SFIC Stands with our Partner, the Brady Center, 
to Respond to Las Vegas Shootings

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 , San Francisco -- The San Francisco Interfaith Council Board of Directors, our constituent congregations, judicatories, religious-based schools and healthcare institutions, along with our faith-based social service agencies, share in our nation's collective grief over the senseless and horrific loss of life in the shootings that occurred on October 1, 2017, at the country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. We  pray for the souls of the 58 victims who perished, their families and loved ones  who grieve and the estimated 527 that suffered injury, as well as the citizens of Las Vegas, traumatized by this massive attack.

Sadly, this attack is yet another in a long series of tragedies perpetrated by those who  have access to and use guns as weapons against innocent and helpless victims.  The necessity to issue statements such as this will only cease when the root cause of such violence is seriously and responsibly addressed. The SFIC values its longstanding relationship with the "Brady Center To Prevent Gun Violence" and today  looks to this respected organization for guidance on constructive ways to respond to this tragic event.  We invite you to review the Brady Center's "What You Can Do" recommendations  and share them with  your congregants by way of your social and other media outlets.  The time is now for communities of faith and their leaders to stand together with a strong, unified and 
prophetic voice and call for an end to gun violence.


For additional information please contact Michael G. Pappas at (415) 425-9631