Spring 2024 Newsletter
Message from the President
Sandy Furterer, PhD, MBA
Hello SEMS Members,

Happy 34th Anniversary to the Society for Engineering and Management Systems (SEMS)!

We have several exciting updates for SEMS members highlighted in this issue. First, we share updates to our strategic plan, then we discuss the IISE 2024 Annual Conference along with our compelling sessions. Next, we have a summary of the 2nd Annual Student Production Game Competition, sponsored by Texas A&M University and Solomon Bruce Consulting. Also highlighted in this issue is our student paper competition, sponsored by Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group and Sparc Engineers. 1st prize will receive $500, 2nd prize, $300, and 3rd prize, $100. Last but not least, our inaugural SEMS Excellence in teaching award will be presented at the IISE Annual Conference SEMS Town Hall.

Looking forward to a wonderful Spring!

Sandy Furterer, PhD, MBA
Strategic Plan Updates
Annual Conference Engineering Management Track is supported by SEMS (see updates later in this newsletter).
Knowledge Sharing: We are integrating our SEMS Says and articles related to engineering management and systems into the IISE Magazine instead of the separate Industrial Management magazine. This will provide an expanded readership.
Sharing best practices:

  1. We are sponsoring the first SEMS Excellence in teaching award, where we had several amazing candidates. The winner will be announced at our SEMS Town Hall at the IISE Annual Conference.
  2. We’ll be having our students present the best student papers at the IISE Annual Conference within the Engineering Management track special session, sponsored by Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group and Sparc Engineering.
  3. We will also be providing the best Engineering Management track best paper, announced at the IISE Annual Conference.
SEMS membership, outreach, and communication planning: Second SEMS Newsletter is being distributed to our members. We are still the largest IISE society.
Increase SEMS student membership: Planning future webinar events with student members.
IISE 2024 Annual Conference
For the IISE 2024 Annual Conference, May 18-21, 2024, at the Montreal Convention Center, in Montreal Canada. We have 47 accepted presentations
(thanks to all of the abstract reviewers) and are planning several special sessions, including:
  • Student Production Game (2 sessions) (orientation, lunch and game). Planned and run by Texas A&M. The competition awards are sponsored by Texas A&M Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, and Solomon Bruce Consulting.
  • Leadership & Diversity Panel organized by Mindy Holmes, Intel.
  • KEEN workshop – Incorporating the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Industrial Engineering Education, presented by Nadiye Erdil, University of New Haven, Sandy Furterer, Ohio State University, Amir Momenipour, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and Beth Cudney, Maryville University.
  • Lean Sustainability presentations by Beth Cudney, Maryville University, Sandy Furterer, Ohio State University, Chad Laux, Purdue University.
  • Student focused session organized by Spencer Nguyen, Texas A&M University, and John Olenik, Ohio State University.
  • Best student papers presentations sponsored by Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group and Sparc Engineers.
SEMS Townhall

  • Announce student paper winner
  • Announce engineering management track best paper
  • Announce SEMS Excellence in teaching award winner
  • Announce Student Production Game team winner
IISE 2024 Annual Conference Engineering Management Track Presentation Sessions
We have 47 presentations scheduled in the Engineering Management track across a varied list of session topics. We had 19 papers submitted for the conference proceedings as well.
Digital Excellence (two sessions):
Presentations focusing on Industry 4.0, the effects of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Economics and Strategy:
Presentations discussing economic analysis, strategy, and culture in organizations.

Problem Solving and Decision Making (three sessions):
Presentations on topics regarding organizational resilience, project management, training, risk management, and kaizen in hospitals.

Process and Operational Improvement (two sessions):
Presentations on topics related to process improvement, service excellence, streamlining sepsis care in healthcare and process optimization.

Presentations on sustainability topics for plastics waste management, wastewater, renewable energy, and end-of-life strategies for battery electric vehicles.
The Engineering Management Track Committee consists of Joe Michels, Sheila Barnett, Mindy Holmes, Mike Graul, and Chair Sandy Furterer.  
Thank You to Our 2023-2024 Board
Sandy Furterer
Ohio State University
President, 2023-2024
Michael Graul
Texas A&M University
President-Elect, 2023-2024
Christina Rinaudo
U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers
Past-President, 2023-2024
Shelia Barnett
U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers
Director, 2023-2026
Beth Cudney
Maryville University
Director, 2023-2026
Dean Bartles
MTD Group
Director, 2022-2025
Mindy Holmes
Director, 2022-2025
Amir Momenipour
Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology
Director, 2022-2025
Matthew Townsend
Paragon Medical
Director, 2022-2025
Joseph Michels
Solomon Bruce Consulting
Director, 2021-2024
Casey Robelot
Ruelco, Inc.
Director 2021-2024
Spencer Nguyen, Texas A&M
Student Board Member
John Olenik, OSU
Student Board Member
Isaac Mitchell
Technical Vice-President
Welcome to Our 2024-2025 Board Members
Amir Momenipour (Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology) - President-Elect 2024-2025
Chad Laux (Purdue University) - Director 2024-2027
Phillip Appiah-Kubi (University of Dayton) - Director 2024-2027

They will be officially installed at the SEMS Townhall at the conference.
Spotlight on the Board
Michael Graul, PhD PE (BS, MS, PhD from Texas A&M University) has spent 33 years as a practitioner in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering; 32 (1992-present) of those years have been spent with Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. (KBSI) in College Station, Texas. He served as Principal Investigator (PI), Senior Scientist, and Project Manager (PM) for several systems design, analysis, and engineering efforts at KBSI. His primary industrial focus is that of production system design, planning, implementation, operation, and sustainment. His applied research focus is on design and development of production system architectures. He continues to serve, part-time, as a Senior Scientist and Engineer supporting KBSI technology integration and analytics efforts. In 2013, he joined the faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University on a part-time basis. In 2018, he joined the department full-time and was named the Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs. He was promoted to Associate Department Head in the spring of 2021. In June 2022, he was named Sr. Director of TEES Professional Education. Additionally, he serves as a Professor of Engineering Practice for the College of Engineering, within the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at TAMU. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (TX) and served for six-years as the national PE Exam Committee Chair, now as past chair. He currently serves as the President-elect (2024-25) for the IISE Society of Engineering.
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