December 2023

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Administrator Updates

Emerging Technology Workgroup in K-12 Education

Educators and school districts use technology daily to manage their internal processes and to leverage additional resources to support student learning. Keeping up with the latest ed tech and innovations has accelerated tremendously with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. AI, along with student information systems, and cybersecurity curricula are several emerging technology trends that SEEC would like to further explore to understand the opportunities for schools, as well as considerations for responsible implementation.

The SEEC will be forming an emerging technology working group in early 2024. Through our work in the region and across our state, we believe there’s an organizational need to understand the SEEC’s current capacity and future needs relating to support and capacity building with technology integration across school districts. The topics would include but are not limited to;

AI in Education: Defining and Understanding how the technology is rapidly evolving.

  • Personalized Learning: Explore how AI can be used to create personalized learning experiences for students, adapting to their individual needs and pace.
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Discuss the implementation of AI-powered tutoring systems that provide real-time feedback and support to students.
  • Research the types of policies for student data privacy and academic integrity.

Digital Classrooms:

  • Online Learning Platforms: Evaluate different platforms and tools that facilitate online learning, collaboration, and communication among students and teachers.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR): Discuss the potential of VR and AR in creating immersive educational experiences and simulations.

Data Analytics and Learning Analytics:

  • Learning Analytics: Explore how data analytics can be used to gather insights into student performance, engagement, and learning styles to inform instructional decisions.
  • Predictive Analytics: Discuss the use of predictive analytics to identify students who may need additional support or intervention.

Cybersecurity Education:

  • Digital Literacy and Cybersecurity: Discuss the importance of teaching students digital literacy skills and cybersecurity awareness to navigate the digital world safely.
  • How are schools meeting new requirement for Cyber Security education.

Professional Development for Teachers:

  • Technology Integration Training: Explore strategies for providing effective professional development opportunities for teachers to enhance their technology integration skills.
  • Collaborative Platforms: Discuss tools that facilitate collaboration among teachers and provide a platform for sharing best practices and resources.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

  • Assistive Technologies: Explore how technology can be leveraged to support students with diverse learning needs, ensuring inclusivity in education.

The workgroup will investigate these technology innovations and how they can support teaching, learning, and educational management for schools. If you or an educator or IT staff member in your school is interested in joining the workgroup, please email me at We anticipate the meetings will begin online, may meet in-person as needed.

PD, Programs, and Services

The Path Forward Updates

In October, we highlighted The Path Forward which is a part of a national effort to embed the Science of Reading into teacher preparation programs. If you missed the last article, you can catch it here.

We continue this series with updates from the past two months. In November, faculty from the Educator Preparation Programs and State Literacy Team representatives met to develop a Reading Competency Framework to define mastery in evidence-based instruction aligned to the Science of Reading. They convened again in December to come to a consensus on the standards and develop the matrix to show reading practice competency for graduates from Education Preparation Programs.

Read more about the recent work of The Path Forward:

Read the full blog post

Coaches Corner

The Skill Development Cycle

Educators who have been in the field for a few years might be used to hearing about new education initiatives on professional development days, and may wonder: just how long will this one last? Research, funding, training opportunities, and administrative support can ebb and flow between focus areas, making it feel like an uphill battle to educators.

Faith Rieger, Building Quality Coach at Child Care Aware and SEEC, sheds some light on possible solutions to make trainings really stick, like feedback and learning walks. Read this article on the Skill Development Cycle to learn about the 5 components that increase change in teaching practice and how to get the most out of your professional learning experiences.

Read the full blog post

Teaching Resources and Tools

NDDPI Announced 3 FREE New Courses

to Help Districts Meet Dyslexia Legislation

Three FREE new courses are available to help districts meet the dyslexia legislative NDCC 15.1-32-26 requirements. The three hour “Demystifying Dyslexia” course will be available to educators as an asynchronous option. The other two courses ("Pathways to Literacy Leadership" and "Pathways to Structured Literacy") are a blend of asynchronous study and virtual Communities of Practice (CoPs) beginning in February.

Please let your districts know about these opportunities! Registration is open now.


NDDPI Approved Dyslexia Screener Notice

In the 2023-24 fall MIS01 report, school districts were required to provide the name of the assessment tool used to provide universal screening for dyslexia. The prepopulated list was created using a “confidence by references approach” from the schools that participated in the dyslexia pilot projects. 

Starting in 2024-25, the list will be reset and NDDPI will vet a new list of assessments. Only those vendors who have been approved by applying through the Dyslexia Screener Tool Vendor Application will be listed in the 2024-25 MIS01 report. DPI does not anticipate offering the choice for schools to type in an “other” assessment, so if the vendor is not on the list, a school will have to choose a new assessment to be compliant with the law.

The following vendors have been contacted and asked to complete the form:

  • Acadience/DIBELSnext 
  • aimswebPLUS 
  • Amplify - DIBELS8/mCLASS  
  • HHM - Amira 
  • Renaissance - FastBridge & STAR

If your district is using an assessment that is NOT on this list, please contact them and direct them to complete the Vendor Application to be considered for the 2024-25 school year.

The forms will be reviewed in February for approval in March. Another round of approval will happen with forms submitted in June for approval in July. This will ensure the lists are ready for the 2024-25 school year. 

More information about dyslexia projects in ND can be found at this website:

Two FREE CharacterStrong Virtual Summits

Our trusted partner CharacterStrong is offering two FREE virtual summits in 2024!

Each of these unique virtual summits will include incredible experts in the field speaking to important topics, and will also provide a handful of takeaways and resources to implement in your classroom right away.

Feb 6-8, 2024

Centered around the theme "Continuing to Answer the Call" and will address the challenges faced by school counselors in providing support to students in a rapidly changing world.

Learn More

Feb 27-29, 2024

When it comes to MTSS, schools encounter a common issue - siloed and fragmented implementation. This resutls in a less-than-optimal integration and leaves educators feeling confused and overwhelmed. Walk away from this summit with a brand new approach!

Learn More

CharacterStrong Weekly

Students, especially those who have experienced trauma, need a consistent and predictable environment. This video provides a tool for the beginning of your class to aid in creating a safe space.

Click the image below to learn about this strategy:

Each week, CharacterStrong releases a short video with valuable

and relevant teaching tips, ideas, and information.

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