Research Updates!
by Joan Mowery
There are several research projects right now looking at the cause of SDS. . . . Researchers are studying various drugs and possible gene therapy for patients.  Another study is looking at how X-rays affect the bodies of SDS patients.  Additionally, research is being done to study how SDS affects various body organs.  There is an important study ongoing to identify a marker that will indicate which SDS patients will transform to MDS and/or leukemia.

If each person who knows a SDS patient would donate just $20.00 we could fund another research project.  It could be the one that finds the cure. None of us wants to not have the money to fund that potentially most important of grants.

Searching the World for a Match
by Nicole Shen
Two years ago, our son, Roman, was diagnosed with SDS.  Our doctors had also had him HLA typed and ran against the bone marrow registry.  In this same conversation, we found out should he need a bone marrow transplant in the future, not one person matched him in the world....yet.  I obviously didn't know much about what all that meant but knew it probably wasn't good.  I immediately started asking people to join the bone marrow registry mainly through social media.  I had a decent response and assumed at least those in my inner circle had swabbed.  I was wrong. We had Roman ran against the registry every six months since then.  Now two years later, still not one match in the bone marrow or cord blood registries. . . . 

Joining the registry involves simple paperwork and a cheek swab.  The entire process takes about 10-15 minutes. . . . For more information, families are encouraged to contact Be the Match or DKMS to see how you can get involved. 
In Memoriam 
Although we fight daily to save the lives of SDS patients and search for a cure, we must acknowledge those for whom a cure did not come in time.
John Strachan
He was a caring man born in Cohuna, Australia on 28th December 1956.  He was the youngest of 4 boys.  John married Colleen on the 9th of March 1985, and had his daughter Sarah on the 8th of May 1990.  John lived in Kyneton from 1994.  His hobbies were making jewelry, collecting stamps and other items, and helping people with technical issues. John passed away 3 weeks after going into hospital on March 13, 2017.
Connor's Heroes Inspiring Pediatric Cancer Research
Richmond Times Dispatch
. . . Named for an area boy who survived a leukemia diagnosis, Connor's Heroes is focused on supporting central Virginia families facing childhood cancer diagnoses, starting with backpacks and tote bags delivered when children are first diagnosed.
But since its founding 11 years ago, the group has expanded its mission, choosing to raise funds for and encourage childhood cancer research taking place in Richmond. . . . 

"I'm hopeful that as more and more people in the local community learn that there is pediatric cancer research happening right here in Richmond . . . they can actually donate to Connor's Heroes and it goes right to research that's happening here," said Lisa Goodwin, the group's executive director and Connor's mom.  

Last year, in honor of its 10th anniversary, Connor's Heroes completed a $100,000 five-year pledge it made in 2013 to benefit Dr. Seth Corey's research, along with an additional $40,000 gift. . . . 

The 14th Annual & Last Dash...
Run Or Walk In The Final 5K Shwachman Diamond Dash 
Saturday June 17, 2017 At 9am
Sayville, New York
All Proceeds go to funding SDS research

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SDSF would like to encourage everyone to raise funds to support research and the Foundation. We have had families raise money through letter writing campaigns, school dances, corporate matching gifts through their employers, golf tournaments, physical competition events, Super Bowl parties and more.
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