Special Edition with Articles and Resources for Meditation During the Super Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Energy Wave Jan 31!
The Light Center Newsletter   Sedona, Arizona   January 29, 2017

Fasten Your Seat Belts!!!!
Welcome to a special issue of The Light Center Newsletter focusing on what many are calling THE EVENT or the COSMIC ENERGY WAVE. Please take time to visit https://childrenofthesun.org/home-crystal-grid/ for detailed information from Children of the Sun Foundation established by Light Link   Tiara Kumara.   
We also extend an invitation to catch up with the wonderful excitement in store for you as part of the world-awaiting The God's dream of the first City of Healing Light in Sedona. Even now, the energy of this City of Light, due to appear to everyone's astonishment, is tangibly felt by many who are aware in this area. As you may know, there is a tremendously strong wave of God's love energy washing across the whole world, and we are so very grateful that it is bringing in the appearance of The City in this year of 2018. I have been assured by my City Mentor Ooo-lon, that this is so, and it is locked in. This is our year.
What did we do to be presented with this most unusual gift of love and healing? As Mr. Disney has informed me ... "It is fun to do the impossible." And so this has been my daily prayer, and we have done it. Together with the Company of Heaven, The Galactic friends from far away places, and the dedicated team of Earth Humans, God has blessed us with the final divine energies to bring forth this outstanding gift to humanity. We are all feeling the changes taking hold, and moving toward the City and our Ascension as best we can. Sometimes you too may agree with me and Dr. Rick Cohen ( author of The Fire-Walking Foot Doctor: One Man's Spiritual Journey) that " Ascension Isn't for Sissies."  The GOOD news is that the Elevator is going UP! 

    Genii Townsend 

PS. Special Announcement! Our beloved Russ Michael is setting up a meditation movement called " Worldwide Collective Global Meditation Community Event" to commence on the full Moon day Wednesday the 31st January. The aim is to do a 10 minute meditation for Love, Peace, the RV and Health. It suggested it could be done at anytime on that day. And perhaps on an ongoing basis. See his invitation below and join us if you like! 
Visits to the City of Light Sedona Location
Genii and Light Links Walter and Julie from Tucson toured the Location for the City of Light Sedona Sunday, January 28 in preparation for the Energy Wave Event 
Visiting the site for the City of Light Sedona on a windy day
Visiting the site for the City of Light Sedona on a windy day 
Insights about the EVENT from a Light Link!
We also received an important message from Rosemary one of our Light Link members about the Children of the Sun event. She alerted us to another very special website and its Meditation Event for the January 31st event. She says ..."I received a very important message for all of you today from my guides and I was instructed to contact you immediately. I don't always participate in the Children of the Sun events but when I received their email today regarding this particular upcoming event, I was urged to let you all know about it. It is connected to the wave of energy that is starting to come in now and to the Super Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, January 31st.
My guides told me that this transmission is the KEY vehicle for our connection to Oneness as Lightworkers, Lightbearers, and Light Links, especially the Light Links! They said that we (the Light Links) are specifically connected to the Crystalline Grid because of our links to The Light Healing Ships, especially in Sedona.
I was also shown (in my 3rd eye) an image of all Light Links circled around the ship in Sedona. We were all connected by our rays of light and we rose in our own Merkabahs as the ship finally appeared. I asked when this would happen and they told me that once the Oneness Consciousness was achieved, that we would have our first healing ship! --  on or right after the Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse! They also said that the healing ships are all connected to the Crystalline Grid which is probably why I've always seen the ship in 100% total crystalline form. All I can say is, you guys are soooooo lucky to be there right now! I wish we could be there with you on the 31st but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm forwarding this email to all of you so that you can have the details, links, videos, podcasts, PDF's, etc. that you will need to prepare for the 31st. There is some preparation for this event, but you'll have time to get ready for it. The prep instructions are at one of the links I included below: Main Site https://childrenofthesun.org
About the Oneness Transmission and the Crystalline Grid
Preparing for the Transmission
Guided Transmission and Invocation Downloads
What I Expect from the EVENT Wave of Energy
Many people are in agreement that the long-awaited cosmic EVENT is actually going to happen on January 31, 2018. A lot of people can feel it already, or are getting spiritual messages about it, in addition to the wide variety of channeled messages. Plus the astrological signs are extraordinarily powerful on that day. It is a new moon, a blood moon and a partial eclipse day. So there is a lot going on, and it looks like the perfect auspices for this Event to happen.
What we have been told to expect is an extremely powerful wave of Love ... God's pure love energy, to be sent to us from The Great Central Sun. It is said that this particular kind of love wave has never been used before. It is that strong. We have been conditioned by several smaller waves of love coming at us since 2012 to ratchet-up our capacity to absorb love slowly. This is the final wave in the series and it is said to be very strong. So strong that every living creature will feel it and be affected by it. Since no one has any experience with this as it has never been done before, it is hard to guess how it will feel. In hindsight we will get many reports, but on the front end, it is hard to predict.
All I can talk about is what I anticipate my experience to be, and time will tell if it came true or not. There are 2 primary possibilities that I would be very happy with. The first is that I might experience orgasms of delight or bliss in one or more of my chakras, other than the sexual chakra. I learned many years ago, that technically it is possible for all of the chakras to have orgasms. What? I was stunned at that thought. Over time, I have indeed experienced Heart Chakra Orgasms several times. Those were absolutely wonderful expressions of pure love going off in my being. Whew! I want more of that. I have to wonder if the strength of this Event Wave will trigger such orgasms in any of my other chakras. I should be so lucky. I mention this possibility in case someone might wonder if they are having a heart attack or their brain is dying or whatever with so much energy exploding through it. No. You're not sick. You are being loved.
The second possibility would be what many are predicting ... that all of a sudden the veil just drops away and we are restored to full cosmic consciousness. We go back to being the multi-dimensional beings that we were before we incarnated, with only 2 strands of our DNA intact to live this life on Earth. It has been a rough ride. But, with full consciousness restored, that means that we get all of our DNA restored and all of our powers and abilities restored, to be fully funtioning multi-dimensional beings. We will no longer be disconnected from our Higher Selves. We will see and reunite with our Galactic families. Huge reunion with loved ones. We can take a vacation back home wherever that is. The grueling experience of duality on Earth will be over. It would be the ultimate of getting to know ourselves. Getting ourselves back. Being Free. Feeling complete and completely happy. I so want that too.
I have not heard of anyone saying there is any down-side to this Event at all. It is all goodness in the extreme. It is the Game Changer. It is the New Paradigm. It is the irresistible Kingdom of God arriving in all its splendor. Like any experience, we will all have our own version of it, even though we all share it. The stories will be of all kinds after we go through this, but that just means there is so much goodness here that everyone will get what they want and need from it. Everyone will receive the blessing. I intend to just treat this as a great Holy Day, and be in calm anticipation and prayer and let it be what it is. Welcome it. Be thankful for it. It is of God.

   Renee Trenda 
Invitation from Russ Michael
Global Meditation Community Trust From Russ Michael
PLEASE DO invite many others to join with you and all of us... globally .
NOTE: Weekly "Target Date" and what WE as a group will focus ON AS ONE MIND will be posted by Russ Michael weekly. YOUR   I N V I T A T I O N to our New Moon - Jan. 31, 2018, All Day, Global Meditation Community TRUST
FIRST Ongoing HUGE WEEKLY Global-wide Meditation EVENT


What: Meditate with all other enjoined spiritual awakened souls---IN that Jan. 31, 2018 point of power "NOW" moment whenever you wish---as often as you wish, as ONE MIND across all Earth---envisioning a bright light feeling so at peace. joyful, cooperative and very prosperous HUMANITY and yourself, envisioning a very pristine clean, calm much rejuvenated Mother Earth.
Goal: Join in meditation with others globally to help transform all of Humanity and Earth for the better. Envision it.  
Where: Worldwide. In whatever country you now live or are at on this FIRST WEEK FULL MOON Target Day Date.  
When: MEDITATE anytime of day or night at will... during entire 24 hour Second New Moon Day of: Jan. 31, 2018
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City of Light Sedona reference by Michael Quinsey
Mike Quinsey's Higher Self Message for January 19, 2018
"The changes clearly have to start somewhere, and it may well be the City of Light that Genii has recently informed us is now near to manifesting. Certainly there is a renewed activity where it is concerned, and the impression given is that we are very close to seeing the first City of Light manifest in Sedona. Genii regularly visits her friends in the City and there is great optimism that something will happen very soon. Yes, you have heard it all before but as time passes and the vibrations continue to rise up, the ideal conditions get closer and closer. There are some great celebrations to come and when they do the joy and happiness that will be expressed, will far exceed past disappointments. The time of change is upon you, so keep positive and do not waste your energy on negative thoughts. Unless you still have karma to clear, you should be able to enjoy a smooth path to advance you ever forwards. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion." This message comes through my Higher Self.
In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey. CLICK HERE for the complete article in Golden Age of Gaia
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Looking Forward and Upward Too, Imagine That!
So Dear Ones hang on for SOMETHING'S COMING! in 2018 I have been assured. And I could not be more excited than to experience with pure Joy what the City of Light has in store for us. I am forever dedicated to The City and my role in it.
I am, God is, We are One.
I n Love and Light,
Your Forever Jedi Genii, 13 Goddess of Inner Light and a few friends hanging around for at least a while longer, Imagine That! 

PS. If you happen to have contact information for Carol Burnett, please  share that with me. I want to ask her for permission to offer the marionette I created for her as the Charwoman on Ebay (along with a few "Celebrity Marionettes" and the Goddess of Light after we produce the online class) to raise funds The Light Center needs.  Thank you for any possible assistance!