Fellow Aloha State Republicans:

It's now just four months until the 2016 Primary Election.  Then, it'll be less than three months until the 2016 General ElectionThat's just seven months from today - Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
Clearly, with so few elected Republicans, the Hawaii GOP is in a distant 2nd place to Democrats.
As HIRA has warned repeatedly, voters will only support us if we make a case for change.  But party leaders have reportedly decided this year to repeat their losing formula from 2014 and 2012Don't " make a case" and don't " push for change".
We're not kidding.  HIRA has it on good authority from multiple sources at Hawaii GOP headquarters on Kapiolani Boulevard that Hawaii's National Committeewoman Miriam Hellreich and immediate past party chair Pat Saiki have ordered current party chair Fritz Rohlfing to once again "stand down" in 2016 -- even though being silent, neutral and disorganized will probably result in heavy losses by GOP candidates experienced in 2014, 2012, and 2010.  That's right:   A STAND DOWN ORDER.
In addition, despite how badly Democrats have mismanaged state and local government in the islands, State House GOP leader Beth Fukumoto has made it absolutely clear she doesn't want the party to "hate on Democrats" during the election campaign (or during the legislative session).  She doesn't want our party to be "partisan" ( which the Hawaii GOP hasn't been for decades); instead wanting us to be 'post-partisan' and collaborative.  In other words, just like all of our RINO party's leaders, RINO Fukumoto wants Democrats to get everything they want.
So, with underfunded GOP challenger candidates going up against the massively funded Democrat Machine, and with our party in a distant second place politically, party leaders want the Hawaii GOP to provide voters with ZERO differentiation between R's and D's and ZERO marketing to back up that losing proposition.

That's the 2016 action plan which Hellreich and party leaders are enforcing.  Neutral on the issues, silence on what matters, and complete disorganization and disarray with nobody in the party organization doing their jobs . . . not even this close to the election!!
And who exactly are following these orders.  HIRA has learned that the party's Vice Chair for Communications, Andy Mukk, and the Chair of the Platform Committee, Mark Moses, have been instructed to deliberately torpedo GOP chances in 2016 . . . a carbon copy of the orders they received in 2014 while in those same official party jobs.
How do we know this?  First, at the urging of RINO Moses, the platform committee just re-approved the same 'document of surrender' used in the past three election cycles:  the Hawaii GOP's official platform, which is neutral on each and every single issue facing Hawaii.  Rail project?  Neutral.  Tax increases?  Neutral.  Bloated DOE bureaucracy?  Neutral.  Driver's licenses for illegal aliens in Hawaii?  Neutral.  Obamacare exchange?  Neutral.  Endless pay raises for government bureaucrats?  Neutral.  And so on.
Voters will have no idea if they can or should expect anything different should they throw out Democrats and vote to put Republicans in charge in Hawaii.  It will be a mystery that no voter will take the time to solve before voting.
According to Section 414 of the Hawaii GOP's rules, the Platform Committee is supposed to identify and research important issues, develop official Republican policies, provide research on issues to GOP candidates for use in their campaigns.  But the committee has been prevented by Hellreich and Saiki and Rohlfing from being a true standing committee that would meet throughout the two-year election cycle.  Instead, it is only allowed by party bosses to meet for a few brief weeks before the state conventions held in May of each even-numbered election year to go through the motions of staying neutral.
Mark Moses has been instructed by party bosses to  waste lots of time at each platform meeting to make sure there's no time to do the committee's crucial job.  In the end, they merely approve the LLIFE Surrender Document which officially puts the Republican Party of Hawaii in the "neutral" column on all issues you can think of.  An empty page for our party's political blueprint which impresses nobody.
Where this REALLY hurts is that the party is left with NOTHING to communicate with the public during the two years between electionsSection 301 of the party rules makes it mandatory for every committee of the party to actively and effectively "assist in the development and promotion of the philosophy, policies and platform of the Party by promoting and carrying out programs to create interest in politics and government at all levels."  Furthermore, Section 407(C) of the rules makes the Vice-Chair for Communications responsible for overseeing and managing communications programs
This is NOT happening . . . by designThe order has reportedly been given by party leaders to STAND DOWN IN 2016.
That's why party vice-chair for communications Andy Mukk has spent the past four years doing absolutely NOTHING to boost Republican chances in an election yearno TV ads, no radio ads, no print ads, no mailers, no online ads, no flyers, no postcards, no canvassing, no doorhangers, no walkpieces, no nothing.  Yet, without any shame at all, Mukk ( like Moses) sits there year after year, holds a title, has responsibilities, nods his head when Miriam Hellreich speakes, but ultimately does jack squat . . . knowing full well that defeat lies dead ahead thanks to his uselessness.
The whole point of having a party organization is WINNING so we can CHANGE THINGS.  But with orders to stand down, do nothing, stand for nothing, and say nothing, we won't get the victories and we won't see the change.  We'll get jack squat.
[In a future newsletter, HIRA will address the shocking disarray and disorganization of the party from top to bottom in Hawaii.  And shocking is an understatement.  The RINO's have caused the Hawaii GOP to hit rock bottom.]
At the reported direction of Hellreich, Saiki, Marumoto and Rohlfing, party hacks Andy Mukk and Mark Moses have thrown two elections in a row to the Democrats as they've held onto and abused these posts thru both the 2014 and 2016 elections by following these stand down orders reportedly given to them (and other party officers) and regularly repeated by party bosses.
Yet island residents will NEVER be sold on the idea of voting Republican without a forceful and sustained assault on the Democrats' sorry record.  Again, Platform Chair Moses refuses to let the platform committee develop a relevant and powerful blueprint in the form of an official platform.  That official refusal to research and package the issues, the horrible statistics resulting from the failed Democrat policies, and present bold GOP solutions for Hawaii speaks volumes.   And "Silent Andy" Mukk refuses to step up to the plate of leading the communications effort mandated by party rules, political experience and by common sense.  If Republicans never make the case against Democrats during the two years between elections, how can our brave, underfunded, lesser known candidates even have the slightest chance? 
Finally, these jobs are so simple that a caveman could do it . . . unless, of course, the caveman was under orders from Miriam Hellreich NOT to do anything.  And right now, in 2016, that's exactly where things stand.
Sorry for the bad news.  But 2016 will be an unmitigated disaster for Hawaii Republicans . . . and next month's state convention in Waipahu will ironically be the 'coronation' of party queen  Miriam Hellreich and party king Ted Liu ( or some other disposable, do-nothing puppet), along with the manipulated process of  adopting of the party's LLIFE Neutrality/Surrender Platform.

Yes, just six months before the General Election, party leaders will suspend reality and pat themselves on the back as a prelude to Hellreich's traditional post-election " We'll Do Better Next Time" speech ( always given with a wink-wink, meaning that nothing will change in 2018 or 2020 with her gang in charge except a continuation of the RINO 'stand down' order).