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NM Ag in the Classroom Teacher(s) of the Year Announced! 

A team of five teachers win the 2017 NM Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year award. Jessica Bouloiseau, Ashley Cartwright, Lucia Gutierrez, Abigail Husson-Matter, and Silvia Mariscal will be heading to Kansas City, Missouri in June to the National Ag in the Classroom Conference! We congratulate this awesome team of teachers and East Picacho Elementary in Las Cruces for the great things they are doing to incorporate agriculture across the curriculum.   View full article here!   Next year could it be you? 

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Are you preparing your students for the future?
Are you preparing your students for the future?

Agriculture in the Classroom has the resources you need to incorporate more STEM into your classroom! Check out the free resources on the  Curriculum Matrix! 

Featured Lessons:
Build it Better:  Grade 6-8:  investigate animal handling preferences and design a cattle corral system that is durable, efficient, and effective. Students will also discover the skills needed to be an agricultural engineer. 

Build A Calf Workshop: Grade 3-5: Students will explore concepts of heredity in beef cattle and identify dominant and recessive traits.

Filling the Global Grocery Bag: Grade 9-12:  Students learn what factors affect a country's ability to produce their own food and how food expenses differ throughout the world.

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Purple Plow Challenge

The Purple Plow Challenge is a great fit for individuals, groups, and classes in grades 6,7 and 8. It's perfect for maker spaces, after school programs, in-school lessons, 4-H clubs, library learning, scout troops and more! The latest challenge information was just released!

Check out the H2Grow Challenge:
We need food to survive. But food security is a problem around the world, and at home. Get creative as you design a sustainable living environment for aquatic life while growing food in this season's Purple Plow Challenge!
Grants, Contests & Awards 
Check out these great learning opportunities for your classroom! 

Let It Grow Contest:                    
Win $1000-$5000 agricultural grant for your school!   Closes March 14, 2017

On the Farm: An in the Field Learning Experience:(for teachers)
Discover science brought to life by American beef cattle ranchers, researchers, nutritionists and veterinarians. The On the Farm program was designed to equip you with free lessons, activities, online learning tools and enriching professional development events.Applications close March 1, 2017 for Orlando July 9-11.

First Peas to the Table Contest
Think your K-5 class has what it takes to grow peas? Check out this unique growing contest that goes with the book First Peas to the Table by Susan Grigsby. Contest period runs through February 20,2017- May 15, 2017. 

NM State University College of ACES Media Production & Learning Games Lab Makes Great STEM Resources! 

The Learning Games Lab at New Mexico State University is a development studio, a user-testing research space, and an exploratory environment for playing and evaluating games and educational tools. Its parent department, NMSU Media Productions, partners with research groups, faculty, and programs nationally and internationally to create educational media in various disciplines. You can check out all of their resources here. Four of these resources have been selected to compliment current lessons on the National Agriculture in the Classroom Curriculum Matrix. Check out each lesson companion resource:
  • 'Sorption Virtual LabVirtual lab teaching students the difference between               absorption and adsorption in relation to soil. Learn how phosphorus adsorbs to       soil particles and how various concentrations of phosphate impact the                     adsorption rate.         
  • Everything is Chemical: A 4-minute video clip teaching that everything, including plants and animals is made of chemical elements. See how chemistry relates to agriculture to balance feed rations, calculate fertilizer application rates, and digestion.
  • Virtual Food Safety LabsFood safety and science come together with these virtual labs. Students can see and practice some of the laboratory techniques used by researchers and food scientists. Visit the website to see eight virtual labs including Testing for Corn Mold, Bacteria Sampling, Gram Staining, Using the Microscope, The pH Scale and Meter Calibration, Testing and Adjusting pH, Understanding Water Activity, and Controlling Water Activity in Food.
  • Eat & Move O-Matic: Free app teaching students how foods fuel their body to create energy for their favorite activities.
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