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We hope to see you at the St. Johns Parade
& St. Johns Bizzare this Saturday!
Join your neighbors for the 55th Annual St. Johns Parade this Saturday! The Parade starts promptly at noon, and will follow the same route down Lombard as previous years (click here to see the parade route, sourced from a previous issue of the St. Johns Review).

After the parade, head on down to the St. Johns Plaza for the 11th Annual St. Johns Bizzare. Come enjoy live music, refreshments, food, and fun!

These events are cornerstones for our community, and provide an opportunity for the community to gather and celebrate our wonderful neighborhood. All are welcome!

So,  come as a neighbor, in celebration of our fantastic community. We may have diverse backgrounds, and different opinions. Nevertheless, we are all St. Johns (and Cathedral Park), and that's what makes us beautiful.
Air Quality Update - ACTION NEEDED
Senate Bill 1008 (SB-1008)--the bill that would get bad diesel off Oregon roads--is stuck in the Rules Committee, and has little hope without your help.

What is SB-1008? The proposed bill will effectively regulate diesel emissions in Oregon, and set forth a plan to remove bad diesel from our roads. Currently, Oregon has little to no regulation on diesel--one of the most prominent air pollutants in St. Johns at present. ( Read more about SB-1008 )

This bill is an incredible opportunity to fight back and finally step up our much needed regulations on diesel air pollution! But, the political process has politely shoved it in a corner of the Rules Committee where it will wither and die...unless we do something now!

What can you do? Email your North Portland Senator, Lew Frederick today! Lew is a chief sponsor of SB-1008 and has the power to get it out of the Rules Committee and onto the floor for a vote!

Email Senator Frederick: "I live in North Portland, and I want better air quality for myself and my community. Reinstate SB-1008, and get it out of the Senate Rules Committee."
St. Johns Housing Action Plan Update
Falta Planning--the student work group commissioned by the St. Johns Center for Opportunity to develop a plan to address the housing situation in our community--will soon release their draft Housing Action Plan and they want your input.

The team will host a public meeting Tuesday, May 23rd at George Middle School from 6:30-8:30PM. They will discuss their proposed housing plan and provide opportunity for the community to respond.

The City of Portland is amid an affordable housing crisis, and St. Johns is no exception. To save our neighbors from being displaced form their homes, it will take an entire community. Come, hear the proposal and learn about ways you can start making proactive action today!
Portland Public School 2017 Bond Ballot Measure
The Pro
  • All 90 of Portland's Public Schools have at least one faucet that has lead. This bond would fund a major lead removal project scheduled for Summer 2017.
  • It costs approximately $80,000 every month to provide bottle water for students. (Not to mention all that plastic waste.)
  • The 2012 bond oversight team has demonstrated a proven track record with all proposed construction projects therein completed on time, and within budget.
  • Bond money is legally required to be spent on improvement projects, and may not be allocated to salaries or other compensation means.
The Con
  • PPS has demonstrated vast mishandling of funds recently, which has residents concerned about the ethical and transparent use of bond money.
  • PPS sued a reporter to prevent the release of public records detailing the number of employees currently on paid leave.
  • The Oregon School Boards Association has threatened to sue the state of Oregon to compel the sale of Elliot State Forest for $221 million "for schoolchildren."
  • These examples and others demonstrate abysmal leadership oversight within PPS.
N Oswego - Historic House or Community Forest?
Pro Home
  • Neighborhood activists are working to save the home at 10425 N Oswego. The home is listed on the Portland Historic Resources Inventory, a locally based historic preservation initiative.
  • Currently, developers have purchased the land and are intent on demolishing the home and replacing it with new construction.
  • The salvation team has proposed a land-swap--save the historic home for a plot of forested land adjacent to the house that is currently owned by the Portland City Water Bureau and is largely unused.
Pro Forest
  • Community members of Charleston Place want to preserve the plot of forested land being considered for a land-swap to preserve a historic home.
  • They recognize that their community lacks accessible access to green space, and envision the land as a community park for the area.

  • They are also concerned about further developments in Charleston Place. As a higher density neighborhood, ongoing problems like parking would only be worsened further.
SALT & Land Use Update
2035 Comp Plan - The City of Portland has approved the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. This 200+ page document outlines development initiatives within the city for the next 20 years, including land zoning, transportation, and more. To read more about the plan, click here

ADU Workshop - ADUs, otherwise known as Accessory Dwelling Units, are a hot topic these days. ADUs can include an above garage loft, a separate entrance basement, and the infamous "tiny house". However they're built, ADUs are seen as a great way to combat our ongoing housing crisis. Learn more about them at an upcoming workshop. May 22nd, 6:30-8:30 at the Old Kenton Firehouse.

Lombard Crosswalks - The city has issued $40,000 for curb improvements along Lombard within the town center core of St. Johns. Final locations are being decided soon, and improvements are set to begin shortly thereafter. Just picture it now, crossing Lombard without playing Frogger.

Slow Down Sign Program - Want to do more to promote safer streets? Check out the City of Portland's yard sign lending program. Remind passing cars to "Slow Down" and to "Set the Pace." Order yours now.
The St. Johns Tree Team Needs Tree Enthusiasts
When you visit Cathedral Park and look up, what do you see? The bridge, of course, but what about the beautiful canopy of trees that share the park with our local icon? The St. Johns Tree Team has partnered with Urban Forestry to inventory the trees of Cathedral Park.

Like our beautiful bridge, our trees tell the story of our neighborhood. The Tree Team aims to preserve that story, and we need volunteer tree enthusiasts to help. What kind of trees are in Cathedral Park? How tall are they? Do we have good diversity? Help us find out.
Emergency Preparedness Tip of the Month


  • Extra baby bottles, formula and diapers if needed

  • Extra pet supplies; food, collar, leash, etc.

  • A stash of at least $100 in small bills – more if you can afford it

  • Begin to stockpile extra supplies of critical prescription medications. Talk to your pharmacist for help in making this happen


  • Place a supply of prescription medicine(s) in a storage container and date the medicine(s) if not already indicated on its label

  • Start putting supplies in storage container(s) and include blankets or sleeping bags for each family member

  • Place a set of warm, dry clothes, closed-toed shoes and rain gear for each member of the household
Community Corner
The St. Johns Farmers Market
Season Opener

Opens May 20th  |  9AM - 2PM | St. Johns Plaza
Our favorite summertime Saturday ritual is back! Come down for the season opener to get your hands on the freshest produce and more.
Walking Bus Stop Painting Work Parties

June 3rd & 10th | N Reno & N James
As part of a recently rewarded Kaboom Grant, community neighbors are working with City Repair to create a walking bus stop path. This will involve two days of street painting projects (think big intersection murals). For more information and to volunteer, contact City Repair.
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:: Join the St. Johns volunteer dream team
:: St. Johns event calendar
:: SJNA's website
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:: Important Portland phone numbers
:: PCC emergency response classes
:: NET Neighborhood Emergency Team meetings
:: Multnomah county crisis line 503-988-4888
:: PDX Women's Crisis Line 503-235-5333
:: Report traffic concerns, call PBOT 503-823-7233
:: City of Portland Slow Down Yard Sign lender program

Please join us at our next neighborhood meeting.
June 12th, 7pm at the St. Johns Community Center

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