Hello to all our 2024 SVC TechCon Exhibitors!

Before we know it, the 67th Annual Technical Conference (TechCon) will be held from May 4 to May 9, 2024 at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. Abstract collection has exceeded our expectations substantially and we are on track to improve upon 2023's stellar conference performance. Tutorial registrations are following a similar trajectory.

This year we will not be offering “lead retrieval” as a stand-alone package to our exhibitors. 

Two years ago we completed a comprehensive review of lead retrieval systems and to those of you who are “new” to the SVC we reported the following:

  • All organizations that offer lead retrieval solutions for an exhibition provide two options. 
  1. The first option is a standalone “device”, which on the older platforms is a hand-held reader and on the newer platforms it is generally a tablet running a specific program. This stand-alone option requires the rental of the “device” and a license fee for the application. These stand-alone devices can be shared within a booth so multiple sales resources at the show can share a single device. Onsite support personnel are required for this approach and is the costliest solution. Typical “all in costs” are more than $1,000 USD before any post event processing or customization activities are considered.
  2. The second option is an App that will reside on a smart phone. These solutions are less costly but suffer from the fact that they will need to be deployed across all booth personnel’s mobile devices. Historically, only 20% of the SVC Exhibitors took advantage of any lead retrieval solutions. Those that did, generally found the solutions clumsy. Nobody every completed a post TechCon survey with a kind word to say about lead retrieval!
  • All the lead retrieval systems require integration with the on-site registration program which in itself is a single point of failure. Registrant information is uploaded to the lead retrieval company’s server and then the software/device accesses the database on that server. Upload timing is always an issue and never as fast as one would expect.
  • By contract, all lead retrieval systems restrict the information that can be encoded in the QR/Bar Code and encrypt the contact information. Most allow first and last name to remain unencrypted. A few are completely encrypted all data and allow no information to be displayed publicly.

It turns out that our registration program allows us to print a badge with a readable QR code that contains, the name, company, email address, and telephone number of our participants. Any number of free QR reader programs are available for IOS and Android devices that can decode, store, and export the contact information of a scanned badge.

Click the button below to view one of several guides to QR code reader applications that are available for free. If none of these meet your needs, just Google “QR code reader applications for IOS and Android” and you may literally be overwhelmed with the available choices. Find one that works for you and your organization (one size does not fit all) and test it. You may be surprised at how easy it is to capture contact information. 

Click here to view a guide to QR code reader apps

Below is a badge mockup with a sample QR code. Once you see how easy it is to decode and store contact information you'll never look back!

As an exhibitor we recognize the cost that your support and attendance entails. We are delighted to be in a situation where we can take a cost off the table and yet provide everyone with a very workable solution.

So what to do with any money you may have saved? Use it to offset exhibition costs that seem to be rising along with everything else. Consider a high-visibility 2024 TechCon Sponsorship or a sponsorship at the SVC Foundation Casino Night Fundraiser. Participate in the SVC Foundation’s 5K Run/Walk. There are many options! Whatever you do, we hope you come away from the TechCon with the feeling that we value our Exhibitors as critical stakeholders of our wonderful organization. 

Feel free to reach out if you need any help!

See you in Chicago!

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