October 2021
Share & Connect Quarterly Newsletter
The Experience of Such Power...
The Power of Compassion
Hearts were touched by the ongoing suffering of the Haitian people as yet another devastating challenge shook this country already so in need. The desire to help was immediate.
The Power of Partnership
Through our 17-year-long partnership with Bondeau leaders, along with relationships built with organizations and individuals, combined with donations from faithful donors as well as new ones... miracles happened!
  • TWO containers of food were delivered to Bondeau and distributed to the community AND lunches for the school!
  • An engineer assessed damage to the campus buildings
  • Emergency funds were sent to repair safety issues and do minor school repair and adapt existing undamaged classrooms for Bon Samaritan School to open
  • Potable Water Piping Project continued immediately following earthquake. See article below
The Power of Prayer
Perhaps these powerful experiences of global awareness, compassion, perseverance, presence, and partnership are the tangible results of ongoing prayer. God IS at work through even disasters that devastate at work in Haiti and in all our hearts.

Please continue to pray for Haiti... for the people of Bondeau...
our SFHP partnership... Bon Samaritan teachers and students...
and for their brighter future.
How can you be part of bringing a brighter future
for the people of Bondeau?
Your donations will 100% go directly to the needs:
  • Continue education at Bon Samaritan School by paying salaries every month
  • Provide consistent, competent and accessible healthcare
  • Replace damaged solar panels and batteries
  • Repair damage to campus buildings
  • Build safe, sufficient building to house the Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Rebuild the Guest House
SFHP is committed to journey with Bondeau...to walk along side... to be partners in building together a future bright with opportunities of education, healthcare, and fulfilling work to support their families.
Experience the holy power of partnership. Pray... Donate... Volunteer!
... For no loss of life in Bondeau
... For generous donors
... For even stronger partnership
... For Pere Phanord's unending work
and leadership in Bondeau
... For Bon Samaritan school opening
... For Food Pairing and Food For The Poor that made delivery of food possible
Bon Samaritan School
is OPEN!

October 5 school began with an opening service
300 students are now back in school continuing their education!
School was delayed for 3 weeks while temporary classroom space was created to replace the 3 classrooms too heavily damaged to use safely.
Bon Samaritan School normally has Preschool through Grade 13; however with 3 classrooms unusable, only Grades 1-13 can be accommodated. Therefore, the Kindergarten and Preschool students will have to stay home with no classrooms to house them. The community is extremely concerned about their youngest students' safety and do not want to make short-term repairs. Options are being explored now and we ask for your prayers in finding the best long-term solution.
NEW Healthcare Plan!
Your support is needed more now than ever...

The SFHP Healthcare Coordinating Team has collaborated with our Haitian healthcare professionals to formulate a plan for Bondeau to have regular, ongoing healthcare. Working as a team, Bondeau will have:

  • SFHP School Nurse 5 days a week
  • Monthly visits by a ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner)
  • Quarterly visits by a doctor who will also be available for consultation and telehealth when necessary.

This team will begin with a 2-day Mobile Clinic at Bondeau supported by nursing students from our partner FSIL (the nursing school in Leogane)
Funds are needed to begin this plan as soon as possible.

Will you please help bring this healthcare to Bondeau?
Water Project Began and Continues!
The potable water project began the first week of August and continued 2 days after the earthquake! The first step is to build the pump house in the community. Then the piping from the closest potable water source, a spring located approximately 1-1/2 miles up the mountain from Bondeau. Each day every family has had to walk up the mountain and carry back water. The piping project will bring the water into the heart of the community so that water is more easily available and with much less risk of contamination. A critical need long-awaited will be met with this major project. Thank you UTO for making this possible!

“Access to safe water and adequate sanitation services has proved to be one of the most efficient ways of improving human health. [It also] has other important benefits ranging from the easily identifiable and quantifiable (costs avoided and time saved) to the more intangible and difficult-to-measure (convenience, well-being, dignity, privacy, and safety).” -- UN World Water Development Report