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Dear Partners,


This past quarter marked a significant milestone for SEAL as we completed our fourth year as an independent nonprofit. In collaboration with our partners, we have worked to play a vital role in inspiring positive changes in school systems and policy development while expanding our impact across the state. The journey continues, and these past few months have been filled with exciting developments.


We proudly unveiled two recent publications, A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners and Centering Multilingual Families in California Community Schools, which reflect our commitment to centering multilingual learners within education solutions. We've also been busy presenting at in-person and virtual convenings and conferences, as well as participating in committees, advisory groups, and collaborations along with showing up to testify and advocate on behalf of our beautifully diverse children of California. We're committed to being a powerful voice in the room, sharing invaluable resources, research and stories from the field, and championing the expertise that centers around our multilingual students.


Additionally, we are thrilled to welcome a new strategic leader to our SEAL team, Oscar Cruz, who will join us on October 23 as our new Head Program Officer. Oscar brings over 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience. His extensive background includes leading Citizen Schools, focusing on students' success through hands-on learning and mentorship. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer at United Way of Greater Los Angeles, where he championed racial equity. Prior to that, he led Families in Schools, an organization dedicated to supporting education staff, engaging families in children's education, and advocating for policies that foster genuine family engagement.


At SEAL, our impact is a collaborative effort, bolstered by the remarkable network of individuals and organizations we partner with to realize our mission - ensuring that every English Learner and multilingual child learns, thrives and leads.

In partnership,

Anya Hurwitz

Advocacy. Policy. Research.

NEW P-3 FRAMEWORK AND COMPANION REFLECTION TOOL ALIGNS PRACTICES AND CENTERS ENGLISH LEARNERS. SEAL's A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners, authored by Dr. Laurie Olsen, focuses on building aligned practices for English learners/dual language learners (EL/DLL) success across the crucial developmental phase, ages 3–8, for language, literacy, learning, and identity, and with a focus on supporting deep, joyful learning and development. The P-3 Framework articulates a set of pedagogical and system-design principles that derive from the knowledge base on effective practices for EL/DLLs, culturally and linguistically sustaining approaches, research on dual language development, and experiences building systems that appropriately serve immigrant and dual language communities and enable effective practices to be implemented. Together, we have the potential to build a P-3 system for English Learners that fosters lifelong learners who thrive, possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and self-assurance to actively engage and take leadership roles in diverse linguistic and cultural environments. Please download and share!


ADVOCATES FOR ENGLISH LEARNERS AND SCIENCE OF READING SIGN JOINT AGREEMENT. SEAL is honored to join 190 individuals and 80 organizations in a joint statement to help California move past roadblocks to adopt a comprehensive literacy plan and ensure that all children can read by third grade, including important skills for students learning English as a second language. Among the agreements, the authors agreed that when possible, students should have access to dual language instruction, in which students learn to read and write in both their home language and English. “A student’s home language is an asset that should be valued and nurtured,” reads the statement. “Instructional practices in which teachers explicitly encourage students to make connections between their home language and English benefit their language and literacy development.” READ MORE.

NEW SEAL BRIEF PROVIDES STRATEGIES AND RESOURCES TO PARTNER WITH MULTILINGUAL FAMILIES IN COMMUNITY SCHOOLS. SEAL and Community Schools Learning Exchange (CSLX) have released this report to provide strategies, guidance and resources for educators and administrators seeking to expand family-school partnerships as part of their community school strategy. Community schools offer an opportunity to co-create with educators, students, families, community partners and public agencies to transform the way we do school. Deep partnerships with families of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds are essential. Most schools and districts already have some activities and structures to engage with families, but many seek more effective approaches. Download your copy! 

VICTORY FOR EQUITABLE POLICY. SEAL is proud to partner with many mission-aligned education champions to collaborate on timely issues, advocate for cutting-edge policy and practice solutions grounded in research, and provide capacity-building support to multiple levels of the educational system. Four bills we collaboratively supported were signed by Governor Newsom this month! Thank you to our bills authors, sponsors, writers and everyone who dedicated and lent their time and hearts to make these bills law. 

  • AB 370 (Addis) - Biliteracy Inclusion Act
  • AB 393 (Rivas) - Childcare: Dual Language Learners
  • AB 714 (McCarty) - Pupil Instruction: Newcomer Students
  • AB 1127 (Reyes) - Bilingual Teacher Professional Grant Program

MORE INVESTMENTS ADDRESS SHORTAGE OF BILINGUAL EDUCATORS. This session also brought a $20 million dollar appropriation for the re-establishment of the Bilingual Teacher Professional Development Program (BTPDP) in the state budget. We were proud to support the efforts to re-establish BTPDP with the leadership of California Association for Bilingual Education. This marks a victory for addressing the shortage of educators in bilingual education programs. 

SEAL in the Field.

WILL WE SEE YOU AT LA COSECHA THIS YEAR? We’re excited to share that our team will lead two interactive workshops during the La Cosecha Dual Language Conference this fall! If you’re attending, be sure to check out our sessions:

Friday, Nov. 10, 2023: 1:30 p.m.

  • Effective, Integrated, and Responsive ELD for Dual Language Classrooms

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023: 9:10 a.m.

  • Strengthening Family Partnerships to Promote Bilingual Pride at Home and in the Classroom

DEDICATION TO THE MISSION. SEAL’s Senior Director of Research and Evaluation Martha Martinez has been recognized with the Research-to-Policy Collaboration (RPC) Scholar Award! The national award is given to scholars who have demonstrated commitment to achieving the public benefit of research at scale through public policy relationships by engaging in the RPC. Recognition is from the Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center at Penn State University. Join us in congratulating Martha for her dedication and accomplishment.

INTRODUCING SEAL FULL MODEL 3.0! Our refined delivery model enhances implementation, emphasizing the intricate connection between content, literacy, and language via thematic instruction. We're deepening our commitment to early literacy, fostering adopted curriculum within thematic/content-driven themes, seamlessly intertwining language and literacy. Additionally, we've made substantial strides in enhancing our two-year virtual sustainability training model, which is tailored to districts who have completed the core training series. By leveraging online platforms, we can offer more flexibility and the highest training quality. To learn more, contact Patty Delaney.

As part of our DESIGNS FOR CHANGE OFFERINGS, we recently launched two new series: an ELD Institute focused on integrated and designated content-based ELD, and an Early Learning Series specifically within the content of universal preschool/transitional kindergarten implementation. These new offerings add to our existing Dual Language Teacher and Leadership Pedagogy Series which is currently underway with established cohorts advancing to the second year, while new cohorts are embarking on their first year. SEAL’s Design for Change offers flexible professional learning opportunities based on SEAL's expertise and evidence-based approach. For more information, contact Patty Delany.

PODCAST: Promoting Bilingual Education And Supporting English Learners. In July, SEAL Program Manager Patricia Montes Pate discussed SEAL’s approach and the importance of bilingual education in the “More Than A Test” podcast hosted by Laura Glaab, VP of Customer Engagement and Strategic Initiatives at Amira Learning. The conversation also touched on advocacy efforts to ensure that the science of reading movement considers the needs of English Learners. Patricia emphasized the importance of having educators who believe in the potential of multilingual students and the value they bring to the classroom.

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about SEAL’s work and how we can all do our part to better support English language learners.

SEAL AND NEW AMERICA BLOG: Starting Early. Building Strong Partnerships With Multilingual Families In Kindergarten. Sahira Larios, a dedicated kindergarten teacher and SEAL partner in the bilingual Spanish-English program at Oak Grove School District, shares how she builds strong partnerships with multilingual families in this enlightening New America blog post authored by SEAL’s Research & Evaluation Manager Camille R. Whitney. Read more.

SEAL WEBINAR AND ROUNDTABLE OVERVIEW. Over the last quarter, our team participated in a variety of state and national webinars focused on topics related to supporting English Learners and Dual Language Learners. We’re proud to be included as thought leaders as part of these important conversations. Click below to be part of these inspiring conversations.


We celebrated a decade of ongoing collaboration with SEAL partner, Oak Grove School District! During a convening, SEAL presented them with a plaque to honor their dedication to SEAL and centralizing the needs of Multilingual learners.


Resources and Tools.

SEAL Brief: Promising STEAM Practices for ELs/EBs. The California Department of Education will soon release a new Mathematics Framework that could significantly strengthen the pipeline of underrepresented English learners/emergent bilinguals (ELs/EBs) into STEM careers. SEAL's latest brief brings to life how California educators can align the proposed Math Framework policy with the realities of teaching and learning in the classroom Click HERE to read more.

CASE STUDIES & TOOLKIT: Our series of in-depth school district case studies are full of powerful stories that can inspire more districts and supporters to embrace and invest in EL/DLL strategies. Our Toolkit pulls quotes, images, and facts from each of the narratives and offers critical learnings from the districts' implementation experiences.

Download today!

MULTILINGUAL TOOLKIT: In collaboration with Early Edge California and partners, we developed exciting new enhancements to the Multilingual Learning Toolkit including 34 new SEAL resources —helping us reach over 425 new resources across the 11 instructional topic areas! See all the new resources HERE!

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