Thank you to all who joined us for yesterday's Negotiation Updates. It was certainly a terrific turnout, and we heard you loud and clear.

As was discussed, patient safety is our number one priority. With that said, we include wages that are fair, hire-in rates that are competitive, safe staffing in both units and safer overall working conditions. Again, as was discussed yesterday at this time management doesn’t share the same values we do.

You have made clear your priorities and we will continue to advance those. We are in the process of scheduling our next negotiation sessions for next week. 

We recently filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge against St. Mary’s for bad faith bargaining, and with that, we have requested and management has agreed to bring in a federal mediator to help us with bargaining.

We will continue to keep you updated as to the progress of negotiations, whether by email, text, in person, or at future Membership Meetings. If you have any questions before then, please contact a Bargaining Committee Member or JNESO Staff Representative. Thank you for your support. Our strength remains with you. 


For other Union questions, contact your Labor Representative Aisha Harrison: or (800) 292-0542 x127

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