From your MBEIC Chair
Not sure if you made it to NMSDC’s 2019 Business Opportunity Exchange in Atlanta; but the general opinion of many MBEs is that it was simply AMAZING!

It all started with Opportunity Accelerator with multiple segments covering from: Getting in the Game How to do Business with the Professional Sports Organizations: Golf, Baseball, Tennis and Basketball and the focus on relationship building and the fact that they plan their procurement and actually buy off-season; to Aerospace Exploring the Unknown , with a panel from Boeing, Nasa, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, who asked us MBEs to; regardless of how painful it may be, to recognize what we are not doing or what we are doing wrong when pursuing business opportunities; What it Takes to Do Business with GPO in the Healthcare Industry and resources for Sourcing Education and Enrichment to scale your business; and finally Supplying the Worlds of Film and Digital Entertainment.
The Plenary Sessions, Multiple Workshops, two tremendous opportunities for Matchmaker Meetings, both general and healthcare specific, and the Expo with chances to meet or follow up with many corporations, Tier 1 or Prime Suppliers; made you be more than productive. 

During the networking events there was a friendly atmosphere that made it easy to connect and relate to more professionals and business people than what you could manage.

Of course, now we are focusing on the appropriate follow ups to help make things happen. We wish you success on the opportunities you initiated.
As we start planning our last two months’ activities, give yourself a big kudos if you have achieved what you planned at the beginning of the year. If you are still working on it like me, let us not stop on our efforts and push to the end.

If you have a local/regional end of year SMSDC or RTF gathering, please take the opportunity to meet others who are on the same road as you. Otherwise, stay focused these last weeks of the year, as the goal is not far!


Beatriz Fernandez


Avenir Mission Solutions, LLC - San Antonio, TX
Blue Star Integrative Studio, Inc - Tulsa, OK
Cvent, Inc - Austin, TX
Encast, Inc - Austin, TX
Redding Technologies, Inc - Austin, TX
Robinson General Contractors, Inc - San Antonio, TX
Spray-Rite, Inc - Pocola, OK
Super Transport International - Laredo, TX
Top Tier Service, Inc - Bosque Farms, NM
Wuel, LLC - San Antonio, TX

CAEAUTI - Midwest City, OK
Can-Am Wireless - Austin, TX
Metrica, Inc - San Antonio, TX
New Fire Design Group, PLLC - Oklahoma City, OK
P.D. Morrison Distribution, Inc - Cedar Park, TX
Petro Consultants, Inc - Oklahoma City, OK
The Pump & Motor Works - Okmulgee, TX

JULY 2019
Aerolinked, LLC - San Antonio, TX
Bill's Welding Equipment Repair, Inc - Oklahoma City, OK
G2 Construction Services, Inc - Austin, TX
Optimus Techservices, LLC - Austin, TX
Periken Enterprises - Albuquerque, NM
Prestine Services Group - Austin, TX
Rookie #31, LLC - Edmond, OK
Safeport - San Antonio, TX
Shipzo Co. - Del Rio, TX
Zepol Productions - Round Rock, TX


Acero Construction Services, Inc
Auto ID Source, Inc.        
Bitech Tool & Die Inc.    
Central Bolt & Industrial Supplies Inc.     
DataXport.net, LLC          
Digital Display Solutions, Inc.      
Eagle Pride Supply LLC   
El Paso Water Industrial Services, Inc.     
Enhanced Production Technologies         
Field Trip Creative, LLC  
Flexcraft LLC      
Genesis NetworksTelecom Services, LLC
Golden Arrow Logistics Inc.         
Gustavo Jimenez, Inc     
HR Legal Search, LLC      
King's Eco Plastics, LLC  
La Abuela Mexican Foods, Inc.   
MagRabbit-AIW, LLC      
Ortiz & Lopez, PLLC         
Pesa Industrial Supply LLC            
Pescador Public Strategies           
Pristine Building Maintenanace 
R & D Contracting, Inc.  
R.T.C. Inc.           
Requested Personnel LLC             
Sanders\Wingo Advertising, Inc.
Secure Apps, LLC             
Solrac Corporation          
Somnio Solutions, Inc.   
TeleSpace LLC   
True North Bio, LLC         
U.S. Envirochem, Inc      
Valley International Automation
Requirement for All New MBEs: 

You must participate in the training prior to the Certification Committee reviews your application. 

All new MBE's must attend a Pre-Certification & Post-Certification training. The training will be held by conference call several times a month for each session. Please make sure to attend one pre-certification & one post-certification training in order to complete the certification process. Appointment is not necessary. 

The following are dates available for November:
Wednesday, November 6th
Wednesday, November 13th
Wednesday, November 20th
Wednesday, November 27th
Each training is from 10am - 11am CST
Conference call number: 641-715-0700
Access Code: 372354#
En Español:
La llamada requerida para poder obtener la Certificacion de Minoria esta disponible cada Miercoles del mes de 11am - 12pm CST. Esta conferencia es requerida para todas las certificationes nuevas. 
Porfavor marcar al 641-715-0700, codigo: 372354#
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The MBE logo is available for use on your company’s marketing print and electronic material. The MBE logo will only be available for your use as long as your company has a current & active MBE certification.
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Check the expiration date on your SMSDC certification. As a courtesy reminder your certification is about to expire, you will receive an e-mail notification from the AdaptOne portal which looks similar to the image above. DO NOT ignore this e-mail. It may to your spam or junk mail. 

Once your SMSDC certification expires, ALL MBEs have to complete the entire certification process from the beginning. For those MBEs in the STATE OF TEXAS, in addition to completing the entire certification process all over again, the HUB certification, which enables you to bid on contracts, is no longer valid.  The HUB certification process is only done once a month. This means for those MBEs in the State of Texas, they will now have to wait an entire month for their HUB certification.  
Please contact Gabrielle Ramirez at  gabrielle@smsdc.org  for assistance on your SMSDC ReCertification.
If this is a  New Application , and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Alana Ortega at 512.297.6478 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to  alana@smsdc.org.

If this is a ReCertification , and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Gabrielle Ramirez at 512.386.8766 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to  gabrielle@smsdc.org .

Whether you are new to supplier diversity or an industry veteran, increasing diverse supplier participation in your corporation’s supply chain can be difficult. Subscribe today to get more done in less time.

  1. Strategic Vision
  2. Process Design
  3. Establishing Impactful Supplier Diversity Steering Committees
  4. Opportunity Assessment 
  5. Second Tier Program Strategies 2.0 
  6. Supplier Sourcing and Development: Current Requirements
  7. Supplier Sourcing and Development: Future Requirements 
  8. Diverse Supplier Capacity Building 
  9. Program Measurement and Reporting
  10. Internal and External Communication Strategies
  11. Education and Training
  12. Process Improvement 

Crack the Corporate Code
Selling to big corporations is tough. You have to be able to make a difference, grow demand, create value with knowledge and expertise. It’s no easy task, but we are here to help. Subscribe today to get a year’s worth of success tools:

  1. What Only CEOs Can Do
  2. Establishing and Maintaining a Strategic Partnership with a F500 Corporation
  3. Managing the Four Most Undervalued Functions in Business
  4. The MBE Value Proposition 
  5. Why MBEs Must Excel at Marketing AND Sales 
  6. The Role of Relationship Management in Your Growth Strategy
  7. Responding to Corporate RFPs
  8. Capacity Building fuels Your Growth Strategy
  9. Leveraging Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions to Grow Your Business
  10. The Anatomy of Two Big Deals: One Worked, One Didn’t WorkLeveraging Second Tier Opportunities to build your Business 
  11. Establishing an Impactful Advisory Board
Benchmarking Plus  & Capacity Plus  are led by Johnson Controls Inc, a world leader in supplier diversity, with more than 600 diverse suppliers and $1.8 billion in diverse spend. 

  • Corporate Members: The annual cost for Benchmarking Plus is $999. The registration fee includes access to all webinars, featured courses, online & onsite classes. If you are interested in signing up, please register for the BENCHMARKING PLUS PLATFORM here.

  • Certified MBEs: The annual cost for Capacity Plus is $499. The registration fee includes access to all webinars, featured courses, online & onsite classes. If you are interested in signing up, please register for the CAPACITY PLUS PLATFORM here.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Mayra Pena at   mayra@smsdc.org  or call 915.433.0612. 

Save the Date!
*(click on each event name to register)
December 4, 2019
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Church Bar, 212 E. Mills Ave. Ste. B
El Paso, TX 79901

December 11, 2019
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Lily's Greenville, 1160 E. Commerce St.,
San Antonio, TX 78205

February 20, 2020
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas
Visitors Center
One Lone Star Pass, TX 78264


December 4, 2019
City of El Paso Cooperative EXPO Purchasing
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Judson F. Williams Convention Center
1 Civic Center Plaza
El Paso, TX

December 11, 2019
Bexar County Business Conference
7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Freeman Expo Hall, 3201 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX

*Dear Community Partners,
If you would like to submit an event to post on our monthly newsletter, please submit all of the event details to Mayra Pena via email at mayra@smsdc.org . Events will be reviewed to make sure the information & content will be beneficial to our Certified MBEs and/or corporate members before posting on our newsletter and/or website.
Join us in welcoming our newest corporate member...
Federal Home Loans Bank of Dallas
The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) is a part of the Federal Home Loan Bank System, created by an Act of Congress and signed into law by President Herbert Hoover on July 22, 1932, to provide capital for mortgage funding during the Great Depression.

The System has 11 banks around the United States, serving as an affordable, flexible source of funding for some 7,000 financial institutions. FHLB Dallas is one of these 11 banks. Each of the 11 Federal Home Loan Banks is organized as a cooperative, owned by its member institutions and operating independently, receiving no taxpayer assistance. Several types of financial institutions are eligible for membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank System:
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Community development financial institutions
  • Thrifts
  • Insurance companies
Vision: Our trusted employees enrich our member-owned cooperative through strategic thinking, smart implementation, and embracing our shared communities.

FHLB Dallas serves approximately  810 members   and associated institutions  across our five-state District of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. FHLB Dallas provides financial products and services including  advances  to its members with low-cost funding and access to credit to support their lending activities. FHLB Dallas supports the creation of affordable housing and homeownership by offering various grant programs through its members.

FHLB Dallas expects its potential suppliers to offer a better product/service at a better price. Quality, price and service are inseparably interconnected functions. FHLB Dallas is completely dedicated to the fulfillment of its own demanding goals in order to ensure the success of its performance.

The vendors can register themselves at the Vendor Diversity page,
FHLB will reach out to these registered vendors when any opportunity arise.

For more information, please contact Mahak Ereyi, OMWI and Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager at mahak.ereyi@fhlb.com.
9th Annual City of El Paso Cooperative Purchasing Expo 2019

This is great opportunity for area businesses to grow by learning how to participate in cooperative contracts used by governmental agencies across the country. Cooperative agreements provide vendors with the opportunity to have their goods and services sold in large quantities nationwide.
  • Cooperative agencies will be hosting information sessions on how cooperative contracts work, what are their benefits, forecast of upcoming solicitations and how to get awarded a cooperative contract. 
  • Governmental agencies will be hosting information sessions on how they use cooperative contracts, the benefits of using them, and their forecast of upcoming solicitations. 
  • Resource partners will be also be hosting information sessions on bonding, financing, state and federal certifications, and more! 
  • Motivational Keynote Speaker – Gary Bradt (click here to view video)
  • Vendor exposition where vendors and Cooperative Purchasing agencies will be available to network and develop business relationships.

Your business is an integral part in continuing to make the 2019 Cooperative Purchasing Expo the largest expo in the Southwest! This Expo is completely free to attend and open to the public. Don’t miss out! This is an excellent opportunity to grow your business via business-2-business and business-2-agency networking.

SMSDC is proud to announce Karen Box , President & CEO, received the Excellence in Leadership Award at the 2019 Greater Austin Business Awards.

The awards, presented by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, recognize businesses and organizations for achievements, community contributions and milestones. It is the largest business event in Central Texas, bringing together 1,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, government officials and regional chambers.

Have a recent achievement or new development in your organization? We'd love to share your story too! Click the "SHARE YOUR STORY"link below to leave your name and contact information and we'll reach out to you.