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How is it possible that it's August? I mentioned to a few people that it seems like the Fourth of July was just last weekend and now we are in August. Time sure does fly. It seems to go a little bit faster as we get older.

We can easily get caught up in the every day agenda and before you know it another week, month or even year have gone by. Many of you have returned to travelling - some for personal enjoyment, others are travelling for business. Please remember to have your spine checked when you return to NJ. Do not underestimate the stress of preparing to travel, sitting in a car or train for an extended period of time or the forces of take-off and landing in a plane. Sleeping in different beds with different pillows and eating different foods can create the potential for vertebral subluxations as well.

Make the time to visit your friends and family. Make the time to travel even if it's to the next town to enjoy the sunrise, sunset or your favorite band. Make the time to take care of yourself. You are so worth it! We are here for you.

See you on your next visit.

Dr. Daria

Dr. Joe

P.S. Come hear Dr. Joe and the Infernos at Hemingway's in Seaside, Friday, August 18.

Your greatest investment


There are a lot of people today hoping to make their small fortune by investing in the stock market, real estate, developing land, etc. Whether it's a gold rush, a "" craze, or a real estate boom, it's clear that there will always be a frenzy to achieve external wealth and riches. And while nothing is wrong with trying to make money through investments (you should), the problem lies when we spend all of our time investing in things external and ignoring the greatest investment of all, ourselves.

Your most valuable asset is the real estate that stands above your two feet and when you take the time to develop this investment you cultivate a rich life filled with joy, happiness, and abundance that makes you truly prosperous for a lifetime.

An investment in health always pays you back more than anything else you can buy. Healthy foods may cost more than junk food, but the nutrition and vitality they provide is worth more. Exercise equipment and gym memberships cost more than sitting in front of the TV, but having a strong fit body is worth it. Regular chiropractic care may cost money but ignoring vertebral subluxations can be devastating to your life.

Invest in your life and reap the greatest return you will ever receive. See you soon.

Thanks to Stamatis Tsamoutalidis, DC for this article.

Our Chiropractic philosophy

Chiropractic may very well be one of the least understood philosophies of life and health. It is based upon a few very simple ideas.

The body is designed with an inborn ability to maintain itself in a state of proper function. A newborn baby may seem small, fragile and helpless, but within that body is the ability to make food into living tissue, to heal cuts and bruises, to adapt to changes in the environment, to produce the chemicals necessary to perform every bodily function, to fight off invading organisms, to live as much as 100 or more years, in short, to lead a healthy, productive life.

The brain and nerve system are the primary tools by which we attain proper function, what we commonly call health. Every organ, gland and cell in the body depends upon messages carried to and from the brain in order to function in a coordinated manner so that each part can benefit the whole of the body producing a full and abundant life.

Interference in the nerve system reduces the body’s ability to function in a coordinated manner. While a corpse has a brain and nerve system, it does not have life, there is no power or energy flowing over the nerve system. Similarly, a paralyzed person has lost function due to injury to the nerve system. Even slight damage to the delicate and vital nerve system can reduce the body’s ability to function at its fullest potential.

A spinal misalignment that interferes with the nerve system (called a vertebral subluxation) creates a reduction in coordinated function. Slight misalignments of the bones of the spine caused by everyday, common activities can interfere with the ability of the nerve system to carry messages that are necessary for the successful accomplishment of those everyday activities, not the least of which is the attainment of maximum health.

Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations. The single objective of the chiropractor is to locate and correct vertebral subluxation in adults and children so that families and entire communities are able to express life at a higher level.

If you and your family are not seeing a chiropractor regularly, you are not doing all you could for your life and health.

Back-to-school backpack contest

It has become an annual tradition for SFCC to give away a backpack full of school supplies at the end of August. Each time you come into the office to have your spine checked, simply put your name on an entry form and place it in the fishbowl. At the end of office hours on August 25, we will draw one name to be the lucky winner.

There is something for everyone....paper, notebooks, glue, ruler, pencils and pens, etc. Have fun and good luck.

Come hear Dr. Joe and The Infernos this month

Come out and listen to Dr. Joe & The Infernos at a rare, local performance. (

Friday, August 18, The Infernos will be doing two shows (9pm & 11pm) at Hemingway's in Seaside Heights (612 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ - 732-830-1255).

See you there!

Thank you for your referrals

We would like to thank all of you who have referred friends and family members to our office for care recently. We look forward to serving both them, and you, in the future.

Rest assured we will do all that we can to honor the trust you've place in us

See you on your next visit.

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