April 2024


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As we entered into our last month of the season, we put out a call to fill our Sponsor a Lunch calendar for April.  It was wonderful how quickly SKIP friends responded.  In just a few days we had sponsors for the entire month. We’ve served record numbers of meals this year, and we couldn’t do it without your support .  We feel your arms around us and we embrace you back!



Although SKIP’s lunch program winds down in April, our commitment to food security does not. SKIP provides year-round financial support to Crop Swap and other organizations focused on food security. Crop Swap offers free, fresh produce to the community at the Provincetown Public Library. People can take away what they need and/or can drop off fresh, uncut fruits and vegetables. Community and home gardeners are encouraged to share their bounties by dropping off extra produce at the library or to Sustainable Cape at the Provincetown Farmers market and they will get it to the library.  

SKIP’s website has a short local food resource guide available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Additionally, a new, comprehensive and detailed Outer Cape Food Access guide, made by our partners at Outer Cape Community Solutions, will soon be available on our website.

On a recent Thursday, our delivery team came back to the kitchen with a hand written thank you note from one of the lunch recipients. She was so grateful for the delicious food, but even more, the connection with a SKIP volunteer and seeing a friendly face. It made our day at SKIP, and isn’t that what we are all about: food, community and companionship.  

If you’re unable to receive food from these resources, feel free to contact SKIP by email, or by phone at 508-437-8331. We will do our best to aid anyone in need of food assistance during our “off-season”, May through October. 

The P-Town Farmers’ Market starts on Saturdays next to the Town Hall from 9AM to 1PM beginning May 18 through October 26, 2024. It is easier than ever to stretch your food dollars at the Farmers’ Market. 

DID YOU KNOW? The P-town Farmers’ Market accepts SNAP, Health Incentives Program, Bonus Match Program, Senior Discount Coupons, Fresh Kids’ Awards and Project Gratitude tokens? Ask about these programs at the P-Town Farmers Market. 


Save the date, May 31st from 5-7 pm for an evening celebrating Provincetown Art and Fashion, a benefit for the Soup Kitchen in Provincetown.  Join us for a preview of Summer 2024 designs by Provincetown's own designers and brands, in support of SKIP.  The event will be hosted by the Mary Heaton Vorse House, 466 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.  There will be an online/silent auction, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and special guest hosts.  Tickets are $50, and all proceeds go to Soup Kitchen in Provincetown.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event!



The ferry from Boston arrives at the pier, passengers disembark to the sound of children in the water chanting “ Don’t be shy, don’t be cheap, throw your money in the deep!”.  Young Claudia dives into the water retrieving the tourists’ coins from the silty bottom and storing them in her chipmunk-like cheeks.  Later she and her friends enjoy a hot dog and cool drink paid with their tourist treasure trove.  What a picture this paints of growing up in Provincetown, something that the majority of us reading this column could only dream of!  Claudia’s history in Provincetown begins when her grandparents immigrated from Portugal to work in the fishing industry.  Claudia grew up on Pearl Street, one of six children.  Fun fact, Claudia is 47 minutes older than her sibling because “back then, they didn’t know her mother was pregnant with twins” until they delivered her!  Claudia’s dad was a fisherman and worked on The Gale and Jimmy Boy vessels.  She stated that they ate lots of cod, haddock, and lobster, and now recognizes just how lucky she was.

Claudia graduated from Provincetown High School in the seventies, met her husband of 48 years at The Surf Club, and raised a son and a daughter in town.  She has been in the food industry pretty much her entire life which makes her a valuable asset to SKIP.  As a matter of fact, her first job at the age of 14, was at the hot dog stand on the pier, now John’s Footlong, where she has worked for the past 16 years!  Prior to that, Claudia cooked at both the Provincetown elementary and high school cafeterias for 30 years until she retired in 2018.  She was also a hostess at The Lobster Pot for 10 years.    

Claudia has witnessed many changes in her hometown, the biggest being the depletion of the fishing industry and the exodus of locals due to the high cost of housing.  She reminisced about the times when large groups of families and friends spent entire days on the seashore.  When asked what her favorite beach is she replied “New Beach”.  For all you wash ashores, that’s the townie answer for Herring Cove.     

Claudia, thanks for your service the past 4 years, we are lucky to have you!

Diana Hardy, SKIP Co-Founder

It is with great sadness—and deep gratitude—that SKIP notes the passing in late March of co-founder and longtime volunteer Diana Hardy. In the early 1990s, when the soup kitchen moved from Provincetown’s Unitarian Universalist Meeting House to St. Mary of the Harbor Episcopal Church, Diana rolled up her sleeves—literally—and began a commitment to SKIP that lasted some 30 years. Ever reliable, she did everything from peel potatoes to rearranging dining-room tables—whatever was needed. The board, staff, volunteers and SKIP guests have fond memories of her easy laugh and eagerness to make the daily lunch a smooth and comfortable experience for all. We’ve missed Diana in recent years, as health issues prevented her from staying on as a volunteer. But this little woman with a big personality will long be remembered and treasured by everyone associated with SKIP. R.I.P., dear Diana!


Coming Full Circle at SKIP

Provincetown artist John Choly was our Lunch Sponsor on March 26, 2024.  This day was a long time in coming and makes for a lovely story.  I heard his story when we sat down for lunch at SKIP that day.  

John moved to Provincetown in February 2000, planning to paint and make a life here in this wonderful arts colony.  He opened the CHOLY GALLERY in 2002, but unfortunately had to close it a year later.   After this, he faced some tough times financially.  John told Mary, Skip Volunteer Chairperson,  that he came to SKIP every day for lunch and for the community that SKIP provided.  It was his lifeline and that SKIP saved him.  

Fast forward 20 years:  John recently offered 2 of his prints for sale during the holidays and also at the Christmas Market at the Canteen.  For each of these prints he sold, he pledged to give SKIP 50% of the proceeds.  When the offer was over, John was able to present SKIP with a substantial donation, for which we are very grateful.  John was so happy to be able to give back to SKIP and is ever grateful for the safety net that SKIP provided to him.  We are happy to keep extending our SKIP services to all of those who need it, and welcome everyone to share in the SKIP community.  Thank you, John! 



April 26 - Last lunch of SKIP season

May 31 - 5 to 7PM - FIRST LOOK 2024 Benefit for SKIP


Homeless Prevention Council

The Homeless Prevention Council has office hours in Provincetown from 10 - 2 Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday at the Provincetown United Methodist Church. For more information, please refer to their website.

Crop Swap

Crop Swap is Ptown’s source for fresh, uncut fruits and vegetables and is open year round. Sponsored by the Ptown Health Department, the Ptown Public Library and SKIP, anyone may donate fresh fruits and vegetables, and all are welcome to take what they need. All fruits and vegetables are free. Please bring your own bag.

Crop Swap is located in the Ptown Library, 356 Commercial Street, to the left as you enter the front doors. Hours are:

Mondays & Fridays: 10-4:30

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays: 10 - 7:30

Saturdays & Sundays: 1 - 4:30

There is a refrigerator for perishable items and shelves with bins for non-perishables, such as potatoes and squash. Be sure to take advantage of this valuable resource. 



MARK BJORSTROM, Vice Chair, Treas.


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