May and June 2021

Every dollar donated
will be
matched by two dollars
from Bill and Cindy Keller up to $50,000
Carl Werner's vision when he first created the Educational Fund was to use the interest earned to make capital improvements for both the grade school and the high school, purchase teaching equipment and provide student scholarships.

With the potential of adding $75,000
($50,000 match plus $25,000 in donations)
to this fund,
the students, the schools and the community
will see significant benefits.
The match campaign will end June 30, 2021
FROM BILL KELLER, CLASS OF 1968 Many former students, teachers, and staff members identified Carl Werner as their favorite teacher or administrator. He truly is a legend in the St. Francis community. Carl generously established an educational fund for the St. Francis school system through the Cheyenne County Kansas Community Foundation. Carl has never asked for recognition or glory for his many years of service and his financial contributions to the St. Francis schools, and no part of the facilities have been named after him. But, we can honor Carl Werner in a way that complements the great things that he has done by donating to a fund that will provide scholarships and assistance to the St. Francis schools.

My wife and I are honored to pledge matching funds to donations made to the St. Francis Educational Foundation Fund. Carl may never have his name on a football field or gymnasium, but donations to his education fund will mean more to him than any naming rights that could be given to him. We ask each of you to give generously to this campaign in honor of the great service Carl Werner provided to the St. Francis school system.  
Mr. Werner’s description of expository writing - "Tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em, tell ‘em, then tell ‘em what you told ‘em” - simple yet highly effective. Along with developing our own writing styles, we learned how to read critically. Mr. Werner also offered us generous amounts of red ink in evaluating our writing assignments —honing our editing skills along the way.
Richard Cram, Class of 1969
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