June 2021 - DHCR Advisory Solutions
STRATCO rent-regulatory experts can deliver 4-day guaranteed turn around report outlining complex rent regulatory guidelines, legal rent increases, and provide owners with the necessary due-diligence audit tools at any level of an asset cycle.
Our Solutions:
  • Lease file audits
  • NYS DHCR “Due Diligence” report
  • Retrieve certified historical registration records from DHCR 
  • Analysis of registration records for completeness 
  • Analysis of cases/dockets to determine potential liability
  • Review of historical rent increases
  • Historical tenancy analysis
  • ARRO DHCR annual registrations filing on your behalf
  • IAI documentation & compliance assurance
  • Preparation of building-wide & tenancy comprehensive analysis
  • Preparation and litigation management for all L&T related cases such as rent overcharges
Contact us to get a quote and a sample report. Should you want to engage STRATCO as your DHCR solution provider, contact us at the below:

Thank you,
Robert Sedaghatpour