SHYLI Job Shadow Day 2016
February 19, 2016 

Oceanit hosted SHYLI's Job Shadow Day Reception with mentors, parents, educators, and guests Luis Salaveria, Director of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism at State of Hawaii and sponsor Daniel Chun, Alaska Airlines. SHYLI's new video was premiered at the Reception featuring youth and mentors at Henk Rogers Ranch.

Elijah Anakalea-Buckley was invited to the Biomass Energy Systems Inc. (BESI) Dedication Ceremony with U.S. Senator Brian Schatz.  As the only young person, he made people very proud of our Hawaiian youth.

Mahalo nui loa e, I am so grateful for the opportunities that you have afforded Elijah.  Thank you for taking the time and having the patience.  You truly make a difference in these children's lives.  Words cannot express my gratitude.  This is so exciting!  Thank you for keeping in me in the loop and sharing these great experiences.  Just a big mahalo for all you do for our keiki and our future. aloha nui!   Nicole Kuwalu Anakalea

At the Reception SHYLI youth presented their Sustainability-In-Action Projects:
Tania's video was shown at HPA assembly to launch a two-week Food Drive in conjunction with the Olympics.   The State of Hawaii Youth Services' online Hawaii Youth Services Directory:
Tania was invited to write her first published essay for The Civil Beat                      

Tania, the video you made was incredible. Truly, very very well done! Some of the shots you got were really moving and the words and interviews were integrated so well. Congratulations on an awesome project! 
Katie Schwind

Tears come to my eyes reading your in depth article that articulates the truth of your generation and lends a voice to reason with adults "Food Security" has historically been neglected due to corporate hegemony.. You CAN make the change that will have a ripple effect globally. I believe in you and your work. May God bless you and keep you always! Nui me ke aloha I Ka wa a pau. Congratulations my dearest Tania. Nalani Ludwig  

SOURCE Science Outreach Uniting Research, Communities, Education Serena Le & Jackie Noborikawa
SOURCE is a comprehensive online network for K-12 Hawai'i public school students, educators -- an educational tool to implement  Trevor Tanaka's Sustainability Resolution #25 which requires all Hawaii public schools to offer sustainability learning opportunities.

SHYLI's parent organization, the Stone Soup Leadership Institute has been organizing Job Shadow Day on other islands for many years. We've discovered this one-day really is a good investment in our collective future.

Many Thanks to All Our 2016 Supporters

Tania DuPont, Hawaii Island
* Honolulu: Lara Yamada, KITV
* Todd Simmons, Civil Beat
* Sonia Toguchi, Oceanit
* Hawaii Island: Louanne Ponder, Editor
Elijah Anakalea-Buckley, Hawaii Island
* HCATT's BESI Waste to Energy Project Dedication
* Paul Ponthieux, CTO, Pu'u Wa'awa'a Ranch
* Christine Young, Zero Waste, Pu'u Wa'awa'a Ranch
* Dennis Furukawa, Real Green Power
* Ravi Pare, Oceanit/Design Thinking Hawaii
Jacqueline Noborikawa, Kailua, Oahu
* Linda Burger, NSA Technology Transfer Program
* Joanna Amberger, AAUW Honolulu Branch, President
* Robbie Menton, HTDC: High Technology Development Corporation
Serena Le, Honolulu, Oahu
* Dr. Dexter Poon, Oceanit
* Dr. Russell Woo, University of Hawai'i, John A. Burns School of Medicine
* Bryan Avery, HiCare: Hawaii Center Anatomical Research & Education LLC
Juanito Moses Jr., Oahu
* Natalie Waters, Design Thinking Hawaii/Oceanit
* Civil & Coastal Engineers @ Oceanit

SHYLI is Win-Win-Win! 
Trains our young people
Connects with Island leaders
Career pathways for STEM jobs
Builds local green workforce


SHYLI's Workforce Development Strategy

SHYLI's Job Shadow Day  Program has been held on three islands: Hawaii, Lanai and Oahu.  This one-day experience helps translate youth passion with practical experience in the job market We give youth a positive experience of the world of work, promote a good work ethic, and develop long-lasting relationships that contribute to the island and global economy.   Youth are strategically matched for a day with business, government and academic professionals so they have first-hand experience about jobs in their fields of interest.  SHYLI workshops prepare students to maximize these mentoring experiences.  Youth research potential career pathways aligned with their personal and professional dreams.  They learn first-hand about being a leader in today's world.  SHYLI is helping to build a local green workforce. SHYLI's goal is to give young people an opportunity to learn about career pathways to 21st century and STEM sustainability jobs.   From engineers and marine biologists to tech/computer science coding, sustainability takes a whole village of people with a wide variety of jobs and careers!  Oceanit hosted the SHYLI Job Shadow Day Reception 2014-2016. In 2015 Job Shadow Day was a whole week, with 3 different locations: Hawaii, Oahu and Washington D.C In 2014, Oceanit hosted a joint reception with the University of Hawaii's Hilo Chancellor's Offices.  In 2013, Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce hosted a reception.  At SHYLI's Design Sustainable Hawaii Forum youth share their projects with Hawaii's leaders and vision for their future.  This multi-faceted, project based learning program strategically builds workforce development.

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