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Pork Sausages
You can just imagine I’ve been watching our butchers make sausages for over 35 years. I still marvel how they get them to look so consistent. They got me in there one day to give it a go, what a disaster. Some were way to big and some too small not to mention they were all very deformed looking. I guess I better stick to produce. Every butcher brings their sausage recipes so Ingrid has had a tough job tasting them all and choosing the best recipes. So if you haven’t tried them yet I think you’ll be impressed. We only use lean local Ontario pork so you know you are getting the best quality.
Flavours featured may vary by location.
Pictured: Brad
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Big Bella
Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
Mix & Match
These were a number one hit as soon as we added them. Ingrid and I were visiting our friends, Dave and Ann, down at the beach. Dave barbequed some stuffed portabellas that Ann made as an appetizer. Right away Ingrid and I knew they would be a winner. She used soft cream cheese, water chestnuts, other cheeses, spices and mixed it in with spinach and sundried tomatoes. We then developed a second variety with bacon bits and cheddar cheese. It took us a while to get them launched in the stores because I couldn’t find a grower with enough big portabellas. When we started making them we sold out the first day. So the next trip to Toronto I bought twice as many, again they sold out in 1 day. Finally, I got enough that we had a fairly steady supply. We thought this would be a great beginning of season grilling treat. They are great in the oven or even a frying pan too.
Pictured: Will
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Mix & Match
If you are like I am, when I was a kid my mom would have these really cool decorated cupcakes for Easter dessert. She loved to decorate them and still does-- even though she is 97 years old now. The team in our three bakeries will be decorating them all weekend. It’s fun to come watch. Decorating cupcakes was one of Mia’s first jobs at the store--so she will probably be at one of the stores pitching in too!
Pictured: Jenny
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Tuna Pasta Salad
We start with a huge pile of chopped peppers, onions, celery, and a whole bunch of tuna, pasta, our famous Dill Dip & spices. You should see them with the big bin and huge pile of salad as they hand mix it all. It’s a complete meal all in one bowl.
Pictured: Jinny
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Mango Salsa
This Friday is Cinco de Mayo so we had to include some salsa! We have never featured our mango salsa and saw this as a great opportunity to try something new. It's sweet and refreshing on top of tacos or dive right in with a tortilla chip!
Pictured: Juan
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Mix & Match
Are you team sour or team sweet? We have been selling our super soft jujubes since I started SUNRIPE 41 years ago (wow that’s crazy). I guess I should have kept track of how many pounds we have sold, it's probably a crazy number because they are popular! I don’t know if you are like I am, but I eat all the black and red ones and leave the rest for everybody else.
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These in store surprise items have been a great hit! Follow the balloons to all of our featured items. We can't wait to see what our managers choose to add this time.
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Written by Will and Kysa Willemsen
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