April 12-16, 2021 - 10 Lyons Plains Road Westport, CT 06880 - Phone: 203.227.7205
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SATURDAY APRIL 24, 11:30 AM-2:00 PM
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We are planning a fun midday gathering together in our parking lot to celebrate Earth Day. We’ll eat out of our respective cars, walk around and say "hi" to each other - masked, at a distance - and each of us will have something available to share with others: a plant, a spotify playlist, a poem, a story – that celebrates our earth and/or educates us how to be a good steward.

The zUUme trUUpe will entertain us, and we may start off with a bike ride. ….

A virtual option will be available for those who don’t feel comfortable coming together physically.

Interested in helping? Questions? Contact Beth Cliff.
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Many thanks to the our Black Lives Matter education group and our Beardsley Committee. Together they created an online Career Day for Beardsley, an elementary school in Bridgeport. On March 26th, a firefighter, a nurse, a small business owner, and a wardrobe supervisor for the Showtime series Billions spoke to third through sixth graders about their careers.

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The UUtheVote team needs volunteers to write 30 or 60 postcards to Georgia in a Reclaim our Vote campaign to urge rural voters to participate in decisions that affect their lives and pocketbooks. Rural electric cooperatives provide power and broadband to much of the rural South. Many people don’t know that as customers they are also member/owners, have a voice, and can vote in their leadership. Their elected Board sets their utility rates and makes decisions about availability and cost of broadband, and energy decisions that affect our climate. People using their voices can bring tangible benefits: we urge them to "Vote Their Power.” Distribution of cards at TUCW. You buy stamps. Send by April 17. Contact Jamie Forbes or Janet Luongo.
We’re pleased to announce that the Racial Justice Council is putting together a monthly e-newsletter for interested readers, beginning in May. To start off, we’ll be providing a collection of local events, including virtual programs and meetings, that offer further education, actions to take, or organizations leading the way. There’s a lot going on around us, so we’ll consolidate opportunities into one place to make keeping up and getting involved a little easier. And, if an action or event is especially timely, it will be announced each week in SOUNDINGS as well. We’re also looking to expand the newsletter team. If you’d like to learn more please reach out to David Vita or editors Liane Roseman and Kiera Parrott We’d love to have you join us!
We need a picture of you ‘Swinging’ by May 16! As part of the closing ceremony for Swing Into A(UU)ction, we’d love a montage of each of us happily in motion – swinging! Swinging what? A racket, a bat, a hammer, a rope, your skirts, legs or arms - your partner! A flyswatter, kettle bell, gate or a door, a dance or a rhythm or rod. 

It can be a still photo (use landscape setting on your phone) or a 10 sec. or less video clip.
  • Send your pics/videos to Dorothy Rich at dorothyjeanrich@gmail.com.
  • Subject Line: SWINGING
  • Include names as you’d like to be identified, e.g. ‘The Clarks’ or ‘Maggie and Mike Clark’
  • Send by Sunday May 16 please!

Need help taking that perfect pic? We’ll send someone out to capture it! Same contact as above.

Note: Because these pictures will be included in a program that may be broadcast publicly, it is assumed if you send us a picture, you are approving its use.
Mondays 6-7:30 PM via ZOOM Buddhist Practice Group Nina Nagy Let Nina know you are attending.Teachings offered on a donation basis. 6:00 PM (Every other Mon; check calendar) Addiction Recovery Talking Circle Jim Francek

Wednesdays: 7-8:15 PM The Power of Now Jim Francek; 7-9 PM Is Mysticism Where Science, Art and Religion Meet? Bart Stuck

Thursdays, 4-5 PM Talking Circles. ZOOM HEREJim Francek. 7-8PM in April Building Your Own Theology. ZOOM HERE, Rev. John

Fridays 12-1 PM Awakenings ZOOM HERE Kathy Roberts

Sundays 9:00-9:45. Meditation Janet Luongo

1st Saturday and 3rd Tuesday of the month 9:30 AM. TUCW Hiking Group Gian Morresi Jamie Forbes
Our complete calendar is always on our website. Click HERE for quick access.
All women welcome at all events; visit our website for complete info.
Questions? Contact TUCWomen@gmail.com
  • My Grandfather's Kitchen: Tuesday, April 13th, 10:00-11:00 AM. Join Trina Wong as she tells us about her heritage and the secrets that her family of the Mississippi Delta needed to keep in order to survive. RSVP: tucwomen@gmail.com to receive the recipe ahead of time, and you can cook along with Trina's favorite, Soupy Spaghetti. ZOOM: HERE

  • Tapping Circles with Carol Hamilton  Mondays in April, 7-8:30 PM. Tapping is a stress reduction technique that boosts our well being and helps with problem solving. Contact Carol ZOOM: HERE

  • ZOOM Pot Luck: Friday, April 16, 7-8:30 PM. Hosted by Elizabeth MacDonald and Miriam Levin. Get to know fellow UU's with themed conversations. Bring a friend! Meet a friend! ZOOM: HERE

  • Sacred Circles with Grandmother Nancy, Tuesday, April 20, 7-8:30 PM. (First and third Tuesday of the month). Special ZOOM HERE

  • Black Lives Matter Book Group: Friday May 7, 7:00-8:30 PM. We will be discussing One Person, No Vote by Carol Anderson. Pat Francek and Kathy Kurzatkowski will lead the discussion. Even if you’ve read part of the book, join us for what is sure to be an enlightening conversation. ZOOM: HERE
If you are going through a challenging time or know somebody in the congregation who needs support from our Pastoral Care Chaplains, call to leave a confidential message in the PCA voice mailbox 203-227-7205 ext. 19 or email pca@uuwestport.org.
Our support network is available to provide tangible help for friends in need: meal delivery, pharmacy runs, grocery shopping, a regular phone call of connection. Contact a minister or coordinators Mary Jane Cross or Beth Cliff.
For individuals or families of our congregation seeking confidential support or information about addiction issues. Please contact our Addiction Recovery Ministry by calling 203-227-7205 ext. 19 or emailing pca@uuwestport.org
Find us on digital and social media: website: uuwestport.org, Facebook public page (Unitarian Church in Westport) private group (uuwestport), and Instagram (uuwestportct).
The Unitarian Church in Westport is a diverse and welcoming religious community, free of creed and dogma, and open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. 
 WE INSPIRE and support individual spiritual growth. 
 WE CONNECT through worship, music, learning, and caring ministries. 
 WE ACT in the service of peace and justice.