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SPARTAN News—Winter 2024

Volume 10 Issue 1

Dear Lisa,

Registration is open for the 2024 SPARTAN Annual Meeting in Cleveland. As in 2023, the meeting will be offered in a hybrid format with complimentary virtual participation for nonmembers. I encourage you to share this newsletter with your local, national and international colleagues. Our Annual Meeting on May 17/18 and the Spondyloarthritis Review Course on May 16 offer excellent opportunities for everyone who wants to learn more about spondyloarthritis, whether that means delving into cutting edge research or reviewing the essentials relevant for clinical practice.

The program of this year’s meeting promises great talks as well as ample time for networking and engaging in discussions with fellow SPARTAN members. Please ask your trainees to submit a research abstract and present their work in Cleveland. I hope to see a record-breaking number of abstract submissions this year that reflect the breadth and excellence of research in the spondyloarthritis community. Coincidentally, my own journey with SPARTAN began in Cleveland at the 2007 Annual Meeting and I know of several others who had similar transformative experiences attending SPARTAN meetings.

Another recent innovation we bringing back in 2024 is the Annual Meeting Proceedings. The first of these articles from the 2023 Annual Meeting, commemorating 20 years of SPARTAN, has been published and can be accessed here. 2024 marks yet again a major spondyloarthritis anniversary. Fifty years ago, in 1974, John Moll and Verna Wright from the University of Leeds published their landmark paper on seronegative spondarthritides. Stay tuned for more on this at the 2024 Annual Meeting and in a subsequent newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you in Cleveland. Best,

Joerg Ermann, MD

Chair, SPARTAN Board of Directors


 Meeting Registration
Annual Meeting Agenda
Annual Meeting Website
Review Course Agenda

SPARTAN welcomes our newest members

Full Members

Ethan Craig MD, MHS University of Pennsylvania

Krati Chauhan MD, MPH, Southern Illinois University - School of Medicine

Associate Member

Amir Ali Razmjou MD, MSc, UCLA and West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs

Trainee Members

Mohamad Babiker-Mohamed MD, Washington University in St. Louis 

Mathieu Edouard Choufani, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Grant Opportunities

To lay the foundation for the next generation of researchers and leaders in Spondyloarthritis, SPARTAN announces the Early Career Investigator Award and Mentored Fellowship Award to support early career investigators who are working in the field of Axial Spondyloarthritis. 

The application deadline is April 14, 2024.

Mentored Fellowship Award

With the aim of encouraging fellows to take up research projects under mentors with expertise in SpA, SPARTAN will support up to 2 pilot projects. The goal is to support the early stages of a fellow-led research project to generate preliminary data that will support grant applications to funding agencies such as the NIH. 

A total of $10,000 is allocated for each grant with a maximum of $5,000 each for the fellow and mentor.

Read more....

Early Career Investigator Award

The goal is to support the early stages of a research project to generate preliminary data that will support grant applications to funding agencies such as the NIH and the Rheumatology Research Foundation. 

A maximum of 2 new grants will be supported each year with a maximum of $25,000 allocated per project per year for two years (for a total of $50,000 per awardee). 


Save the Dates

ASAS Core Course

March 8 - 9, 2024, Brussels

CARRA Annual Scientific Meeting March 18, 2024 (virtual)

ACR State-of-the-Art-Clinical Symposium (SOTA) April 12–14, 2024, Chicago

EULAR Congress June 12 - 15, 2024, Vienna

GRAPPA Annual Meeting July 11-13, 2024, Seattle

International Congress on Spondyloarthritides September 5-7, 2024, Ghent

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SPARTAN is a network of health care professionals in North America who are dedicated to research, awareness and treatment of spondyloarthritis. SPARTAN is funded through educational grants from companies with an interest in this area of medicine.

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