January 2018

The Joint EuroCMR/SCMR Meeting is just 2 weeks away! Over 1,700 attendees from around the world will gather in Barcelona for the largest CMR meeting ever and it's not too late to register. The SCMR Working Groups will meet during the meeting and are open to anyone who would like to attend:

New this year there will be an Early Career Plenary session on Thursday, 6:00 - 7:00 pm where SCMR will highlight this years Seed Grant and Travel Award recipients and much more. 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the meeting and safe travels to Barcelona!
SCMR is excited to announce a new program for 2018, the "FSCMR" designation The FSCMR recognizes the dedicated SCMR member physician, scientist, or technologist with a strong dedication to the SCMR and the field of CMR. The FSCMR designation recognizes a significant level of involvement, dedication, and accomplishments consistent with the overall mission of the Society.

There are three pathways that lead to FSCMR: Clinical Track, Research Track, and Technologist Track. Review the FSCMR criteria for each track to see if you are eligible. All applicants will be Regular, Associate or Technologist members of SCMR in good standing for the past three (3) consecutive years with a distinguished record of CMR science, education, or clinical practice.

The first deadline for applications is March 1st. Visit the website today to learn more and become one of the first Fellows of the SCMR!

Learn best practices from world renowned faculty through videos, journal articles, case studies, and more. The new-found knowledge and skills that you apply during courses will enable you to improve your practice. The SCMR Online Learning Portal offers both accredited and non-accredited courses utilizing cutting-edge technology to create enhanced lessons for keeping health professionals up-to-date on current trends in cardiac MRI.  

New courses are now available:  
Courses are discounted and several free for SCMR members. Visit the SCMR Online Learning Portal today. 

JCMR Articles

RESEARCH:   Diagnostic and prognostic utility of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction - implications for clinical trials
Prathap Kanagala, et al.
Published on: 11 January 2018

RESEARCH: Ferumoxytol enhanced black-blood cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging
Kim-Lien Nguyen, et al.
Published on: 28 December 2017


Number 18-02: Management of a Nearly Occlusive Neonatal Pulmonary Artery Thrombus 

A term male infant with a birth weight of 3,623 grams failed a routine pulse oximetry screening at approximately 36 hours of life.  There were no pregnancy complications aside from maternal tobacco use.  Pre- and post-ductal saturations were 94% and 86-88%, respectively.  An echocardiogram was notable for a large mass in the right pulmonary artery.

Number 18-01: An Unusual Presentation of Behcet's Disease  
A 22-year old Caucasian gentleman was transferred as an emergency to our cardiac surgical center with a large unexplained right ventricular mass, with evidence of a large pulmonary embolus. He had a 6-week history of fevers and rigors following a dental infection and had been admitted to another hospital 10 days previously for investigation. He was otherwise fit and well, with no previous medical history or medications. He had been treated with a course of penicillin V at the time of initial dental infection, and had presented a number of times to his local emergency department in the preceding weeks with fevers, mouth ulcers, pleuritic chest pain and had raised inflammatory markers (white cell count of 18 cells per cubic millimeter of blood with neutrophilia, C-reactive protein (standard assay) of 120 mg/mL, erythrocyte sedimentation rate of 80 mm/hr) with negative blood cultures and no localizing signs of infection.
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