ADT&PF Seeking Nominations
for Local Transportation Projects
As a part of its three-year budget planning process, the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities is now seeking nominations for local transportation projects through the Alaska Community Transportation Program (CTP) and Transportation Alternative Program (TAP). The CTP, expecting $80-$120 million available, can provide funding for locally-owned and maintained road and bridge projects and other surface transportation facilities, fund new transportation facilities that improve access to communities and resources, and support multi-modal uses. The TAP, $20-$30 million available, offers funding to promote pedestrian and bicycle uses, construction of scenic turn outs and overlooks, historic preservation, stormwater management, recreation trails, safe routes to schools, and other alternative uses.

The initial CTP &TAP project nomination process is separated into two phases: a notice of intent to apply (NOIA), followed by a call for projects (CFP). The NOIA is an abbreviated process requiring only preliminary project information. The subsequent CFP requires a more detailed application. It is necessary to complete the NOIA phase to be eligible to apply for project funding.

The NOIA deadline is October 31, 2022, and approaching fast. For more information, contact
the DOT&PF planning staff at 907-465-4477 or 907-465-1776. Southeast Conference staff is
also available to assist, and can be reached at 907-401-0393.
Rural Ports & Barge Landing Program
Alaska DOT&PF manages the Rural Ports and Barge-Landing Program. The goal of the program is to fund barge landings, docks, and waterfront infrastructure. At this point it appears that Southeast Alaska communities are eligible. Alaska DOT&;PF anticipates a Spring 2023 announcement as to application schedules, criteria and project examples.
Working Waterfronts Framework
A Plan to Grow and Support Alaska's Coastal and River Communities
Earlier this month, Sen. Lisa Murkowski released for public input a legislative initiative to address waterfront project needs brought forward by Alaskans. The Working Waterfront Framework identifies 14 proposed actions at the federal level that would aim to support efforts to improve federal support for projects and activities in Alaska’s coastal and river communities.

The Senator’s office seeks public input on the initiative from Alaskans as her office works to develop legislation to implement the framework. 
Alaska Marine Highway System News
Low Emissions Electric Ferry Feasibility Study
Southeast Conference is working under contract with AMHS on a detailed examination of costs, benefits, and overall technical and financial feasibility of low-emission/electric ferry operations within the AMHS service area. The effort is focused on three possible routes that can be serviced by a hybrid or all-electric powered ferry. Elliott Bay Design Group is providing engineering expertise for the effort. The work is intended to identify the representative routes, complete the necessary analysis tasks, and provide a final feasibility report informing the State on a recommended plan of action to execute a low/zero emission ferry pilot program in Southeast Alaska. The project is intended to support efforts to secure funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to acquire low-emitting or no carbon-emitting propulsion platforms practical for short port-to-port runs, with an eye toward scaling those platforms up to longer routes using battery or hybrid propulsion. The final report from the project is due by the end of calendar year 2022.
Alaska Marine Highway Reporting
AMHS recently published its “Reimagining AMHS Program”. The program responds to the unprecedented challenges of workforce shortages, aging fleet, and supply chain issues. The Reimagining Program website reports on the current status of critical AMHS operating components and the system’s plan to improve service over time. Visitors to the website can focus on specific AMHS service areas, and track weekly progress based on crew, vessel, and budget metrics.
Transportation Committee Meeting Nov 17
the Date!
The next Southeast Conference Transportation Committee meeting is Thursday, November 17 at 2pm via zoom. An agenda and calendar invite with a zoom link will go out the week prior. Please plan to attend! Feel free to contact with any questions.
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Join the Mariculture Team at SE Conference!
Southeast Conference is looking to hiring two Mariculture Project Coordinators and 1-2 Mariculture Project Technicians who are passionate about partnerships and growing Alaska's Mariculture Industry. These new positions will assist in the Build Back Better Alaska Mariculture Cluster Grant. Two positions will be located in Juneau and other locations within the project region (Anchorage, Prince William Sound, Aleutians, Kenai, Kodiak, and Southeast Alaska). Learn more and apply today!