APRIL 2021
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Crime Tips

The SFPD, SF SAFE and community leaders have been taking Merchant Walks in SF to inform the API community re: an anonymous crime tip line. Mandarin & Cantonese speakers can call 415-558-5588 to report hate crimes, etc. 
Stop the Bleed

One vital action that can be taken during a traumatic incident is to stop yourself or someone else from bleeding. Learn how you can "Stop the Bleed" with this potentially life-saving info. Learn more. https://www.stopthebleed.org/
Safety Teams

Mayor Breed has announced new efforts to increase safety and to support the API community. One initiative will create community safety teams in key SF neighborhoods by early summer. https://tinyurl.com/2uycxta7

SFPD Irving St. Merchant Walk Shares Hate Crime Hotline,
Safety Initiatives

As violence wages on against the Asian community in San Francisco and nationwide, the SFPD’s Taraval Station, community leaders and others came together in March for a Merchant Walk on Irving Street. The effort aimed to keep the local business community and residents informed about steps being taken to improve safety in their neighborhood.
What Exactly are Home
Burglars Targeting?

A recent conversation with SFPD Northern Station Captain Paul Yep illuminated what exactly home burglars are going for when they break into a home. Simply put, and from his station’s perspective, home burglars are aiming for the quick hit, i.e., packages in building lobbies and easy-to-sell items in garages.

Chief Scott Shares How a ‘Front Row Seat to History’ Has Guided His Work

SFPD Chief Bill Scott recently shared his experiences via a video regarding growing up in Birmingham, AL during the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement and as a rookie cop amid the Los Angeles riots following Rodney King’s arrest and beating by LAPD officers. The chief underscored how his “front row seat to history” has guided his career as an officer of the law.

Tougher Legislation & Targeted Enforcement Promising in
Combating Stunt Driving

Tougher legislation coupled with targeted enforcement is yielding promising results in the fight against deadly stunt driving incidents in San Francisco, with a Jan. 24 response by the SFPD resulting in 11 impounded vehicles and 10 citations for individual violators, all of whom live outside of city limits. 
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