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From the Chief Executive Officer:

Helping our SENEDIA member companies grow and sustain their workforce is a key focus for us. Through our Real Jobs RI grant, we have a very strong internship and future worker outreach program. A benefit of SENEDIA membership is the ability to post open job listings on the SENEDIA website. Through social media we amplify these job opportunities. More information is detailed below.

Best, Molly Donohue Magee



We will hold Defense Innovation Days 2024, our three-day national convening bringing together of national security experts and policymakers with defense industry leaders developing innovative technology and the next-generation workforce on 26-28 August 2024 at the Newport Marriott. This will be the tenth annual convening.


All Sponsorships and booths have been sold. Registration is open, but we anticipate it selling out soon. 


Welcome New SENEDIA Members

SENEDIA welcomes new member:



SENEDIA is committed to making connections that create a bridge between companies looking for skilled workers and the talent pipeline of tomorrow looking for high-wage, high-growth, high-demand careers. As a benefit of SENEDIA membership, you can highlight your company’s current job postings through announcements on the Defense Careers page of the SENEDIA website. This is a great way to reach candidates who are interested in working within the defense sector and to let them know about the opportunities available on your teams. If you need assistance getting started with this feature in MemberZone, please let us know..   


Its that time of year again. The SENEDIA Annual Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 3, 2024 at Montaup Country Club in Portsmouth, RI. Registration is now open, but space is limited with one foursome and three individual spots remaining. Sign up today to reserve your spot. A box lunch and dinner is provided with your ticket. We will also have a prize raffle. This year's tournament will support Operation Stand Down Rhode Island.


SENEDIA Member Profile

IDM Solutions was founded with a clear mission: to create bespoke analytic and AI/ML solutions that extract actionable insights from enterprise data. Initially, we expanded our focus beyond the Department of Defense (DoD), engaging sectors like agriculture, healthcare, and retail. This period was crucial for learning how to build a robust business foundation, extract and conceptualize use cases that directly benefit client revenue, and develop AI solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing tech ecosystems and meet end-user goals.


After establishing these foundational capabilities, IDM Solutions refocused on the DoD, applying our learned business acumen to enhance our service offerings. We leverage over 15 years of experience in both tactical-level code and analysis development and strategic-level operations across the Naval enterprise, including collaborations with OPNAV, UWDC, and NUWC to bring value across the entire enterprise.


Today, we maintain trusted relationships within the US Navy and Defense Threat Reduction Agency and several system integrators. We are committed to developing multi year data strategies and technology roadmaps, guiding the evolution from current paper-based organizations to efficient, data-centric organizational structures. Our portfolio includes advanced AI solutions—from NLP to predictive analytics to computer vision—as well as innovative tools for document and knowledge management that standardize processes, centralize data storage, and reduce operational inefficiencies.


What services and/or products does your company provide?


IDM Solutions is a premier data science consulting company specializing in AI and data-driven strategies tailored specifically to enhance operational and strategic capabilities within the defense sector. At IDM Solutions, we are dedicated to transforming complex data into actionable insights that empower the warfighter and optimize mission success. Our bespoke solutions are designed in close collaboration with Department of Defense stakeholders, ensuring they meet the unique requirements of defense operations.


Our offerings include a range of strategic services designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of defense processes.

Development of Data Strategies and Technology Roadmaps:

Developed multi-year data strategies and technology roadmaps to bridge capability gaps and provide an actionable path from the “as is” state of data and the organization to a future end state.

AI-Enhanced Survey Analysis:

Deployed AI-driven surveys utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs) for comprehensive analysis, extracting thematic patterns and crucial insights to shape enterprise-wide strategic decisions, build operational maturity model, capture current state of enterprise/organizational knowledge, and identify capability enhancements.

Predictive Models:

Innovated custom supervised and unsupervised methods to forecast repair timelines for torpedo tube issues to inform program requirements, predict ocean behavior for planning, and predict part consumption for optimal inventory.

Knowledge Management and Data Systems:

Developed sophisticated knowledge management systems from relational tables to vector databases, enabling centralized data repositories and enhanced access to critical information, thereby empowering decision-makers with timely and actionable insights through advanced analytics and AI solutions.

Automated Document and Slide Creation:

Introduced automated tools for document and presentation production that adhere to specific style guides, revolutionizing the efficiency and consistency of creating corporate materials.


Advanced Computer Vision Applications:

Pioneered a suite of computer vision solutions tailored for dynamic tracking, reinforcing the robustness and accuracy of operational monitoring and situational awareness initiatives from document parsing to tracking for maritime patrol.


Why do you consider membership in SENEDIA valuable?


At IDM Solutions, our participation in SENEDIA is greatly valued as it aligns perfectly with our mission to drive innovation in defense through AI and data-driven solutions. Our expertise in developing strategic, technological advancements offers substantial benefits to fellow members, fostering collaboration on projects that shape the future of defense operations. SENEDIA sponsored events and industry days are particularly beneficial, providing us with a platform to share insights, explore new partnerships, and stay connected with the pulse of the industry. By engaging with this community, we leverage our specialized capabilities to support and enhance the collective goals of advancing national defense technologies.


If a company wants to do business with you, whom should they contact?

Dr. David Segala, Founder and CEO, 401-525-6712, 

SENEDIA Hosted Defense Manufacturing Events

SENEDIA hosted two separate defense manufacturing events for high school students across Connecticut and Rhode Island. On April 29, SENEDIA, along with General Dynamics Electric Boat, and Project MFG hosted the Project MFG Connecticut Maritime Welding Event at Ella T. Grasso Technical High School in Groton, CT. Attended by over 150 students, the event connected these students with the career opportunities in the submarine shipbuilding and defense manufacturing industry of New England. Additionally, a welding competition had 24 contestants from Connecticut and Rhode Island, with Lucas Ubrowicz from Grasso Tech taking the top prize. The following week, on May 6, SENEDIA hosted the Project MFG Rhode Island Maritime Welding Event at the Providence Career and Technical Academy (PCTA). With almost 200 students, the event saw 19 students receive employment offers that day. The winner of the Rhode Island welding competition was Alexis Lozada from PCTA.

Click here to read the Project MFG Connecticut Maritime Welding Event Press Release.

Click here to read the Project MFG Rhode Island Maritime Welding Event Press Release


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