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January 31, 2024

Our sewing and craft show, The Rusty Barn Show at the Az. Fairgrounds, was a big success, and we all thank all of you for making it so!!! We couldn’t do this without you! I’m VERY proud of all the assistance that all of you gave Andi and I in our Playground area; while we are still getting the shop back in place, we have counted around 20 quilts you helped us with. These will now get cut into acceptable sizes for both Four Paws, a cat rescue in Youngtown, and Arizona Animal Rescue on Dobbins Road. I don’t have an exact number of quilts that we will be gifting them, but I will happily pass this number along as soon as I have it!!!

I met people from Canine Companions, an organization that serves Americans with disabilities so they can lead useful and independent lives. They have a 98% successful placement of service dogs throughout the country. Check them out on canine.org @CanineCompanions or 1-800-572-BARK. Dogs (golden retrievers and labs only) are specially trained to meet specific disabilities of veterans, adults and children, and the cost to the human for the service dog is…zero! They also have a life-time of followup with the dogs/owners! Had it not been for this Playground Event we did, I would know nothing about this fantastic service. Hopefully, if we can help even ONE person, we have been very successful!

As you can tell, I was and am very excited about this opportunity, and you can plan on doing it with us again over the Labor Day weekend. This Rusty Barn Show will be at WestWorld in Scottsdale, so set some time aside on your calendar, and plan to join us! Many of our quilters had never touched a longarm machine before, and they all were pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to quilt! Our Playground area was selling nothing…we were just a place to try something new, not be inhibited, and feel the process (plus do something great for our area animals needing help/adoption). It was as much fun as I anticipated it would be!!! I’m still super-pleased by what we’ve been able to do for our community, and I hope this feeling never wanes! With you at our side, it never will, so THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

We’re coming into February now, and our first mini-camp is this Friday, Sat., and Sunday. It’s our Winter Mystery Quilt with Michelle at the helm! She says “You’re gonna LOVE it!!!”. There is still time for you to sign up, and to pick your fabrics. Please feel free to join us for the great winter mystery!!!

I’m running late on getting this out, since I had to spend Sunday after the show giving Murfee and the rest a lot of time to run around and act stupid, something they weren’t able to do much of while I was at the show. Plus, there was lots of work to be done in Ditto’s stall and her playground while I was in SVQ’s playground. But everyone is all happy again, and Murfee’s not so much in a snit anymore. Wow, it’s amazing how demanding our own kids can be when their schedule changes a bit, right?!?!

The special for the week for fabric, in shop or online, will be Holidays and Celebrations. This will give you a good start on Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Patriotic ….. You get the picture! And you’ll get 20% off your purchase of these when you give us the code: HOLIDAY20. Heck, get an early start on Halloween or Christmas, I don’t care! Whatever floats your boat, I say! Hope to see you soon, and don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE of Feb. 10 for our next SEW SMART event. Bring your machine or serger, scrap for binding, whatever you have, so we can bind or serge all of these quilts you helped us make and get them off to the charities/animals!!! I will teach you how to quickly bind, totally on your machine, if you need that, and the charities will also accept quilts that have been serged (way, way faster!). Just join us for some fun and heartwarming sewing , and thank you in advance for your anticipated participation!!!

Barbara and the crew that has gone to the dogs (and cats)

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