So much has occurred over the past month: we have a new U.S. President in office; the number of Covid-19 cases is decreasing, while new strains are showing up in California; and we’ve actually begun to get some rain in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While all this change is going on in the world, one of the things that remains the same is the dedicated focus of our SVCW team ensuring our community's wastewater is conveyed and treated safely and reliably. When I’m onsite at our treatment facility I can look out my window and always see the steam rising off of the BioForceTech pyrolysis unit, which provides SVCW with a sustainable and ecologically friendly manner in which to manage our biosolids. I also see the SAF-MBR pilot facility, a collaboration with Stanford University and othe innovators to provide treatment concepts and technology that could catapult the wastewater industry light years ahead of where we are today. This collaboration is one example of a myriad number of SVCW efforts to explore low-cost wastewater treatment, water recycling, low-energy solids drying and beneficial biosolids production--including biodegradable plastics, food waste to energy digestion, and battery storage in support of renewable off-grid power supplies.

While a lot of uncertainty is going on in the world, it's reassuring to know that day in/and day out we have maintained an incident-free safety record, and can focus on solutions that help protect public and environmental health. It's gratifying that we can partner with innovators, from entrepreneurs to universitites, and even front-line staff, to keep looking for new ways of doing things that make our community a better, safer place to live.

A final shout-out for our continuing safety record… we are now at 762 days! Our focus remains on our staff's safety; our robust safety culture lives on!

You can read more about our safey efforts here, and innovations here.