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  • Caltrans Recommends SHOPP Funds for SR12, SR29, and SR113 
  • 2020 Legislative Priorities and Platform
  • Solano Mobility Program Updates
  • STA Receives 14th Consecutive Year of Unqualified Audit for FY 2018-19
  • 6th Annual RTIF Annual Report Released
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  • STA Board Meeting in Suisun 1/8/20 at 6:00pm
Caltrans Recommends 2020 SHOPP Funds for SR12, SR29, and SR113

Caltrans has recommended $265 million* of funding from the State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP) for Solano County. The SHOPP funds safety and operational improvements on the State Highway System, as well as providing emergency repairs and preservation. Over the next five years, the following projects will be funded through this program: 
  • State Route 12 (SR12) Complete Streets Project in Rio Vista ($102 million), 
  • State Route 29 (SR29) Sonoma Blvd Complete Streets Project in Vallejo ($30 million – over 3x the original amount),
  • SR12 Rehabilitation Project from Emperor Dr. in Suisun City to Shiloh Rd. ($32 million), and 
  • State Route 113 (SR113) Rehabilitation Project in Dixon has been delayed, but the funding amount has more than doubled ($49 million to $117 million). 
*Subject to approval in March 2020 by the California Transportation Commission
2020 Legislative Priorities and Platform

The STA Board adopted the 2020 Legislative Platform and Priorities at the December 11, 2019, Board meeting. The I-80 Managed Lanes Project is the top priority project for the STA for competitive statewide Senate Bill 1 (SB1) funds. The I-80 Managed Lanes Project will add 10 miles of new lanes between Airbase Parkway in Fairfield and I-505 in Vacaville. This project will provide congestion relief for commuter and freight traffic, and improve service for SolanoExpress Buses. To view STA’s 2020 Legislative Platform, please click here .
Solano Mobility Program Updates

The Solano Mobility Program released Annual Fiscal Year 2018-19 Reports for the following Programs: Solano Mobility Call Center (11,872 clients assisted), American Disability Act (ADA) In-Person Eligibility Program (1,023 total assessments), Travel Training, Intercity Taxi Card Program (7,621 trips taken), Vanpool, Bucks for Bikes, Commuter Program, and Emergency/ Guaranteed Ride Home Program. For additional information about these programs, please visit or call 800-535-6883.
STA Receives 14 th Consecutive Year of Clean Audit for FY 2018-19

The independent auditing firm of Eide Bailly LLP has completed the annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) – annual audit of STA for FY 2018-19. For the 14 th consecutive year, the STA received an unqualified (“clean”) audit without any findings of its Fiscal Year 2018-19 budget, and this is the 4 th year issuance of the CAFR. For additional regarding STA’s current workplan and budget, please click here .
6 th Annual RTIF Annual Report Released

The 6 th Annual Report for the Regional Transportation Impact Fee (RTIF) which covers Fiscal Year 2018-19 is now available. A total of $1.6 million in RTIF revenues were collected for RTIF eligible projects during the past fiscal year and the total amount of RTIF revenue collected passed the $7 million mark. Prior projects funded by RTIF include: Jepson Parkway Phase 1A (Vacaville), Midway Rd Safety Improvements (Dixon), Benicia Bus Hub (Benicia), Green Valley Overcrossing (Fairfield), and new SolanoExpress Bus stops at Solano Community College, and Fairgrounds Dr.  

STA staff has met with all seven RTIF working groups to confirm project funding eligibility for the following new projects being proposed: Sunset Ave. Railroad Crossing (Suisun City), Airport Rd (Rio Vista), West Texas Gateway (Fairfield), Parkway Blvd Overcrossing, Pedrick Road, and West A St Undercrossing (Dixon). For additional information about the RTIF program, please click here .
2019 STA Board Members

  • Harry Price, Chair, Mayor of Fairfield
  • Thom Bogue, Vice-Chair, Mayor of Dixon
  • Elizabeth Patterson, Mayor of Benicia
  • Ronald Kott, Mayor of Rio Vista
  • Ron Rowlett, Mayor of Vacaville
  • Bob Sampayan, Mayor of Vallejo
  • Jim Spering, Solano County Supervisor
  • Lori Wilson, Mayor of Suisun City