Low Carbon Pathways for Multifamily Buildings
The Low Carbon Pathways for Multifamily Buildings offer four packages of incentivized energy upgrades that can not only help building owners achieve their sustainable goals but also bring multiple energy savings to major building systems. Each offered package includes detailed guidance for each building system, a set of required upgrades, and any additional recommended upgrades to optimize the amount of savings and incentives achieved. These packages are:

1) Envelope: install building envelope upgrades to meet specified area-weighted U-value target based on climate zone and building typology and provide code-compliant ventilation for each bathroom and kitchen
  • Incentive: $3,750/dwelling unit
  • Bonus: $1,250/dwelling unit (if this is first package implementation and none of the required measure packages described in this table have been implemented)
  • Add-On Incentives: Air Sealing: $50/ dwelling unit; Steam Upgrades: $250/dwelling unit
2) Ventilation: provide balanced ventilation with heat/energy recovery to each apartment
  • Incentive: $750/dwelling unit
  • Add-On Incentives: Air Sealing: $50/dwelling unit
3) Heating and Cooling: install heat pump technology for in-unit heating and cooling
  • Incentive: $750/dwelling unit (in addition to any applicable NY Clean Heat incentives)
  • Add-On Incentives: Air Sealing: $50/dwelling unit; Induction Stoves: $100/dwelling unit
4) Domestic Hot Water (DHW): install heat pumps to provide 30-100% of DHW load, dependent on the existing system
  • Incentive: $700-$750/dwelling unit (in addition to any applicable NY Clean Heat incentives)

Eligible buildings:
  • Existing multifamily buildings, open to both affordable and market-rate
  • New multifamily buildings or those that have undergone substantial renovations must be in operation for at least one year before applying to this program
  • Buildings with 5+ units where at least 50% of the building’s gross heated footage is residential space
  • Must pay into System Benefits Charge (SBC)/NYSERDA Clean Energy Fund on their electric utility bill

Eligible multifamily owners and property management firms must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Own or manage at least 10 existing multifamily buildings
  • Are a current member in at least one building owner or property management organization that meets semi-regularly or shares information among members (ex. CHPC, REBNY, RSA, etc.)
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