We will cultivate awareness of Presence and subtle perceptual sensitivities through the following:

Daily Gentle Hatha Yoga: the embodied ritual to strengthen the immediate felt sense of self and nature.

Daily Silent Meditation to cultivate stillness and spaciousness and become available to the transformational Grace that holds us in this accelerated time.

Embodiment practices drawn from Qi Gong, Voice Movement Therapy and Body Mind Centering™: To Awaken subtle perceptions of the inner body thereby empowering authentic Presence, spontaneous creative expression, and enriching connection with self, others and nature.  

Sound Healing Circles and Vocal Improvisations to deepen our listening to the Mystery as it creates through us as individuals and as a collective.

Self Inquiry and group inquiry: sharing of timeless wisdom and our individual truths, insights and revelations.

Daily Alone time for self study, journaling, long beach walks, hammock time and ocean/pool swimming.