was the first official drive after months of being shut inside due to COVID-19 and everyone was ready to go…I think a few of the Porsche’s were even smiling to be out in the sunshine on the twisty roads they love. A big THANK YOU to Rebecca Plourde for making the custom tour bags and finding individual hand sanitizers (it takes a village).
After a driver’s meeting that included reminders to use the hand sanitizer liberally and wear their masks when leaving their cars, the tour took the longest, curviest route to Granzella’s in Williams, passing by Camp Far West, Wheatland and the Sutter Buttes on our way. At Granzella’s we had the private banquet hall to ourselves. Since it seats over 100, there was plenty of room to socially distance while we ate deli sandwiches, potato salad and fruit. A few folks “masked up” and headed over to Granzella’s market to stock up on olives, wine and sweets.

 Then it was time to load into the Porsches for the 72.4 mile drive up I-5 in order to reach our reward, Hwy. 36 out of Red Bluff, AKA the twistiest road in Northern California. The road did not disappoint and it looks like our friends from CalTrans have been busy repaving large portions of it, thank you VERY MUCH. Then onto Hwy 3 and into Hayfork for our restroom stop at the Trinity County Fairgrounds. We greatly appreciate the fairgrounds allowing us to use their restrooms; they are a great resource for us. Another hour drive on twisty Hwy 3 then onto Hwy 299 and into Weaverville.

We stayed at the Weaverville Victorian Inn, the large pool conference room provided a place for us to gather with plenty of room to spread out and to have most of our meals and social hour. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the restaurant we had booked for Friday and Saturday night’s dinners cancelled on us at the last minute. A HUGE THANK YOU to my local friend Cheryl and my family Bobby, Ashleigh and Gunner who helped feed dinners and breakfasts to our group. Gunner was more in charge of entertainment than food, but he did help out.  

Friday nights dinner included pastas, salad, French bread and brownies with ice cream. Saturday we enjoyed an Old Fashioned July 4 th meal with Hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon and apple pie for dessert…Eleanor Roosevelt would have been proud. Friday evening was capped off with an aerial fireworks display that we could see from the hotel. Gunner declared them all “beautiful” and we agreed. The world through the eyes of a 4-year-old is a pretty magical place.
Saturday morning the group grabbed our masks and drove into Weaverville’s main street, visited a very interesting historic display based on the areas gold mining and lumber past, then ended up participating in an impromptu car cruise as we headed out of town on our way to Etna. The drive up Hwy 3 to Etna from Weaverville is amazing. The road over Scotts Mountain is full of switch backs and perfectly cambered sweepers. It’s only open during the summer months, but is definitely worth checking out. We had lunch at the Paystreak Brewery and were warmly welcomed by the folks in the town. It’s great to be able to bring some revenue into these small towns that have been hit so hard by the loss of visitors.
I want to thank all the tour participants for abiding by the requests to wear their masks, their cooperation makes it possible for us to slowly start to have drives and tours again.

Even with the masks and social distancing, it was so nice to just get out with a group of people and enjoy nature, “beautiful” fireworks, twisty roads and our common love of Porsches…it made me feel almost normal again.

by Skip Quain  
Photos Skip Quain (scanned)

In the early Eighties there were few places in Northern California to race my vintage Lotus 23. Steve Earle's Monterey Historic’s occurred in mid August and his HMSA Club Event took place in the Spring, also at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey California. Vintage racing groups across the U. S., including SRG, a Northern California vintage racing group, had banned the newer lighter 600 cc rear engined cars with adjustable suspension, such as my Lotus 23, Elva Mk7 Porsche, Bobsy, Merlin and other mid-engined Sports Racers. These lighter mid-engined cars made the Porsche 500 Spyder series non-competitive. 

In Southern California, VARA, a vintage racing association, ran their events at Riverside Raceway in the desert near the San Bernardino Mountains, and at Willow Springs in the desert by Edwards Air Force base. Both VARA and Steve Earle’s Historic’s would accept my Lotus 23 as well as the other newer Sports racers. I received a notice that HMSA had an event at Riverside
Raceway on April 23rd and 24th in 1982. Riverside Raceway had a history of
 running top racing series such as The Indy Car series, NASCAR and the IMSA Sports Car series. The notice said HMSA would share the April weekend with IMSA. I had two options - watch the Lotus sit in the garage gathering dust or tow down south and race.
S o off I went, leaving work at 11:00 am on Thursday from Palo Alto for the 8-9 hour tow down South on Hwy I 5 to Riverside. My tow vehicle was a 70ies Mercury station wagon – the “Huge-Mobile” with A/C, large V8 motor, and loads of space for the gear to maintain the Lotus. The Mercury had a problem with low gas mileage, but with gas at $1.22 gallon I was OK.  Hwy I 5 was fairly new so I saw few gas stations and fewer restaurants. For entertainment I became fairly good at locating 70's and 80's music radio stations as I rolled South. Once in LA I located Hwy 60 to Riverside, found my motel, checked in, and went across the street to a burger place for cheese burger, fries, and coke. Then back to my room and sleep.
Friday’s Drivers Meeting would start at 8:00 am so I was up at 5:45 showered, grabbed a couple sweet rolls from the motel breakfast table, filled my thermal coffee mug and took off to Riverside to register. Arriving at the race track a little before 7:00 am I found a large number of cars, tow vehicles, trailers and fellow racers in line to register. At that moment I understood the true meaning of “you snooze you lose”. At Registration there were numerous tables with “letters” showing where to register. The registration went quickly. I was given my pit assignment and an envelope with a map of the pit area, pit pass, and schedule for Friday and Saturday. I pulled into the paddock located my pit space, parked the trailer, off-loaded the Lotus, located an electric outlet, plugged in the power cable and battery charger, and finished setting up the pit area.
The Lotus’s motor was a 1600cc 4 cylinder, dual overhead cam with dual Weber carburetors putting out 193 HP at 7600 rpm. The twin cam was built with 11 1/2 compression ratio requiring 105 octane fuel.
The call for the Drivers Meeting at Start/Finish sounded, so over I went.
There was a large crowd gathered, well over 150 folks, and I didn't know one soul. The meeting was conducted by Rick Bennewitz, the Driving Instructor.  Bennewitz went over the schedule. The new drivers with no experience at Riverside, such as me, would line up in the Hot Pits" based on car performance.
There were 5 separate groups and my group would be 4th. First, we would have two laps following the Driving Instructor, then three laps on our own. The last group, the CanAm cars, would be the last group to practice.
The drivers in Group 5, who had never raced at Riverside, were lined up in the Hot Pits based upon the car’s performance. The Driving Instructor pulled out of the pits and we followed him onto the track with me in the middle of the grid.

The first lap allowed me to see the track at a slow speed. On the second lap the instructor increased his speed and was much faster than the first lap. I
was beginning to gain confidence but still was cautious. My line going into Turn 6 started to feel comfortable as did Turns 7/7 A. Pulling onto the back straight, I pushed the throttle down, the Lotus accelerated and I shifted into 4th carrying more speed than on the first lap. Our Group followed the Instructor into the Esses and up into Turn 6. The instructor pulled away followed by the majority of cars ahead of me at the end of our third lap. At the end of the fifth lap the experienced Group 5 drivers were fed onto the track. We were now on our own.
The cars ahead accelerated and started to pull away. Two drivers behind me increased their speed and I waved the them by. A Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and a Lotus 19 passed me as I approached Turn 7/7A. I stayed with the Ferrari and Lotus as we exited the turn and accelerated onto the back straight. The Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa and Lotus 19 quickly pulled away.
I carried more speed into Turn 9 and slowed for Turn 1, but had a hard time locating the apex for the first of the Esses, that was way off to drivers right, so I couldn't locate the Porta-Potty Rick told me to use as a guide going into the Esses. The second of the Esses came up much too quickly and it was still way off to drivers right. The last two Esses were a blur. Entering the back straight I immediately shifted into 4th and 5th and the Lotus accelerated toward Turn 9. I kept my foot planted, but the entrance to the kink and Turn 9 and the concrete wall was getting too close so I braked and down shifted into 4th, then 3rd and held on aiming for the entrance to Turn 1. I was again confused trying to locate the · apex of the 1st of the Esses. Two faster cars in the group passed me on the back straight. I followed them as long as I dared before using the brakes, resulting in carrying more speed around Turn 9 and toward Turn 1. Now several more of the quicker cars were catching me. I followed the last car, a Cooper Porsche driven by Walt Matheson, through the Esses, then saw the correct line for the Esses. After the first of the two Esses the Cooper Porsche was gone. I went through Turn 6 quicker, carrying more speed up to Turn 7. Entering 7A the Flagman showed the Checkered Flag, session is over. Going back to the pits I was tired. Entering the pits they were busy with racers both coming into and leaving for their practice session.
Saturday - Qualifying
  Saturday started with a 7:30 drivers meeting with qualifying sessions starting at 8:00. I was up early again grabbed coffee, a Danish, jumped into the huge-mobile and drove to the track. Having registered Friday showing my pit pass got me into the pits. This morning the pits were crowded with a diversity of vintage race cars.Arriving at my pit space, I commenced setting up the pit for the day’s racing. Turning around I was surprised to see the San Bernardino Mountain range. On Friday I was too busy getting the Lotus ready to notice the winds had blown the smog away. Based upon Friday I knew the smog would be back by lunch, if not sooner, and the mountains would again disappear.

The call went out over the loud speakers that the Drivers Meeting would be in 10 minutes. Off I went with note book in hand. The crowd for the Driver's Meeting was again large and noisy. Driver Instructor Rick Bennewitz headed up the meeting. Qualifying would start with Group 1 at 8:00 and the Qualifying sessions would be 30 minutes per group. “Don't be late going to the Hot Pits for your qualifying session!!”

The Course Marshall went over the flags for the Saturday events: Green - GO!! Blue with an orange stripe - faster cars behind you , point them by.  A rapidly waving Blue Flag with an orange strip - faster cars are coming up behind you - MOVE OVER. Yellow Flag - caution something is on track. A waving Black Flag - you have done something to irritate the Course Marshals, watch your driving. Black Flag with card showing your number - pull into the pits and go to the Black Flag Station, you’ve done something really wrong and we want to talk to you.  And last, the Red Flag - serious problem, slow and f ollow Course Marshall’s (white shirt and pant) instructions and return to the Hot Pits.
Qualifying Session
The Driver's Meeting over, I went back to my pit and checked the Lotus. The battery was charging and I filled the fuel cell to a total of six gallons of High Perf romance 105 octane fuel. I'd wait until 15 minutes before my qualifying session before checking the tire pressures and temperature.
At 10:20 I got into the Lotus and buckled the seat belts giving the shoulder straps an extra pull, buckled on the helmet, pulled on driving gloves, and off I went. When leaving the Drivers Meeting, I had asked the Pit Steward if I could stay at the end of the pits and let the faster cars go out ahead of me. I waited at the end of the Hot Pits for the Group 4 cars to come off the track, then we were waved onto the track and headed to the Esses and Turn 6. I was behind a Bobsy SR-11, Lola 1100, Maserati 200s, a Ferrari TRC and another Lotus 23. The faster cars at the head of the grid were going through the Esses toward Turn 6 and pulling away from the rest of the field as I was leaving the pits.Heading toward Turn 1 I followed Rick Bennewitz’s instructions and homed in on the Port a-Potty on the hill opposite the Turn 6 entry, following the cars ahead of me. That made my first lap easier. Climbing the hill going into the entrance to Turn 6, I applied power around the 180 degree Turn 6 and set up on the left side of the straight to turn 7/7 A. The traffic ahead was starting to spread out. Turn 7/7 A , an “S” curve leading down a short grade, came up . I took a late apex at both turns and was on the throttle going onto the 1/ 2 mile back straight. The Maserati ahead of me was pulling away as we headed toward Turn 9. Entering the dog leg leading to Turn 9, I started to gain on the Maserati going through the 180-degree Turn, banked at 12-degrees. As we exited Turn 9, I continued to close on the Maserati going into Turn 1, stayed behind him through Turn 1 and closed going through the Esses. The Lotus’ great cornering and braking ability offset the power advantage of many of the cars. Exiting Turn 6 I pulled inside the Maserati and passing him as we headed down the slight grade to Turn 7/7A, then I passed a 1500cc O.S.C.A 1500 cc roadster, then entered the back straight, shifting from 3 rd to 4th and into 5th as I headed to Turn 9. Ahead was a Lotus 19 driven by Shortman (Lotus 19 is older brother to my 23) running an under two litre motor. I started to gain on the 19 going through the 12 degree banked Turn 9 and toward Turn 1. Closing under braking I passed the 19 coming out of Turn 1. Now ahead of me was the Bobsy SRII. I closed on the Bobsy going into the Esses, and passed him on the inside of Turn 6, and pulled away. Next ahead was the Ferrari 500 TRL . I followed the Ferrari down the back straight. The Ferrari had to brake hard for Turn 9 and I passed him exiting Turn 9. Going through the Esses I saw Phil Banks’ Dolphin American. When I started to close on Banks he floored the throttle and opened up a gap to me.I came up on the Elva MK6 coming out of Turn 9 and passed it coming out of Turn 1 There was a long gap to the other cars, so I worked on following “the line” and seeing where I could carry more speed. Approaching Turn 7A the Checkered Flag was shown. Session over.    
Qualifying Session - Analysis
I slowed and returned to the pits. My qualifying had gone much better than I had expected. My seat belts were a a little loose, so made a note to pull the belts down harder, and noted other changes for the afternoon race: amber clips for the glaring sun and drink more water.

Out of the car I pulled down the driving suit - I was hot! Checked tire pressures and saw I was finally putting some heat into the tires. The fronts were up to 19 lbs from 17 1/2 cold. The rears were 21 lbs. up from 19 1/2 cold. Made a note to check tire pressures prior to the afternoon race, along with checking fuel, water and oil levels, plus cleaning the Lotus’s wind screen.

When the Can-Am cars had finished their practice, the track was closed for the lunch break. I went back to Rick Bennewitz’s pit to get another “walk through” using the track map, but Rick was still in the Hot Pits. I introduced myself to Rick’s team, his wife Bettia and friends Al and Alice Rogers.
“Back in the day” Rick had driven Sprint Cars on dirt ovals called Bull Rings in Arizona and New Mexico. That was tough racing. They were a hardy group and raced 3-4 times a week. If you didn’t win you and your pit crew didn’t eat. Professionally Rick and Al were in the TV and movie business. Rick directed day time soaps and Al produced TV specials. After Riverside Rick and I had become good friends, and he was my co-driver in the first two Enduros I ran at Sears Point Raceway in the 1980s.

Heading back to my pit I got a burger, fries and coke. Arriving back I couldn’t believe how tired I was. A few minutes later Rick and Al came by. I told Rick I couldn’t stay with the cars ahead when going into the Esses while searching for the landmark Porta-Potty to the left of Turn 6 grandstands. Looking at the track map he advised I look for the Porta-Potty going past Start/Finish and into Turn 1. Waiting for the Esses doesn’t give enough time to locate the Porta-Potty to prepare for the first of the Esses. He pointed out that Riversides most critical Turns were 7/7A leading into the 1/2 mile back straight and the 180 degree banked Turn 9, which allows you to apply power, starting the lap coming out of Turn 9 toward the Start/Finish line and Turn 1, while keeping to the left of the track. Lastly, the Lotus sits 2 3/8th inches off the ground. The racing seat is on the floor and the top of my helmet just under the roll bar is 35 inches off the ground. Sitting so low requires looking down the track for the Porta-Potty to get a proper perspective of the entry points and apexes of the Esses.
Saturday - The Race
The Lotus was in Group 5, a field made up of Sports Racers with the following grid: A Kurtis SX-3 Buick driven by Bill Murphy, (it was a car I had watched race at the Pebble Beach race in 1956, along with the HWN-Chevy in Group 2 as a Freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo at the time. A group of friends and I had driven up to Carmel for the 1956 Pebble Beach Concours and races.), a Cooper Monaco and two Lotus 19s, the older version of the Lotus 23. Driver Skouras’s Lotus 19 had a 2.7 litre motor, while Showman’s Lotus 19 had a 1.9 litre motor. James Luckman drove a 1959 Cooper Monaco, Don Orosco drove the 1960 Porsche RS 60, and Walt Mathewson in a Ken Miles Cooper Porsche powered by a Furman 4 cam Porsche motor. Phil Conte was in the same Lotus 23 he ran at the 1981 Monterey Historics, my first race. I was in the last half of the grid as I was still learning driving skills and the Riverside track. One of the benefits for me and this Riverside weekend event was that over the years I became friends with many of the drivers that were racing at Riverside that day.
I got to work preparing the Lotus for the Saturday afternoon race. As the day was hot I set the tire pressures at 18 1/2 psi front and 18 psi rears. Added the fuel, checked water, oil and brake fluids, then cleaned the windscreen. With the Lotus ready I cleaned the helmet visor, my glasses and continued to drink water. Then I got in and warmed up the Lotus. It was a cool blooded car with water and oil going through chassis tubes from the back of the twin cam motor up to the oil and water radiator at the front, then back the other side of the chassis to the oil filter and water inlet to the motor. It takes a long time to warm uptake chassis tubes before the oil and water can start to reach operating temperature in the chassis tubes.
 All HMSA events were run from a rolling start which meant running one lap behind the Pace Car; then the Pace Car pulls off the track coming out of Turn 9, and the racers remain on track running two by two at reduced speed toward the Start/Finish line. The Starter drops the Green Flag and you are off!
Group 5 was called to proceed to the Hot Pits. Entering the Hot Pits the Course Marshall's guided us to our starting positions. Based on my qualifying time I was guided toward the rear end of the grid. When the Pit Marshall showed the 10 Minute Board I started the Lotus. The 1 Minute Board was shown and we proceeded onto the track where the Course Marshall's lined the cars two by two behind the Pace Car. The Pace Car pulled away leading us for the pace lap. At the end of the pace lap exiting Turn 9 the Pace Car pulled off the track back into the pits and the grid continued toward the Starter’s Tower. During the pace lap all cars held their position around the track. Approaching the Starter’s Tower I tensed up. The Starter waved the Green Flag and 23 racers hit their throttles at one time. The noise is thunderous! I was slow getting away and several cars pass me.
The front runners , Skouras’s Lotus 19, Luckman’s Cooper Monaco,
 Orosco’s Porsche RS 60 and Richard Seifried’s Kurtis Buick, left the field and had a race of their own. Approaching the Esses I homed in on the
Porta-Potty on the left side of Turn 6, using it as a guide. That made going through the Esses much easier and quicker, which allowed me to gain on the OSCA and Maserati that had passed me at the Start. I followed both cars through Turn 6 and onto the straight leading to Turn 7/7A. As the three of us exited Turn 7A onto the 1/2 back straight I pulled up on the OSCA and followed him into Turn 9, passing him on the inside of Turn 1. What a thrill passing the OSCA! I then took off after the Maserati 150S, followed him into the Esses and passed him under braking on the inside of Turn 6. The Bobsy SRII had also passed me at the start. I followed him through Turns 7/7A on to the back stretch, then into Turn 9. The Lotus cornered well and I passed the Bobsy coming out of Turn 9. I was becoming more comfortable “in the seat”, especially after passing the Bobsy without any problem. Now I took off after Shortman’s Lotus 19. The speed I carried out of Turn 9 brought me up to the Lola 1100 driven by Aaroms. I was on his tail as we went through the Esses, and passed the Lola 1100 heading into Turn 6. I exited Turn 6 onto the straight leading to Turn 7/7A and onto the back stretch. I was on the throttle early coming out of 7A and shifted from 3rd to 4th and finally into 5th, passing the Lotus 19. As I continued accelerating the air buildup under the front of the Lotus started to lift it’s front so I backed off, allowing the front to settled back down. Feeling the nose lift my mind went over every nut and
bolt I had installed to mount the Lotus’s nose to the front mounts of the chassis. I used only aircraft Grade 8 components on the Lotus.
A Ferrari 500 TRC and the Maserati 200S were ahead. We ran head to tail for over a lap when the Ferrari made an error entering the Esses and had to brake forcing the Maserati to take evasive action. I passed both exiting the Esses, and had a good run through Turn 6 putting more distance on them. The Porsche RSK of Gildred was a ways down the track and I pressed to gain on him. Exiting 7A onto the back straight I was on the power early as I went up through the gears 4th and into 5th, keeping my foot on the accelerator and ignoring the front body lift. As I neared the dog leg before Turn 9 the tach showed 140 mph. I braked for Turn 9 and hadn’t gained on the Porsche. There was no one behind me to worry about and the Porsche was so far ahead I could back off a bit.
A lap later I was given the Blue Passing flag as the leaders were coming up to lap me. As we went into the Esses, Skouras’s Lotus 19 was first, then Luckman’s Cooper Monaco followed by Orosco’s Porsche RS 60. 
They all went by quickly as I approached Turn 6. They were followed by the Kurtis SX-3 a second or two back. Seifried was really pushing to stay
with the leaders. As Seifried passed me on the outside of Turn 6, suddenly the Kurtis under steered into the Turn 6 boiler plate wall, then ricocheted off the wall in front of me and broke through the double gate in the chain link fence that protected the Turn 6 fans in the infield, then crashed into a pickup truck parked and in it’s path. (The whole process of the Kurtis crashing and flying in front of the Lotus seemed in slow motion.) My only thought was “Please don’t Red Flag the Race”! which the officials did immediately.   All corners showed the Red Flag. We slowed and were directed back into the pits. Saturday Race Over.
The Kurtis Buick was all but destroyed (see photo). No two wheels were pointing the same direction or on the same level.  Driver Seifried had a broken arm and other injuries. As a side note the Steiffert Kurtis Buick had been awarded The Best Restoration Award at the 1981 Monterey Historics, which was also my first vintage race.
I drove back to my pit, unbuckled the safety harness, pulled off the helmet, got out of the Lotus, grabbed water, sat in a chair and pondered how close I had come to a serious accident.
Finally, I went through my after race routine which included checking the tire pressures. The fronts were 19 1/2 psi and the rears 20 1/2 psi. The readings showed I was really pushing the Lotus.
Rick and Al came over to check on how I was doing and we went over the “almost” accident. But I was thrilled at how well this race had gone, being only the second of my vintage racing. I was feeling more comfortable in the Lotus and began looking forward to the next race event.
Rick and Al were planning on staying for the Sunday IMSA races. My plans were to leave Sunday early. Rick and Al suggested I join them for that night. What a great offer! They were all going to dinner as they were, great for me. Sharing a beer in Rick’s pit we discussed Rick’s race in Group 3. He was driving a Lotus Super 7, an open wheel street car, and placed 2nd.
I headed back to my pit and packed up the gear for the trip home Sunday. Then washed up and put on fresh clothes for dinner. Over the years Rick and Al tried to catch all the major racing events at Riverside, so they knew the good restaurants. Rick, Al their wives and myself headed to the
restaurant. The evening was enjoyably spent listening to Rick’s racing stories and Al’s TV stories. After, with some directions, I headed back to the motel for bed, happy with an enjoyable racing weekend.
Sunday and the IMSA Race
Sunday, after a relaxing breakfast, I packed for the trip back up North. Nice not being in a rush. Then I drove out to the track to watch some of the IMSA races. The gate to the pits didn’t have a line, showed my Pit Pass and drove over to the pit. There was the Lotus, dirty but proud. The sheet showing the Group 5 results was on the drivers seat. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Out of 25 cars in Group 5 I finished 14 th . What a great result for my 2 nd race! And I hit 140 mph in Saturday’s race. I would savor the results on the drive home.

I packed the Huge Mobile with the gear used to keep the Lotus running, but kept out a chair for later relaxing. The Lotus went on the trailer smoothly as did the tie down process and hooking the trailer to the Mercury.  Everything was now set for the tow home.
As we had Pit Passes, Rick, Al and I could walk around the large pit area and watch the race from inside the track. Grabbing a coke we went over to Seifried’s pit where the Kurtis SX was sitting. Up close the damage to the Kurtis was total. Seifried was standing near the Kurtis with his arm in a sling, and his other injuries covered with clothing.

As the IMSA race was soon to start we went over to the inside of Turn 9 to watch the race. As the race progressed Rolf Stommelon, driving a Porsche 935 with a large whale tail came into sight. As Stommelon braked for Turn 9 the rear section of his 935 flew off. He lost all down force and hit the outside wall of Turn 9, crashed and burned. He died instantaneously. It was horrendous and not the way I wanted to see the weekend finish. Decided best to not stay for rest of the sessions, and instead head for home.

I thanked Rick for his advice and support and said goodbye, jumped into the Huge-Mobile and headed North. The trip North on I 5 was the reverse of Thursday’s trip South. You can’t get lost on I 5.
This was an exciting experience that I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed telling the story of my second vintage race. 

I am always available to “talk racing” (650.504.4846).

Ed note, I have been to the track a few times for a vatiery of races. This was well before I bought my Porsche. Of the California tracks this is one I have not driven.
To register for this tour go to:
2020 Mendocino Tour
by Rik Larson, Event Chair
When given lemons make lemonade
Yes, the Mendocino Tour is back. Last year we cancelled due to the fires. This year we are hopefully going to make it past the COVID-19 pandemic. The dates are November 6-8th. And did we mention that everything is optional? We already have 30 cars signed up. There is no limit.
The weekend format is the same as it has been for the past 10 years:
- Friday tour to lunch (bring your own) at Pedroncelli Winery in Geyserville
- Then tour from lunch to the Mendocino Coast via CA 128 (the Mendocino Highway)
- Friday social ; then a free night to enjoy the restaurants and sights
- Saturday miniature golf in the morning in Fort Bragg
- Saturday kite flying on the Mendocino Headlands in the afternoon
- Saturday social and miniature golf awards (before adjourning to go to dinner)
- Saturday dinne r (no host) at Silver's at the Wharf in Fort Bragg
- Sunday breakfast at St. Anthony's Church in Mendocino ($8 - all you can eat)
- Sunday return home (at your leisure); some folks stay an extra night
Room Reservations ----- Special Conditions!!  
Because of the local COVID-19 guidelines, the local inns have instituted some unique room reservation requirements. Most inns are leaving the room vacant for a day or two both before and after usage. So this makes booking of a room NOW if you plan to participate in the tour. Many folks who signed up for the 2019 tour just moved their reservation by a year and hopefully have already heard from their establishment about their reservation (with the correct date?).
Inns/hotels that we recommend:
- Little River Inn, Little River (site of the Friday and Saturday socials)
- Hill House, Mendocino (the less expensive of the recommendations and very popular with many of our participants)
- You are welcome to stay anywhere you like on the coast
This event would not be possible without the support from:
- Tom and Tambra Kroetz, Hill House coordinators (for questions)
- Mike and Emily Willis, miniature golf coordinator
- Ray Fiore, Friday lunch stop and Saturday dinner coordinator
- Rik Larson, tour chair, Little River Inn coordinator (for questions)
Contact Rik Larson at with any questions.

In The Zone
August 2020
By: Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative

Sacramento Valley Region

Photos Collin Fat

Corona Virus Cases Surge in Northern California:

It is so hard to believe that after 3 months of quarantine and new cases and hospitalizations flattening, that we are now in different situation with significant increases in new cases of the Corona Virus. With new cases peaking at over 7,000 daily in the state, our Governor has recently ordered that businesses such as bars, night clubs, family entertainment centers, movie theaters, wine tasting rooms, and dine in restaurant service be immediately suspended effective as of July 12 th . In addition, if your county is on the state’s watch list, enclosed shopping malls are also being required to close. In Zone 7, some the counties that are on the current watch list with more restrictions include Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, Glenn, Madera, Monterey, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Sonoma, Tulare, Yolo and Yuba which are all counties within Zone 7.
Zone 7
So far there have not been any closings of racetrack venues where many of our members enjoy competing in many of our club races and DE programs. I have been on the fence for quite some time about whether to open for business as usual with precautions but with the recent surge in cases am having second thoughts. Though a significant sector of new infections are occurring among those under 50 years old and in some areas those under the age of 25 years old, I am deeply concerned with the health and safety of all PCA members and the heightened risk of becoming infected by grand children or children who may be infected. I believe it is always better safe than sorry and that social distancing, the wearing of face masks, and avoiding large crowds is the best course of action.

But where does that leave our beloved activities like touring, dinner and other social events? I guess it puts the burden of responsibility on your local regional board of directors to start to open- up more activities and leave the choice to our members to make the decision to participate or not. If we look at many of the events that have been cancelled across the regions in Zone 7 as well as large national events such as Parade, Werks Reunion, and Treffen Broadmoor it would be easy to ride the bandwagon and sit on the sidelines until a vaccine is developed or we flatten the curve. With the Pac 12 cancelling all non-league competition for the fall, Universities and colleges still wavering on whether students can return to campus in person and public schools for our youngest still on the fence it is certainly a difficult time for all concerned. The last thing for many of us would be to contract the virus from a close family member or club member.

Sacramento Valley Region Hosts Zone 7
Autocross Series Opener:
Alan Booth, Sacramento Valley Region
Sacramento Valley Region hosted its first event of the season and the Zone Series event #1 at Thunderhill Raceway on June 27 th . Turn- out was nearly 60 drivers with some deciding at the last minute to cancel due to concerns with the weather. None the less, SVR AX chair John Leet and his crew did a fantastic job of pulling off a great event as well as practicing social distancing and adhering to local guidelines regarding preventing the spread of the virus. Drivers had to sign a total of 4 waivers, had their temperatures taken at the raceway entrance and overall did not put too big of an inconvenience on drivers anxious to get in a day of competition.
L/R Drew Powers, Redwood Region and Mark Hansen
Sacramento Valley Region

Golden Gate Region held its first regional event at the Cow Palace on June 28 th with several restrictions in place including a cap on the number of attendees imposed by the county of San Mateo and the management of the Cow Palace. AX chair Himanshu Patel reported that that the event hit its capacity of 50 drivers within 2 minutes of the opening of registration. With restrictions in place, this has made drivers participating in the Zone 7 Series complicated as current Zone 7 rules requires participants not only participate in 50% of the events but include at least 3 regions in their participation. Zone 7 autocross chair Grady Carter is reviewing this issue and should have a decision shortly after polling region AX chairs.
Zone Concours Series Event Changes:
Several regions have cancelled their annual concours events due to Corona Virus restrictions and have rescheduled them to October in hopes that the Corona Virus pandemic may have subsided as well as county health department restrictions. Regions that have rescheduled their concours events include Golden Gate and Loma Prieta regions. Sierra Nevada Region has decided to cancel their event and look forward to 2021 to host their much-anticipated Zone event. Watch for the updated calendar on the Zone 7 website as well as your region’s local calendar. Also see the Events of Interest calendar at the end of this column.
National News and Event Updates:
PCA national recently held its annual board of directors meeting. The national board of directors includes are 145 region presidents as well as the elected executive council. The board recently approved modifications to 1) national policy update regarding the club’s whistle blower procedures, and 2) national policy update on the club’s competition policy. Both measures were over whelming approved by the board of directors. PCA president Tom Gorsuch also provided some updates on the success of the spring raffle, programs offered by Motorsportreg and Clubsport.reg facilitating the signing of the new communicable disease waiver, and club membership news.
PCA treasurer, Craig Kugler, reported on the club’s finances after our annual audit and all looks good and that the club is still on sound financial footing. He reported that club expenses were reduced by about 25% to offset anticipated revenue losses. Cuts in travel expenses for the EC as well as all national staff was part of the cost reductions. The audit did reveal that there were several revenue and expenses that were recognized in 2019 that should not have.

Tom Gorsuch also provided an update on Treffen Greenbriar in West Virginia and reported that registration will open on July 15 th. Registration is expected to reach capacity and sell out within hours of the opening. If you have any interest in attending, mark your calendars and be ready to register once registration opens.
National awards usually awarded at Parade are in the works and that Ron Gordon, Parade chair and national executive director, Vu Nguyen, are currently working on a virtual awards presentation. More details to come for those members who have submitted for awards in the various categories.
Events of Interest:
1)      Zone 7 Concours, July 19, Carmel Valley Community Park, by Monterey Bay Region has been rescheduled to October 25th
2)      Zone 7 Concours, August 2, Reno, by Sierra Nevada Region; CANCELLED
3)      Werks Reunion in Monterey; August 14, CANCELLED
4)      Porscheplatz at Monterey Historic Races, August 15-16, Laguna Seca; CANCELLED
5)      West Coast Series Races, August 22-23, Sonoma Raceway, by Golden Gate Region
6)      Zone 7 Concours, August 23, Porsche Redwood City, by Golden Gate Region; rescheduled to October 18th
7)      Loma Prieta Region 50th Anniversary Gala; August 29; rescheduled to March 2021
8)      Zone 7 AX, August 29, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Golden Gate Region
9)      Zone 7 AX, August 30, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Loma Prieta Region
10)   Zone 7 Concours, September 13, Sacramento, by Sacramento Valley Region
11)   PCA Fall Treffen at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia; September 16-19; . SOLD OUT
12)   Zone 7 Concours, September 20, Ledson Winery - Kenwood, by Redwood Region; CANCELLED
13)   West Coast Series Races, September 19-20, High Plains Raceway, by Rocky Mountain Region
14)   West Coast Series Races, September 26-27, Thunderhill, by Golden Gate Region
15)   Zone 7 Concours, October 4; Carmel Valley, by Monterey Bay Region
16)   West Coast Series Races, October 10-11, Sonoma Raceway, by Golden Gate Region
17)   Zone 7 AX, October 10-11, Thunderhill, by Sacramento Valley and Redwood Regions
18)   Zone 7 Concours, October 11, Porsche of Fremont, by Loma Prieta Region
19)   Zone 7 Concours, October 18, Porsche Redwood City, by Golden Gate Region
20)   Zone 7 AX, October 24, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Golden Gate Region
21)   Zone 7 AX, October 25, Cow Palace, Daly City, by Loma Prieta Region
22)   Loma Prieta Region 50th Anniversary Gala, March 2021
23)   PCA Spring Treffen at the Marriott Scottsdale, Arizona; May 5-9, 2021;
24)   Porsche Parade at French Lick, Indiana, July 11-17, 2021
25)   PCA Fall Treffen at the American Club, Kohler, Wisconsin, October 13-17, 2021
26)   PCA Spring Treffen at the BROADMOOR, Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 27-May 1, 2022 Note that past Treffens have sold out in as little as one hour due to their growing popularity.

Rebecca Plourde, Membership Director
SVR New Members July 2020
SVR Member Anniversary July 2020
Since we use e-mail for most of our communications, it is necessary to keep our e-mail address current with SVR and PCA. To update your information, go to and login. You can then make any updates (address, car, e-mail etc.). Also, even though we receive the information from PCA monthly, you can send the same updates to: . New Member badges will now come with a removable colored sticker to encourage introductions at club events. They can be removed at any time. Welcome to the Sacramento Valley Region of the Porsche Club of America.
SVR - PCA Member Services
How do you join the Porsche Club? Go to: -This is an online system that will request a credit card for payment. If you would rather fill out a paper form, contact 2020 SVR Membership Director, Rebecca Plourde , at or 530.210.9686.

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How can I contact the SVR-PCA by mail?
Sacramento Valley Region-PCA,
Post Office Box 254651,
Sacramento, CA 95865-4651

JULY 8, 2020

Board Members: Steve Barker, President , Bill Fargo, Webmaster , Rob Lee, Vice President , Julie Lee, Secretary , Gregg Plourde, Past President , Rebecca Plourde Membership Director , Mardi Quain, Social Director , Mike Willis, Drifter Editor & Acting Treasurer
Guests: Rik Larson, Alma Thompson, Gary Thompson
Excused Absence: Bob Peake, Treasurer , Greg Zajic , Competition and Safety Director
Call to order 7:02 p.m. 
Old Business:
Minutes from the June 10 2020 meeting. Approved via email vote on June 16, 2020, final Minutes distributed on June 16, 2020.
New Business:
a)       President’s Report: 
-Steve Barker discussed the current situation regarding Covid-19 in CA.
-The revised By-Laws are posted on the club website for review by the membership. Online voting for/against the By-Laws will begin on July 15 and end on July 29, 2020. Information regarding this was in the Drifter and an E blast.
-Dick MacFarlane has expressed interest in chairing a Committee to develop a new “badge/logo” for the club, to be formally revealed at the club’s 60 th Anniversary celebration in 2022. 
-Dick MacFarlane has also expressed interest in the open Charity Chair position but needs more information regarding what needs to be done. 
b)      Vice President’s Report: 
-Rob Lee reported that since March 15 and through July 8, 30 club events have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19 and restrictions levied by the Governor and/or County. However, some events are beginning to take place. A 3-day trip to Weaverville was a huge success as well as an Autocross event, with several scheduled for the near future.
-the SVR Events Calendar (#21, dated July 8, 2020) has been updated and reflects the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on club activities.  
Other events could be canceled depending on local circumstances regarding Covid-19.
-Rob Lee discussed the situation regarding the club’s Web Master and the need to identify someone to fill the position on January 1, 2021. An executive session was held on July 7, 2020 to discuss options. The current Web Master will continue to serve in the role and will train the new person once identified. Gregg Plourde has expressed interest in the role.  
-Rob Lee led a discussion regarding the new Covid-19 waiver required by PCA. A paper version will be signed by all who attend events and will kept on file until May 2021. Research continues on making this an online requirement and/or scanning the paper documents. More to be reported on this as everyone responds to Covid-19.-
c)       Treasurer’s Report:
-Mike Willis met with Bob Peake and can now access the Wells Fargo account and pay bills online.  
d)      Social Director’s Report: 
-Mardi Quain presented the budget for an SVR Off Road Trip hosted by Collin Fat and Darrel Huckabay. Motion to place to approve the budget for the Off-Road Trip, made by Mike Willis; seconded by Gregg Plourde. Motion Approved. 
-Mardi Quain updated the Board on club events. The Party scheduled for October at CAM has been postponed for a year due to Covid-19.
-Mardi Quain addressed the Policy Statement and expanded Table of Contents. Motion to approve the expanded Table of Contents for the SVR Policy Statement, made by Julie Lee; seconded by Rob Lee. 6 Yays, 1 Nay. Motion Approved.
e)     Membership Director’s Report:
Rebecca Plourde reported the following membership numbers:
Membership Report for June:
Primary Members – 857
Affiliate Members – 527
Total Members – 1384 (includes 16 New Members, 3 Transfer In, and 1 Transfer Out)
f)        Safety and Competition Director’s Report
-No Report
g)       Web Master Report
-Bill Fargo continues to keep the Website updated.
-Status of Web Master position discussed under VP report.
h)      Drifter Editor Report
-Deadline for the submissions to the Drifter is July 20, 2020.
-The Drifter Coloring Contest only has 5 entries. Motion to make all 5 children “winners”, made by Mike Willis; seconded by Julie Lee. Motion Approved.
i)         Past President’s Report/Comments
-Gregg Plourde stated that he will research the systems/costs available to have searchable, electronic club documents. He will present options to the Board in the fall. 
j)         Other Topics
-Alma Thompson host for the September dinner at Fats stated that the location may have to change due Covid-19 restrictions.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:55
Next Board Meeting: August 12, 2020, 7:00 p.m. ZOOM CONFERENCE CALL
Respectfully Submitted – Julie Lee, Secretary
TrackMasters Racing is a leader in the High-Performance Driver Education events in Northern California and invites SVR-PCA drivers to participate in these events. For the complete schedule click the link below.

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SVR Event Calendar

2020 West Coast Race Series Calendar
as of April 17, 2020

August 29-30 th            Sonoma Raceway
September 19-20th   High Plains Raceway
September 26-27 th     Thunderhill Raceway
October 10-11 th          Sonoma Raceway
PCA Club Race Schedule Link:

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